BNB Riches is a course from Noelle Randall. 

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if BNB Riches is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

BNB Riches Summary

Creator: Noelle Randall

Price to join: $997

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

BNB Riches is a decent course that teaches you how to rent out houses and then list them on AirBNB.

While there's some money to be made this way it's not the best business model.

You can lose money and finding the right rental property will be time consuming.

At the end of the day there's just better ways to make money.

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Who Is Noelle Randall?

Noelle Randall is the creator of BNB Riches.

She seems like a pretty busy person and does more than just run this course.

She is a real estate investor, author and runs a popular Youtube channel. 

It's always hard to guess how successful online personalities are because it's easy to fake wealth online.

Some people rent cars and houses to pretend they're rich.. all to get you to buy a course or something like that.

But Noelle does come off as successful to me. 

She claims she's made millions in her real estate career and I don't see anything that would contradict that.

I'm sure her courses and Youtube channel bring in a lot of money as well.

Can BNB Riches Make Me Money?

BNB Riches teaches you how to make money with AirBNB but you won't be buying properties to list.

That would cost you too much.

Instead you'll be doing rental arbitrage... this means you rent a property and then rent it out on AirBNB.

The obvious positive here is that you won't have to take out a mortgage or anything like that.

However, it's not as easy as it sounds.

You'll need to find a property that has year round income potential and you're responsible for everything your renters do.

Additionally, you need to find a landlord that allows this.

Lastly, there's laws in many cities that don't allow short term rentals. 

In the end you'll need to pay for repairs, cleaning services and more. 

Some rental properties will make you money and others will cost you money.

There's just easier ways to make money to be honest.

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BNB Riches Overview

BNB Riches is broken up into 4 modules.

Here's a look at each one.

Module 1 - Starting A Six Figure Business Fast

The first section goes over starting your business.

This includes:

  • Finding the best opportunities in real estate
  • How to leverage retail arbitrage to live rent free
  • How to generate leads for your rental
  • Some mindset training to overcome fear and doubt

Module 2 - Getting Profitable Properties

The second module focuses on getting your properties.

Here you'll get the following training:

  • Where you should look for the most profitable properties
  • How to determine if a rental will be profitable on AirBNB
  • How to operate on a day to day basis
  • How to do this legally and get your the owner's written consent

Module 3 - Prepare It And List It

Module teaches you what to do with your property when you want to list.

In this module you get the following:

  • Create systems that get your listings up and running
  • How to list so you get attention.

And more.

Module 4 - Manage And Grow Your Business

The last module goes over managing your property and scaling.

Here's a look at what you get in this section:

  • How to get owners to want to work with you
  • How to analyze leads
  • How to get consistent bookings
  • When you should add more properties to your portfolio
  • How to scale to 6 figures

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BNB Riches FAQ's

1) Is BNB Riches worth $997?

This is a lot of money just to get 4 modules of training. 

There's no special bonuses or anything like that either.

There's also so many ways to make money online and from home for beginners.. many courses that teach these strategies are much more affordable as well.

So I personally think BNB Riches is overpriced. 

2) Is there a payment plan?

Yes you can pay over 4 payments at $397 each. This comes out to $1188.

3) Is Noelle Randall legit?

I think she is.

The real estate world is full of shady characters, though.

So you can never really be 100% sure but I didn't notice any red flags when researching her. 

4) How much to start with AirBNB?

Noelle claims this won't cost you a lot of money but that's not true.

Any place your rent will make you put down a deposit and you'll need to furnish the rental.

On top of that you'll have to pay rent and most likely pay utilities too.

I probably wouldn't start with anything less than $20,000.

5) Is there a refund policy?

No, which is disappointing. 

6) Are there better alternatives?

Yes, there's plenty of courses that will teach you how to make money online and from home.

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BNB Riches Pros And Cons

  • Noelle seems legit: There's a lot of scammers in the real estate world.. Noelle doesn't seem like she's one of them.
  • Too expensive: $997 is a lot to learn how to create a side hustle. There's much cheaper options out there.
  • No refunds: Most legitimate courses have a refund policy.. BNB Riches does not.
  • Complicated business model: This is just a stressful way to make money and will take a lot of work. 
Is BNB Riches A Scam?

No I don't think so.

I do think it's overpriced, though. Plus I think it will be hard to succeed with this business model.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd personally pass on BNB Riches.

There's so many ways to make money online that's much easier and less expensive.

I've personally made hundreds of thousands online as a complete beginner.

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