​The Best Ecommerce Dropshipping Courses For 2020

By Dylan Rieger​, June 24, 2020

Ecommerce and dropshipping is a great way to make money - regular people are changing their lives with this business model.

However, if you want to improve your odds at success you're going to need high quality training.

I've spent the last year reviewing and looking at all the most well known dropshipping courses..

This list shows my top 10 favorite and why.

Let's jump right into the courses now!

1. Ecom Elites (Best Overall)

Ecom Elites Summary

Ecom Elites is the best ecommerce course available and it's not even close.

You get thorough step by step training, a 30 day money back guarantee, a lively private Facebook Group, training on all traffic sources, a 7 figure earner teacher and it's extremely affordable (costs between $197 to $297).

The Good Stuff:

  • Amazing Instructor: The ecom world is filled with fakers who sell low quality courses - not Ecom Elites, though. This course is taught by Franklin Hatchett who is proven to be very successful and has made millions with his ecommerce stores. He's the perfect type of person to learn from.
  • All Traffic Sources Covered: Most ecommerce courses only teach Facebook and Instagram. Those two traffic sources are very powerful but there's so many other choices out there. Franklin has in depth training on generating traffic with Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Shopping, email marketing, free organic traffic and more. 
  • Affordable: I review ecommerce courses that are half the value of Ecom Elites and ten times the price. Ecom Elites only costs between $197 to $297. This course isn't just the best overall, it's the best value too!
  • Private Facebook Group: Some courses offer a private Facebook Group to its members and they're complete ghost towns. Ecom Elite's Facebook Group is very active and members are posting all day long. Being around like minded dropshippers will help you succeed much faster. 
  • Constantly Updated: The ecommerce world is constantly changing and evolving - you need training that will evolve too. The good news is Franklin updates Ecom Elites all the time and you'll always have the latest and best strategies if you buy. 

The Bad Stuff:

There's nothing bad here. 

2. Project Verum - Ecom Foundations

Project Verum Summary

Project Verum Ecom Foundations may not be the most well known course on this list but I like it a lot.

It's affordable and taught by a group of honest guys.

The biggest flaw is only Facebook and Instagram is taught, though. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Honest Instructors: ​The Project Verum team and John Yoon are good people to learn from. This group started Project Verum because they saw how dishonest and misleading a lot of the gurus out there are. They've done a good job to combat that. 
  • Good Facebook Training: The Facebook training in this course is very thorough and it reflects the current state of advertising on Facebook.
  • Good Price: Another problem that plagues the ecom world is overpriced courses. Project Verum goes the opposite route, though. Instead of pricing this course at several thousand they priced it at $99.

The Bad Stuff:

  • Limited Traffic Training: Facebook and Instagram isn't the only way to get buyers to your site but it's the only way taught here. Not everyone is right for Facebook Ads and you need training on multiple traffic courses to figure out which is right for you. 

3. Ecommerce Paradise Academy

Ecommerce Paradise Academy Summary

Ecommerce Paradise Academy is different from the previous two courses for a couple reasons.

The first is it teaches high ticket dropshipping and the second is it's much more expensive (costs $997).

This is a very thorough course, though, and if you're interested in high ticket dropshipping this is a good option.

The Good Stuff:

  • All Traffic Sources Explained: Facebook is definitely the highlight of the training but you get training on other underappreciated traffic sources like Google Ads and Bing. There's also free traffic training as well. 
  • High Ticket Model: Most ecommerce courses teach the same thing - find something cheap on Aliexpress, mark up the price and sell it on Facebook. This training is unique because it teaches how to find expensive products outside of Aliexpress to sell. 
  • Thorough Course: This might be the lengthiest and most thorough training on this list. You get EVERYTHING here and there's 27 modules in total. You'll have a hard time finding better training. 
  • Money Back Guarantee: This guarantee isn't just a straight up no questions asked money back guarantee and you do have to show you tried the training but it's still nice to see. 

The Bad Stuff:

  • Expensive: $997 is expensive but I do think it's worth it if you take it seriously. But you will need money for advertising and stuff like that. The course being so expensive just increases the start up costs and there's definitely no guarantee you make your money back. 

