The Contrarian Income Report is a trading newsletter from Contrarian Outlook.

This review will determine if this product is a scam or not.

Below you'll see everything there is to see about this newsletter including what you get, how much it costs and more.

You'll know if The Contrarian Income Report is worth it or not. 

 Let's get into it!

The Contrarian Income Report Summary

Creator: Brett Owens

Price to join: $39 per year + upsells

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3/5

The Contrarian Income Report is a decent newsletter that will give you good trading ideas.

Plus the price isn't bad either.

However, this newsletter is just the first step in a sales funnel that's going to push more expensive products on you later.

Also, there's only 12 issues a month - that's not that much.

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Who Is Brett Owens?

Brett Owens is the creator of Contrarian Income Report.

Brett didn't get his start on Wall Street or even with the stock market.

Instead he created different software's for businesses and was successful doing that.

Eventually he took his profits and started investing in dividend paying stocks.

His strategy is to capitalize on market overreactions.. by doing this he finds income paying stocks when their yield is the highest.

Brett is clearly a sharp guy.

You don't graduate from an Ivy League School and start multiple successful businesses unless you are. 

What Is Contrarian Outlook?

Contrarian Outlook is the company that publishes Brett's newsletter.

This is a pretty well known investing brand and you can buy a bunch of products from them.

There's the Contrarian Income Report, Hidden Yields, Dividend Sign Trader and CEF Insider.

Besides their premium products they also have a blog where they post a few articles a week - most of the articles are written by Brett Owens and Michael Foster. 

The overall consensus is Contrarian Outlook is pretty reliable. 

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What Are Stock Dividends?

A dividend is regular payments of profit paid to to investors who own a certain stock.

Not all stocks are dividends, though.

A company would offer dividends when they're well established and no longer need to reinvest a ton of money into their business.

Some companies that would do this include Apple, Disney, Exxon, Target and more.

Additionally, you can get payments in in cash, stocks and more.

There's a little more to know about dividends but this is what they are in basic terms.

These are the kind of stocks you'll be learning to invest in with The Contrarian Income Report.

What Do You Get With Contrarian Income Report

You get a decent amount with this newsletter.

Here's a breakdown of what you get:

Monthly Dividend Superstars

This is stock picks in different sectors that have yields up to 7.7%.

You'll learn about why Brett likes these picks and when their prices are too high to buy.

5 Income-Fixed Funds Set To Soar

Here you'll learn about 5 different fixed income opportunities.

All of these picks of have yields of at least 6%.

2 Preferred Dividends That Can Triple Your Payouts Immediately

In this section you'll learn about Brett's two favorite preferred stock funds that get 6% monthly dividends. 

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Dividend Stocks To Sell Now

The stock market isn't always about buying low.. it's about selling high as well.

Here Brett shows you 12 dividends that he believes are about to take a fall and lose people money. 

Second-Level Investing: Your Guide To The Contrarian Money Machine

One of the best ways to make money with stocks is finding unpopular stocks.

Here you'll learn Brett's strategy on finding these stocks.

Flash Alerts

If there's ever "breaking news" about a stock you'll get an email and alert about it.

Second Level Coaching

You'll be able to follow along with Brett's picks.

You'll also get details about why Brett picks the stocks he does.

Weekly Market Analysis

Every week you'll get some analysis about the market and big news. 

You'll also get some stock ideas and ideas about which stocks to follow.

Quarterly Webinars

Every quarter you'll be able to attend a webinar where Brett talks about his portfolio and he'll answer your questions. 


You'll get access to a website where you can see all the archives of the monthly issues, flash alerts, special reports and more.

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Who Is Contrarian Income Report For?

Contrarian Income Report is for any person that wants to learn how to invest in dividends.

These kind of trades are for people with good money to invest.

The reason is these stocks don't have the craziest returns because they're established companies.

They grow and fall but not at the rate of other kind of stocks.

For instance, if you wanted to make a full time living off of dividends you'd need around $1 million to invest.

So if you invest $100,000 you can expect $4000 a year.

Who Is Contrarian Income Report NOT For?

This newsletter is not for anyone that's looking for huge returns.

Like I said in the last section dividends typically pay around 4%.

If you're investing billions of dollars in different dividends you're making good money. 

If you're investing $10,000 it's not that much ($400 a year in returns).

There's stocks out there that can change your life if you were invested $10,000 in them (just not dividends).

For example, Penn Stock was $7 per share in March 2020. It bought a popular sports media company and 1 year later was $130 a share.

If you invested $10,000 at its low point you would have made over $185,000.

You'll never get returns like that with dividends. 

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Is Contrarian Income Report Worth Its Price?

$39 per year for this newsletter is good.

You get a monthly newsletter, alerts, weekly emails, quarterly webinars and more.

If you're interested in dividends this is definitely a quality resource at a good price.

However, you're going to be marketed much more expensive products once you buy.

This is called an upsell.

These upsells is where these companies make their real money and will cost thousands.

For example, their Insider membership is hundreds a month.

Lastly, you do get a good refund policy.

You have 60 days to get your money back so this is relatively low risk to try. 

Contrarian Income Report Pros And Cons

  • Good value: $39 per year is not a lot of money and for what you're getting it's worth that.
  • Good refund policy: The refund policy is as good as you can ask for.. you get 60 days to get your money back.
  • Brett is legit: Brett is someone that's competent and he definitely knows what he's talking about with dividends. 
  • Dividends have low returns: Dividends are safe and if you have a lot to invest they can be worth it. They're just not the best if you have a little to invest.
  • Big upsells: This is definitely the first step in a sales funnel. You're going to be pressured to spend a lot of money on other products.

Is Contrarian Income Report A Scam?

No I don't think so. 

Contrarian Outlook is pretty well known and has been around for a while.

Additionally, Brett Owen is pretty well known too. You just won't hit it big with dividends.

The returns are too little.

So if you don't have a ton to invest I'd avoid.

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