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Today we're going to review Capitalist Exploit's Insider Newsletter (formerly Insider Weekly) and determine if it's a scam or not.

I have been a member of this newsletter for over a year now and have insights most people won't have.

You'll see some background information, a look at how some of the stocks have performed and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Insider Newsletter is for you.

Let's get started!

Capitalist Exploits Insider Weekly Summary

Creator: Chris Macintosh & Brad Mcfadden

Price to join: $1 for first month, $35 per month afte

Do I recommend? Yes!

   Overall rating: 4.5/5

Capitalist Exploits Insider Newsletter is one of my favorite investing newsletters out there.

You (basically) get a newsletter once a week with 5 stock picks - this is much more than any other service is offering.

Also, the price is excellent.

You get to try it for a month for $1 and then it's only $35 per month after.

I'm very grateful to have found Insider Weekly (and so is my portfolio!).

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Who Is Insider Newsletter NOT For?

This is going to be a very positive review overall - something you won't find too much of on this website.

Before we get into all the good I want to touch on who shouldn't buy this newsletter.

Here's who should avoid:

Sensitive Liberals

Insider Newsletter is not for the faint of heart or people that are politically sensitive.

If you're a liberal who can't stomach things like the Covid vaccine being made fun of or Joe Biden (and Democrats) getting made fun of, this isn't for you.

Now if you are a liberal and don't mind your worldview getting poked fun at, then you can buy this newsletter and make some money.

But overall the writing is very hostile to liberals, globalists and a lot of neoliberal ideas.

Afraid Of Non-American Stocks

Additionally, if you're not comfortable investing in stocks outside of America this isn't really for you.

Many of the stock recommendations are in natural resources and many of these companies are located outside of America.

This means investing in stocks in South America, Asia, Eastern. Europe, Australia and stuff like that.

There is American stocks too.

Many of the recommendations actually come from America and Canada and Western countries - just not all of them.

Wants Fast Returns

If you want to profit from each investment idea in a week or a couple months this services isn't for you.

To be honest anyone promising fast returns with the stock market is likely a scammer or a guru selling one of their courses.

These investments take some time to develop but they make a lot of money in the long run.

Who Is Insider Newsletter For?

As long as you can stomach the political commentary (I personally love it!) there's a lot of positives.

Here's who should get a subscription:

Looking For A Laugh With Your Stock Research

One thing I really like about Insider Newsletter is you get a good laugh with each edition.

Each newsletter is pretty long and can be around 40 pages each - I'm shocked how they're able to put one of these out a week.

In these 40 pages you'll get insightful market insights, stock picks and humor about the world.

Natural Resource Investments

Natural resource investments are smart because every technology and product starts with a natural resource.

Sometimes the most important natural resource in the world changes but there's always a need for natural resources like copper, silver, gold, lithium, etc.

Insider Weekly identifies excellent value stocks related to natural resources like mining and drilling operations.

You'll definitely want these stocks in your portfolio.

Have Some Money To Invest ($5,000 Minimum)

Overall there's 60 stocks in the Insider Weekly portfolio.

Unless you have a lot of money you probably won't be able to invest in all of them right away.

I wouldn't suggest just dumping all your money into one portfolio anyway.

You'll want to build up your portfolio over time and invest monthly or quarterly.

This will take some money to do, though.

I'd say $5,000 is the minimum to get started comfortable and to be able to invest in some of the stocks right away.

After this you'll want to buy stocks based on the recommendations.

Ready To Try? Get Insider Newsletter For Just $1

What Is The Investing Strategies?

Capitalist Exploits describes their investing strategy as focusing on "asymmetric trade opportunities and sectors that appear to be on the cusp of a bull market."

The goal is to get 300% returns with every investment.

Additionally, many of the investments spread risk around sectors so you can't tank your entire portfolio at once.

Some sectors you can expect investments in include:

  • Mining and natural resources
  • Shipping
  • Energy 
  • Agriculture

So you'll be investing in companies that really matter and that keep the lights and people fed.

Capital Exploits typically stays away from the following stocks:

  • Pot Stocks
  • Startups
  • Growth Stocks
  • Large Cap

There's reasons why they don't invest in these kind of assets.

Pot stocks have crashed and lost a lot of people money.

Startups are extremely volatile and growth stocks are too risky.