4. Ecom Profit Formula

Ecom Profit Formula Summary

Ecom Profit Formula is another unique course that doesn't teach Aliexpress dropshipping.

This course teaches you how to sell jewelry on Facebook.

The Creator of this course, Michael Crist. has made millions with this method.

The Good Stuff:

  • Specific Strategy: Many courses will teach your product research but it can still be hard to find a winning product. Michael Christ gives you the exact product he made money with and teaches how you can do it too. You also get training for picking your own product as well
  • Private Facebook Group: The Facebook Group is pretty active. When you have questions you should be able to get an answer pretty quickly. 
  • Good Teacher: Michael Crist knows his stuff and it's obvious when you're going through the course

The Bad Stuff:

  • Expensive: This is another course that costs $997. Typically I don't recommend spending that much when there's good alternatives out there. 
  • Only Facebook Is Taught: ​​​​Only having Facebook isn't the worst thing on earth with this course because it teaches a very specific strategy. But you do typically want diverse training in general.

5. The Ecomm Clubhouse

The Ecomm Clubhouse Summary

The price for this course is different than the others on this list. Instead of a one time fee this one costs $67 per month.

This is good if you just want to check it out but it will add up over time.

The course is short too which is a problem.

The Good Stuff:

  • Successful Brand: Wholesale Ted is a popular resource for ecommerce and dropshipping. It's run by Sarah Chrisp and her Youtube channel has over 400,000 subscribers - that's huge. 
  • Money Back Guarantee: There's a good money back guarantee. You get 7 days to ask for your money back, no questions asked.

The Bad Stuff:

  • Very Short Course: There's only 40 videos in this entire course. There's courses on this list with 200+ videos. I just think you're getting short changed if you have such a short course - there's clearly going to be important training skipped over.
  • Monthly Fees: I'm not really a big fan of the monthly fees either. If you're a member for a year that's going to cost you over $800. I'd say this course is worth $199 tops. 
  • Not Enough Traffic Videos: Traffic is the most important part of ecommerce and you just don't get enough of that here. Even the Facebook training is lacking. 

6. Ecommerce Empire Builders

The Ecomm Clubhouse Summary

This course is a classic ecommerce course and that really isn't a compliment.

It's short, there's not a lot of traffic training and it's absurdly overpriced.

The only good thing is Peter Pru, the creator, has had proven success online. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Peter Pru Is Successful: When you learn ecommerce from someone you want a teacher that is knowledgeable. Peter Pru has had some serious success online so there's definitely stuff to learn from him.
  • 2 Comma Club: Peter Pru is apart of the 2 comma club at Clickfunnels. That means he's generated over $1 million in revenue for Clickfunnels. The training on funnels is probably the best part of this course because of this achievement.

The Bad Stuff:

  • Absurdly Expensive: This course has no business being $1997. That's such an insane price and I definitely don't think it's worth that much.
  • Short Training: The training here is shorter than most courses which makes the price all that crazier. There's only 7 modules!
  • Limited Traffic Training: There's only training on Facebook ads. If you want to improve your success at ecommerce you need to diversify your traffic sources. 

7. eCom Beast 2.0

eCom Beast 2.0 Summary

eCom Beast 2.0 is a well made course from Harry Coleman. 

The price isn't terrible at $547 and there's some decent traffic training here as well.

The Good Stuff:

  • Good email training: Email marketing is often times ignored in the ecommerce world which is a mistake - there's a lot of money to be made in email marketing. The training here is good and will definitely help you make more sales. 
  • Not terribly expensive: $547 is getting into pricey territory but it's not terrible. The course probably should be priced a little less but there's courses out there less valuable that cost twice as much. 

The Bad Stuff:

  • No Instagram training: The two traffic sources taught here are Adwords and Facebook - there's no training on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most profitable ways to make money with ecommerce and needs to be taught.
  • Short training: There's only 7 modules and one of them is a pointless mindset model. I personally would want more in my ecommerce training. 

