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We'll look at the mentoring program as well. 

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Beyond Six Figures/Ecommerce University Summary

Creator: Justin Woll

Price to join: $997 for course, $5000 for mentoring

Do I recommend? Not really.

   Overall rating: 3/5

Beyond Six Figures' Ecommerce University is a pretty well made course. 

It teaches you all the basics to creating an ecommerce store.

The problem is the course is overpriced and the mentoring program is $5000.

There's no need to pay this much to learn ecommerce. There's plenty of courses out there that are better in quality and less expensive.

Better opportunity: My favorite ecommerce course is Ecom Elites. It has extremely high quality training and only costs between $197 to $297. To learn more, click below:

Who Is Justin Woll?

Justin Woll is a pretty typical ecommerce personality.

His Instagram is popular and has over 200k subscribers.

There you'll find photos of his cars, his vacations and things like that:

In the ecommerce world this is known as "selling the lifestyle."

When you go to his Instagram he even has a section that's labeled "lifestyle."

You should always be a little skeptical of people that flash their cars and watches a lot.

This kind of lifestyle isn't real. 

Only a few people actually live like this from ecommerce. Keep in mind Justin sells a $1000 course and offers $5000 mentoring.

I'm sure he makes good money from ecommerce but is it more than his mentoring/course?

Who knows.

There's plenty of ecommerce gurus who make MUCH more from their courses than they do from actually doing ecommerce.

Lastly, Justin does have a Youtube channel but it doesn't get much action - he hasn't posted in 4 months and most videos get under 1k views.

Ecommerce University Overview

Ecommerce University is a pretty standard ecommerce course and here's a breakdown of each section:

Store Creation

You're going to need to build an online store if you want to make money with ecommerce.

With the right steps you can create a store that looks good, people will trust and converts well.

That's what this section is dedicated to.

Product Research

This is one of the important parts of ecommerce.. without a winning products you won't make any sales.

This module is dedicated to finding products that actually sell and which to avoid.

Video Creation

When done right video ads can convert really well.

This section will teach you how to create video ads that catch people's attention and bring you sales.

Algorithmic Targeting

Algorithmic targeting is something that's more new in the ecommerce world and this section is probably the most unique thing about this course.

One Click Upsell

Upsells are a good way to make an extra sale when someone is buying something from your store.

You'll learn how to leverage upsells in this module.


Launching goes over the steps involved in launching an ad campaign.

Identifying A Winner

This is another section on finding a winning product.

This one digs in more into what factors to use and how to understand if a product is worth scaling. 

Scaling To 7 Figures

Once you start seeing small success with your ad campaigns it's time to scale things higher.

Here you'll learn a few different strategies that go over how to do that. 


You get a bunch of bonuses when you buy this course. These bonuses are:

  • Product Research System
  • Algorithmic Targeting Roadmap
  • Automatic And Manual Bidding Bootcamp
  • Big Bang Method
  • Influence Marketing
  • Email Marketing Bootcamp
  • 7 Figure Scaling Strategies And Branding Bootcamp

Want The Best Ecommerce Training?

I've reviewed all the best ecommerce courses - to see my #1 recommended course, click below:

Personal Mentorship

Justin also has a mentoring program that is very expensive - it costs $5000.

Here's what you get with this mentorship:

  • 6 months of training
  • Reviews of your products and ads
  • Current winning products revealed

Everything Is Pretty Expensive

Succeeding with ecommerce isn't really a secret.

Pretty much everyone knows what to do and everyone teaches the same thing more or less.

It really just comes down to sticking with it and mastering the steps. 

You don't need a course that costs $997 to learn this stuff. 

You certainly don't need a mentoring program that costs $5000.

There's plenty of courses that are much more affordable and as good (if not better).

The money you save from buying a less expensive course can be put towards ads.

Couldn't Find A Refund Policy

Usually when you can't find a refund policy it's safe to assume there isn't one.

This is definitely a red flag considering the price of the course and mentoring program.

Most well known ecommerce courses have some sort of refund policy (usually between 7 to 30 days).

I'd avoid courses without one. 

Ecommerce University Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about this course

  • Quality training: I wouldn't say there's anything spectacular about this training but it's well made. You'll definitely learn about ecommerce in this course.
  • Newer strategies: There's some training on newer strategies that some courses miss. This shows the course gets updated every once in a while.
  • Too expensive: I really wouldn't recommend a course that's $997 and definitely wouldn't recommend $5000 in mentoring. There's just too many alternatives out there. 
  • No refunds: Maybe there's a refund policy but I couldn't find one. If that's the case you definitely shouldn't invest $1000+ into these programs.
Is Ecommerce University A Scam?

I don't think this course is a scam and I don't Justin Woll is a scammer.

He's legit, makes money from ecommerce and this course is good quality.

However, there's just no need to pay so much for ecommerce training. There's so many options out there - I just can't recommend a course/mentoring program that costs so much.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Ecommerce University isn't bad but there's better courses out there.

The very best ecommerce training program is Ecom Elites.

Ecom Elites is taught by a 7 figure ecommerce earner, has the best training imaginable and is affordable.

To learn more, click below:

Learn How To Master Ecommerce

Ecom Elites is by far the best ecommerce course out there. To read my full review of this program, click below:


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • This is a scam, all they do is have you pay a couple of grand making it seem all you need is $600 extra in ad spend but in reality it’s all that PLUS a bunch of subscriptions and fees that you need to be successful. Video, photography, tools, etc. It’s not what the perfect picture paints. No one helps you do your product research and everything you find is already in a saturated market. You and hundreds and thousands of people are looking into the same products/resources and that’s just the people in the course. Nothing was said about any of this stuff before signing up. Ad says “take you by the hand” making it seem like it’s a simple one on one, instead it’s only a fb group filled with people trying to get help or answers and a slideshow for the course. Just complete crap

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