Brands Of Tiger is an ecommerce brand about Marek Frantsuzov.

If you're here you're probably wondering if his services are a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Brands Of Tiger including background information, prices, overview of course and services and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if this brand is worth your time.

Let's get into it.

Brands Of Tiger Summary

Creator: Marek Frantsuzov 

Price to join: Course is $99, $49 to $249 for custom store, $499 per month for ads management, $1,125 for mentorship

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

I recently stumbled across Brands Of Tiger on Instagram and after looking at everything I wouldn't invest money into their services.

There's not a lot of information out there about the owner Marek Frantsuzov and there's a no refund policy.

Some of these services are expensive and because of this I would definitely avoid. 

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Who Is Marek Frantsuzov?

There's really not a lot of information out there on Marek which is unusual.

Usually people selling ecommerce courses and services have a Youtube channel or something like that. 

The only thing out there for Marek is his Brands Of Tiger Website which gives no detail about who he is and an Instagram page

His Instagram page is very typical of young ecommerce guys. He likes to show off his car and money..

There's hundreds of people like this.

They sell the dream. Take my course and you to can have nice cars and go to sleep next to stacks of money. 

You have no clue if Marek just rents these cars or anything like that. 

From what I can gather he's a Russian living in Spain as well.

Brands Of Tiger Overview

There's various courses and services offered with Brands Of Tiger.

Here's a breakdown of each:


The course offered by Marek is How To Start And Scale An Ecommerce Business.

In this training you'll get the following:

  • How to create a website
  • How to find winning products
  • Facebook Ads strategies
  • Scaling
  • How to retarget
  • How to create lookalike audiences.

This is very standard training and every ecommerce course goes over these topics. 

Also, it's disappointing that only Facebook Ads is taught.

This course is $99.

Premium Dropshipping Stores

Here's the thing..

The website Brands Of Tigers isn't a good looking website.

The pictures on this site are low quality, the black background doesn't look good and it just kind of seems low quality.

You'd think a brand that offers to make you an ecommerce website would have a nice looking website.

Bad optics at the very least.

Additionally, they don't show what you'll be getting if you purchase from them.

There's no portfolio to look at and there's only a couple fo screenshots of very generic looking ecommerce stores. 

In terms of options you get three:

  • One product store ($49)
  • Advanced niche store ($149)
  • Premium general store ($289)

Ecommerce stores are really easy to set up on Shopify and there's really no need to to buy a premade one.

Ads Manage Service

If you'd prefer someone else run your ad campaigns, this is the service you would want.

It's expensive, though, and costs $499 per month.

This doesn't include the budget you'll need to spend on Facebook, either. It's just to have them run your ads for you.


The mentoring costs $1125.

Again, there's really not a lot of information of what you get with the mentoring.

According to the sales page you get:

  • Personal training
  • Weekly support calls
  • Lifetime access to course phone calls and chat
  • Direct messaging
  • Facebook course
  • Product research methods

I definitely wouldn't invest in this. You have absolutely no clue what you actually get.

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No Refunds

So this website and all the services just seem really sketchy to me.

There's so little on sales pages that you really don't know what you're getting if you actually pay.

Most ecommerce courses have in depth sales pages that shows pictures of student's success and a detailed outline of what you get. 

There's none of that here.

The worst part is there's no refunds either.

You're almost guaranteed to be disappointed by what you get from Brands Of Tiger.

Who knows if you'll even get what you order.

No refunds is a HUGE red flags and I wouldn't trust my money with brand.

Brands Of Tiger Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about this ecommerce brand

  • Little information: Some of these services cost thousands of dollars.. the ad management would cost $6000 per year. The sales page barely talks about what you're going to get. There's really nothing on the owner either.
  • Low quality looking website: This site doesn't look professional which is ironic because one of their services is to make you a professional website.
  • No refunds: This is a major red flag especially when you consider there's little info on what you get. I'd never give money to a program like this.
Is Brands Of Tiger A Scam?

I have no clue if this is a scam or not.

It does seem untrustworthy to me. There's very little information about Marek out there on the internet and on his website.

The services here are barely explained. 

I'd avoid.

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Brands Of Tigers is too risky to trust with your money.

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  • He’s fake. He’s Estonian and in Estonia you can see everyones companies. He doesn’t have any registered company. That should say something. Fake scammer.

      • Biggest scam artist ever – and an arrogant one at that. Paid for a store that they literally just copied and pasted from my email when I was just suggesting something to add to the product info – literally used “I think you guys should add XYZ so it really highlights the benefits of this product” – and they left this on when they copied it onto the site – what a joke.

        And also paid for Ads Management, which after the whole store build nightmare I asked for refund (as they hadn’t done anything yet, and I said there’s no ways I’m trusting them to use my money to run ads which he laughed at and sent quite a few arrogant voice notes – very classy!

  • I got very professional and clean store, can’t say the guy is fake or scam + I don’t think digital products have refunds.

  • Why you post only negative comments ? ? good business plan, make page how shit everyone else is and sell them “real shit” who the fuck you are even at first ? Not scred walk outside and get a bullet ? Now be scared… recommend to watch your back white boy

  • This is a fucking scam, hes store is connected with shopify and all the idiots just buy basic store what means that 14 year
    Old can make, he sends stupid and arrogant dm voice messages, he says he has a “team”, theres 2 arrogant kids doing this, go sell ur uv glasses fucker, this kid isnt so safe in estonia, get fucked with ur porche.

  • its a real bullshit and scam, easy to take peoples money by ads doing nothing, idiot, some real hustla or business runnin mans have same thoughts but they dont wanna spend time to explain that, let them cut once they got cutted, lol. Idiot buying themself a artichle in yahoo and etc as a professional marketing animal, lol, really rofl

  • in our hood he would get a couple bullets in hes head, showing off scammed money, real hustlers keep theirs money safe, this bitch do only know how ads work, and how sell a shit as a business plan. Piece of shit, all the articles are bought lol.
    He as a man worth a dog shit if it atleast…

  • i bought a 500$ store from him spent like 1500 $ on facebook website ; and still no have sales ; december 18 i bought a product from the store that he made to me and guess what?? didn’t arrive.

    question: How the hell this guy has more than 10 k followers on instagram if is a scammer????????

  • I contacted Marek before the purchase to ask him a couple of questions for him before I make the purchase. Firstly, I was told that ultimate pro provides 15-30 High Ticket ONLY products – I received 4/20 high ticket.

    Secondly, I asked him about the delivery time because it’s important. He told me that the delivery time is 5-8 days, when in reality its 15-21 days.

    The product price on the store was $524.16, but was billed €524.16 and received an invoice on $524.16.

    On the website, you’ll find multiple sources saying the delivery time is 24-48 hours. I received my store after 7 days. I tried to issue a refund after 5 days, and Marek called me and started yelling at me and calling me crazy and insane multiple times.

    We were able to resolve it the first time. Today, after not receiving my store for 7 days although it was promised to arrive within 1-2 working days, he again called me insane and declined my refund request.

    After issuing a refund as a sane person would, he sent me the store within 3 minutes and said it was sent already, but in reality, it was sent 3 minutes after asking for a refund.

    The store was miles away from the “branded professional store”. Feel free to take a look:

    My advice to you is to stay the hell away from this guy. I’ve inspected his own “branded store” It has installed FB pixel but the facebook page is unexisting which means he doesn’t run any ads on it. His other stores on the website don’t exist anymore. He’s probably faking results using “test purchase” because Shopify considers it as a real sale and you can refresh the store as much as you want, and the results will be shown.

    Be careful.

    $550 with a discount is a lot of money.

  • I dont know why people are so stupid to buy etc “free website” what you can do with in 30 min of your own time. These instagram menotrship what he sells for a good money is total bs. Etc you get stupid voice messages what everyone can get in google. I do not reccomand doing any business with this guy. Mostly all is setup for catfishing idiots who are new to dropshipping and this kind of buisness. You can get that information 100% free. These services arent “fake” id say but why pay 50€ – 1k for free knowledge how to run everything.
    I recommand looking up some videos and finding your own niche and try products that sell. The store setup is the easiest thing afterall. Every 10 year old can make a store. But the investment in ads, products are the things that take actual money from you and finding good partnership with locals. Why people pay him is because “websites” look so legal, and the showoff gets in peoples minds. Fake instagram follwers can be bought for 10€ ……

    From that information i hope you get an idea how arrogant can people be with fake cars, showing off. Everyone can travel and rent a porche or take it in ur companys name. Hes not owning any of the cars, the company is. That 10k mercedes is not worth anything lol.
    People please be aware of these scams and remember the starting is always hard when starting this kind of buisness and dont give up on that.

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