8. eCom Blueprint 2.0

eCom Blueprint 2.0 Summary

eCom Blueprint 2.0 is another solid course.

eCom Blueprint 2.0 won't teach you anything new or groundbreaking but it'll teach you important basics.

Plus the price is good at $397.

The Good Stuff:

  • Well priced: It's good to see ecommerce courses that are under $500. Most courses aren't worth more. $397 is a good price for what you're getting. 
  • Good Facebook training: Facebook is the main focus here and you get two different modules on them. You'll be able to handle Facebook ads after going through the training.

The Bad Stuff:

  • Limited traffic training: This is a common theme for most ecommerce courses. They teach one or two methods and just ignore everything else. All you get here is Facebook and Instagram training. Nothing on Google, SEO or anything like that.
  • No email training: Email marketing is essential to running an online business. You need to know how to do this to be successful but there's nothing in eCom Blueprint about email marketing. 

9. Simplified Dropshipping 4.0

Simplified Dropshipping 4.0 Summary

Simplified Dropshipping is from ecommerce guru Scott Hilse.

He has a popular Youtube channel and this course is well made.

Little expensive, though and limited traffic training.

The Good Stuff:

  • Decent training: There's not much exciting in this course but you will learn how to create a store and sell. It's not the best training but it's solid. 
  • Updated course: One thing I like is this course is in its 4th update. This is good sign that the course material will never go stale and you'll always get new training. 

The Bad Stuff:

  • Short course: There's only something like 40 videos in this course. There's other courses that are cheaper that have hundreds of videos. 
  • Only Facebook training: Facebook is a great way to make money but it can't be the only traffic source taught. Instagram is a money maker. Google is a money maker. SEO is a money maker. You need training on this stuff. 

10. Biaheza Dropshipping Course

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Summary

Biaheza is a young kid and is only 18 years old.

Usually I wouldn't recommend a dropshipping course from someone so young but the course is pretty good.

He's a little more mature than the other teens slinging courses. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Standard training: Like the last few courses the training here isn't going to knock your socks off but you'll learn a solid blueprint to making money with ecommerce. 
  • Good price: $294 is fair for what you're getting. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Only Facebook and Instagram: Mediocre courses only go over Facebook and Instagram. That's a problem that you're going to find with this course. 

And the winner is...

Ecom Elites

Ecom Elites is simply the best ecommerce course out there and I don't really even think it's close. 

You get the best training, the best teacher, the newest winning strategies, every traffic source is covered, funnel training, an extremely active Facebook Group and more.

The price is only $197 to $297 too. 

The value in this course is unbelievable and if you want to succeed with ecommerce, you should buy Ecom Elites.


Ecom Elites is by far the best ecommerce and dropshipping course out there.

Why wait? Get the product now!

Ecommerce Course FAQ'S

1) Is ecommerce still a viable business model? Absolutely. In fact it's most likely going to keep growing and growing as the internet becomes accessible around the world.

You can tap into markets in different countries and continents. Technology is going to make things easier over time.

Ecommerce will never go out of style.

2) How much should I spend on a course? This is a really good question and it really depends on what you're getting. Some courses offer 1 on 1 coaching which is worth paying extra for (sometimes). 

In most cases, though, I've found ecommerce courses are way overpriced. If you're just getting training I wouldn't pay more than $499.

If you went through my list up top you'd see my favorite course only is costs between $197 to $297

3) How much do I need for an ad budget? This is something people forget to factor in. It really depends to be honest.

I think you can start testing with $500 but you're not guaranteed to make a profit with $500. Some people do. some people don't.

But $500 seems to be a good place to start and if you have more you can comfortably start out with then you'll do even better.

4) Do I have to ship products? No. The beauty with ecommerce dropshipping is another company handles the shipping.

Your job is to basically advertise for the products or build an audience to introduce the product to.

5) Do I have to deal with customer service and returns? Yes! This to me is the worst and most stressful part of running an ecommerce business.

Returns are difficult because your supplier may not take back returns or it might just be a hassle to do.

It's manageable when you're smaller but when you grow in size you can hire a virtual assistant to handle this part of the business. 

