Dean Graziosi is an investor and author that sell various courses on making money.

If you're here you're probably wondering if Dean programs are scams or not..

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything there is to know about this marketer including background information, price to join, a look at his courses and more.

You'll know if he is worth buying from by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Dean Graziosi Summary

Products: Millionaire Success Habits, KBB Blueprint, Underground Millionaire Mastermind, Dean's Inner Circle

Price to join: $Varies

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Dean has had some good successes in his life.. he's a NY Times #1 selling author, has various courses and is a millionaire.

However, that doesn't mean his programs or courses are any good.

In fact, many are overpriced and pretty skimpy on actual good training.

As we speak he's also being sued by the FTC for being the pitchman for a real estate investment scheme that defrauded $400 million from customers.

I personally wouldn't trust someone involved in that type of shenanigans. 

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Dean Graziosi Background And Net Worth

Dean Graziosi is real estate investor, author and is on TV a lot..

Apparently he's made daily TV appearances for over 20 years.

Dean comes from a humble background and grew up near where I grew up (he was born in Marlboro, New York.

Dean has had a lot of number one selling books and made some smart investments.. this has earned him a networth of around $30 to $50 million.

The FTC Is Prosecuting Dean Now

Before I get into Dean's books and courses I just want to talk about the FTC case against Dean quickly. 

At the moment Dean is the defendant in case which is really big.

The government is alleging Dean took part in a real estate investment scam that took a whopping $400 million from customers.

Apparently this scheme enticed customers to buy real estate training packages using false money making promises.

This is from the FTC:

"it used false money-making promises to convince consumers to buy real estate training packages that often cost tens of thousands of dollars. The agencies alleged that supposedly “free” training seminars were the first step in Nudge’s multi-step sales funnel that included sales pitches for costly trainings and supposedly personalized coaching programs sold through deceptive telemarketing calls."

Dean seemed pretty in on the scam and actively promoted the offer to people.

As a result he made "millions of dollars by assisting and facilitating this real estate investment rip-off."

The FTC report also notes that Dean was aware of customer complaints and continued with the scheme.

He even actively worked with the creators of the scam to place positive reviews in Yelp and Consumers Affair to counter the negative reviews. 

This to me is a pretty big deal and a major red flag.

Is Dean in this to help you or just to enrich himself? 

Dean's Books And Courses

Dean has been writing books and creating money making courses for 15+ years.

Apparently he's had a lot of success selling books and sold over a million copies.

Here's some of his more popular books and courses:

Millionaire Success Habits

Millionaire Success Habits is Dean's newest book.

This book doesn't really go over how to make money per se and is more a book on productivity.

You'll get tips on developing a good mindset and how to develop habits that millionaires have.

This book has apparently sold over 300,000 copies.

The Underground Advantage 

The Underdog Advantage is a book about turning your situation around.. especially if you're starting in a low place.

Dean does have authority to talk about this topic since he never went to college and his parents weren't rich. 

You'll get more mindset training in this book to overcome hurdles. 

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) Course

The KKB Course is a joint course between Dean and well know self improvement guru Tony Robbins.

This course is much like Dean's books and has to do a lot with self improvement and changing your current situation.

It's a 6 module course that claims to help you create success from doing something meaningful.

Here's a look at what you get in each module:

  • Module 1 - This module goes over creating a mastermind..  in other words how to create a group of like minded individuals to help you so succeed. You'll also learn how to find your expertise and how to sell that expertise.
  • Module 2 -  This module goes over marketing tactics you can use to sell your services. 
  • Module 3 - Module 3 expands on what you learned in module 1.. you get more details on creating a mastermind and how to run an event.
  • Module 4 - This module will teach you how to get the most out of your mastermind and to leverage other people's knowledge for your own benefit.

and more.

You also get a few bonuses with this course as well which includes:

  • Mentorship from people that are experts in everything taught in this course
  • Various bonus training from other experts
  • Private Facebook Group where you can reach out to other course members
  • 3 months of the software for free
  • Some novelties like a shirt, journal, mug, pen and more. 

This course is very expensive, though, and will cost you $1497.

Underground Millionaires

The Underground Millionaire is a course that's pretty similar to The KBB Course..

Like the course I just went over Tony Robbins is involved in this course and it focuses mainly on mentorship/mindset training. 

Underground Millionaire is more focused on people that have a product or service they're trying to promote, though.

It'll help you profit more and get better results.

This will cost you either $7 per month or a one time fee of $59. 

There are several upsells after you buy, though. 

These will cost you hundreds a piece and I suspect the low cost of Underground Millionaire is to get you to buy these upsells.

Dean's Inner Circle 

The last course I'm going to go over is Dean's Inner circle.

This course, much like most of Dean's courses, are geared towards self improvement and mentorship.

You'll learn about persuasion, productivity, overcoming fear and how to network.

This will cost you either $397 or $47 per month.

Dean's Courses And Books Are All Pretty Much THe Same

One thing I don't like about Dean's products is they all are pretty much exactly the same - he even works with the same people a lot of the time.

Dean's books mainly go over mindset training, building confidence and teaches you how to use that to make money.

Dean's courses are pretty much the same.

They all stress self improvement, mentorship and things like that.

To me it just seems like Dean just repackages the same message (with minor differences) and then sells them over and over again.

I certainly wouldn't buy multiple courses or books from Dean - you'll get the jist with just one product.

Dean Graziosi Pros And Cons


  • Dean is successful: At the end of the day Dean is a successful guy and has made a lot of money over the years.. he wasn't born rich either.


  • Dean is being sued by the FTC: This case isn't settled but it doesn't look good for Dean. He knowingly involved himself in a scheme that took hundreds of millions from investors. That's pretty bad. 
  • Repackaged material: The courses and books Dean puts out are all basically the same - you get self improvement tips, money making tips, mentorship, etc.. There's no need to buy more than one of his courses or books. 

IS Dean Graziosi a scam?

The FTC suit against Dean doesn't look good.

It seems like he knowingly scammed people on a very large scale - he went as far as trying to cover up customer complaints.

I wouldn't say all of his products are scams but it does seem like it's going to be proven Dean has actively worked with scams.

That's not good.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass over Dean's courses.

If you're looking to make money from home or online there's many different ways to do that. 

I personally like affiliate marketing the most.

Affiliate marketing is good for beginners, requires very little money to get started with and you can make a lot of money.

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  • Thanks for writing this. I was one of the “scammed” into his real estate program after purchasing KBB. I even fulfilled the requirements to receive a full refund, all of this on a contract, and Response (his company), refused and kept offering to extend the BS classes another year. He personally profited $10 million, taking a cut from each of us. He is human garbage.

  • Thank you so much Dylan for the courage you’ve put up in writing a very informative review. God Bless You.

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