Large cap US stocks don't have room for massive gains.

You'll be investing in solid companies with room for the stock to grow.

How Does Insider Newsletter Work?

Previously Insider Newsletter was called Insider Weekly.

However, they never released their newsletters on the same day.

Sometimes there would only be 5 days between newsletters being sent out and sometimes there would be 10 days.

They changed the name of the newsletter to Insider Newsletter so people wouldn't be confused.

However, the service still works in the same manner.

You can expect a new edition of Insider Newsletter about every week or 4 every month.

It's not always sent out on the same day, though.

To be honest there's really no reason for an investing newsletter to have a strict schedule.

Try Insider Newsletter For $1

Insider Newsletter is an excellent investing resource and you can try today for just $1:

What's Inside Each Newsletter?

Each newsletter you get from Insider is very long and detailed.

You will get a complete overview of the world based on the Capitalist Exploits worldview.

Like I said earlier this includes humor, fear and investing tips.

The newsletters differ in how long they are but you can expect 30 to 40 pages of information.

After reading this newsletter for over a year it's amazing how often their predictions come true.

For instance, last fall they were preparing for the incoming inflation that was about to hit the world.

The same inflation many "experts" promised wasn't going to happen. 

They made smart investments as a hedge against this and profited.

Also, in each newsletter you can expect 5 stock picks based on their investing strategy.

I've reviewed HUNDREDS of investing newsletters and I'm telling you no other service gives you this many stock picks.

Insider Newsletter Stock Performance

The stock picks in Insider Newsletter is proprietary information so I can't give you the stock picks..

You'll have to sign up to see them all.

However, I can share some of their closed positions.

For example, in June 2017 they recommended Ceres Power Holdings at $125. They sold it in February 2020 for $427 (242% gain).

In July 2017 they recommended Petropavlovsk for $7.8 and this little known Russian gold miner was sold at $19.8 in February 2020 (154% gain).

In September 2017 Insider Newsletter recommended another little known gold miner at $1.57.

They later sold it at $6.98 for a 313% gain.

In March 2019 Insider recommended Powercell at $65.6 - in less than a year the stock popped to $237 for a 261% gain.

I'm sure you've never heard of most of these stocks but that's not really important.

The stocks are big winners and the investing strategy works over the long term.

Ready To Try? Get Insider Newsletter For Just $1

Insider Newsletter FAQ's

Still have some questions about Insider Newsletter?

Here's answers to any questions you might have?

1) Is The Price Fair?


You get to test drive the service for $1 and this gets you 4 editions of Insider Newsletter.

So that's 20 stock picks for just $1!

You wont' find a deal like this anywhere else.

After that you just have to pay $35 per month which is more than reasonable.

I've seen newsletters that only go out once a month charge thousands per year.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

Even though the newsletter is only $1 there's a refund policy of 30 days.

Capitalist Exploits has a more expensive program that costs $2400 and also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

So if you upgrade there's no risk if you don't like the service. 

3) Who Runs Insider Newsletter?

The two main editors are Chris Macintosh and Brad Mcfadden.

These two have bene in the investment world all their lives.

They additionally have a hedge fund they run that manages hundreds of millions of dollars.

You can't invest in the fund unless you have $100,000.

The picks in this fund are the same ones you'll get in their newsletter.

So they're very trustworthy guys in my opinion.

4) Is The Newsletter Worth It?

I think it is.

I mean you only have to pay $1 to try it out.

If you don't like it you can just cancel the membership and it will only cost you a dollar.

If you really hate it you can even get your dollar back.

I don't think you'll hate it, though.

As long as you're not a super sensitive liberal I believe you'll love the market insights just as much as do.

I look forward to reading it every week!

Give Insider Newsletter A Try

You can go through my reviews on this website and you'll see I'm not an overly positive person reviewing these newsletter.

I'd say 95% get 3/5 stars or lower.

Many get 1/5 stars.

For me to like a newsletter as much as I like Insider Newsletter it has to be good - and it is!

I love this newsletter a lot. 

It not only gives unique stock picks but is very entertaining.

And it's only $1 to try!

So give it a try today and see if it's for you.. I doubt you regret it:

Try Insider Newsletter!

Insider Newsletter is just $1 to try. Click below to get started today:


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