6) What traffic sources should I be learning about? There's many traffic sources you should be learning when trying to build out your store.

The most important is Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords/Google Shopping and email marketing.

Each has their pros and cons and how you use them to market products is different.

For example, with Facebook and Instagram you're targeting based on audience. People may not be interested in your product per se but they have an interest in the topic.

With these platforms you test to see which products resonate.

With Google Adwords and Google Shopping you're targeting people that are interested in your product. They're actively searching it out.

Your job here is to figure out which keywords make money with ads and which lose money.

You're also looking to find products that are being searched for a lot without a ton of competition.

Email marketing is about getting repeat buyers. People are more likely to buy from someone they already purchased from. So if you deliver a good product you can use email marketing to get them to buy products in the future without spending money on ads. 

8) What are the best ecommerce platforms? Shopify is king. If you're new to ecommerce I would definitely recommend starting with Shopify because it's easy to use and you can create good looking stores on there.

I'm pretty sure every course in the post recommends using Shopify as well.

9) What are some must have apps? There's a couple apps you need to run your store. If you're importing products from Aliexpress you 100% need Oberlo.

That app takes products from Aliexpress and puts them on your store.

It's really easy to use and it's free.

Another popular app is called Chatbot. This product is a popup in the bottom of your screen that customers can ask questions to. It looks like the following:

This can get a little pricey and the cheapest price is $50 per month for 1000 interactions. It's $0.01 for each interaction after. 

10) Do I need my own Domain? You technically don't need a domain but it looks better when you do. Something about having a dot Shopify domain is very unattractive to people.

It's best just to pay the $15 for a domain so you can get your own dot com domain. 

11) How long until you see results? It really depends on the traffic method you're focusing on. If you're doing free SEO traffic it can take 6 months to a year.

But if you're doing paid ads you'll see results right away.

It takes a little fine tuning to be profitable, though. You need to learn when to cut products and when to scale them.

I'd say anywhere from 30 to 90 days is reasonable to see positive results. 

12) Should I do a general store or niche store? This is a topic that gets debated a lot. Some people have success with a general store and others with one product or couple product store.

A good plan is to start general and to test out products on your general store.

Once you find a product or a group of products that sell well you would then create a store around that. 

13) Can I learn ecommerce for free? There's a lot of good information on dropshipping and ecommerce out there but there's also a lot of bad information.

I guess you could piece together all the good information and try to learn that way.

I wouldn't recommend that, though.

A good course just makes learning so easy and you usually get extras like a community to help that are essential. 

I've always made more money when I followed good training too.

14) Do you need a premium theme? I actually don't think you need a premium theme, at least in the beginning.

The themes Shopify gives you are nice and professional looking.

Some themes made specifically for dropshipping have some nice extras and if you have extra money to spend it's something to consider. It's just not absolutely necessary.

15) How do I pick products to promote? This is where you're going to be spending the majority of your money - testing products with ads.

You never want to get emotionally attached to the product you're marketing.

If it's not making money you need to stop advertising unless you want to lose money.

You basically pick your product based on what people are buying. If you test out a product on Facebook for $10 and it's making you twice your investment back, you put more into it.

16) Should I use Aliexpress to get products? Aliexpress was really hot a couple years ago and is still pretty hot.

The biggest problem with Aliexpress is the shipping times are crazy, especially right now (Covid-19 is big as I write this).

Products can take 2 months to arrive and people generally don't like that.

It may be worth it to work with a supplier that's in your home country. 

17) What work can I outsource? You can pretty much outsource the entire thing if you want.

The main things you want to outsource in the beginning is customer service and product descriptions.

Customer service takes a lot of effort to deal with and writing product descriptions is time consuming.

If you can get it to where you can outsource those two tasks you'll be a lot less stressed out. 

Ready To Try Ecom Elites?

I've tried all the top ecommerce courses out there. There's some good ones but most are mediocre.

Some are just straight up bad.

Ecom Elites is the best and I don't think it's even close. You get training on every aspect of ecommerce and every traffic source.

It's also very affordable too. To learn more click below: