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Today we're going to be looking at Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery by Kevin Zhang to determine if it's a scam or legit.

In this review you're going to find everything you need to know about this course including background information, how much it costs, course overview and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if this course is worth it or not.

Let's get into it!

Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery Summary

Product: Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery

Price to join: $1997

Rating: 65/100

Do I recommend? Not really.

Summary: Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery is actually a pretty good course that does a good job teaching dropshipping/ecommerce.

Kevin Zhang is obviously very successful as well.

The problem here is the course price is just too high. There's plenty of courses that are equal in quality that are 1/4th the price.

Also, the training only teaches Facebook Ads which can also be very expensive. 

I'd look for another course and not spend $1997 on this one. 

Better opportunity: If you want to see the best eCommerce training (that's only costs $197), click below. 

This Course Is Too Expensive

Here's the thing about dropshipping..

There's a lot of really bad courses out there but there's also a lot of good courses.

Because there's a lot of options to learn dropshipping there's really no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a course.

This is my biggest problem with Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery.

The content of the course is fine but the price is so expensive. 

The hard truth is most people are going to fail with ecommerce and in order to succeed you're going to need to get good at paid traffic.

Because of this you want a quality course that isn't thousands so you have enough to experiment with ads. 

My favorite ecommerce course is Ecom Elites. This course is only $197 and has better training.

You'll have more money to run ads if you buy Ecom Elites because it's so much cheaper. 

Who is Kevin Zhang

Kevin Zhang is sort of an anomaly in the ecommerce world.

From what I've seen most people make a Youtube channel, spam a bunch of clickbait dropshipping videos, get a large following and then sell a course to their audience.

A lot of Youtube dropshippers aren't even successful in dropshipping either. 

They rent cars, photoshop fake results and then put out low quality courses for $999 (course sales are their main source of income).

Kevin Zhang did it backwards.

He apparently made $20 million in ecommerce, then created a Youtube channel and sold a course.

He's the youngest member of Forbes Business Council too.

So he's legit and probably one of the best dropshippers out there.

His Youtube channel doesn't have a lot of videos and was only started a few months ago, but the videos are high quality.

There's no clickbait or fluff videos and many of the videos are 30+ minutes long with some over a hour. 

Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery Overview

Overall this a very lengthy and quality course which does a good job giving you the A to Z of Shopify dropshipping.  

In total there's 14 different modules and over 170+ lessons.

Here's a breakdown of each module:

Module 1 - Introduction To Ecommerce

Module 1 is a simple introduction to ecommerce and dropshipping.

Module 2 - Branded Niche Dropshipping

Kevin Zhang has made is money by building popular ecommerce brands which is different than most people.

Here you'll learn his unique approach to ecommerce and the one that's made him so much money.

You'll also learn other popular dropshipping techniques which includes single product stores and general stores.

You'll get a lesson on Aliexpress and getting products from there too.

Module 3 - Ecommerce Consumer Psychology

This is a quick section on how to understand consumers. This will help you connect better and make more sales.

Module 4 - Shopify Store Mastery

This section is VERY long.

I've always found Shopify to be pretty intuitive and wouldn't think Shopify store set up would need 40+ lessons.

But Kevin Zhang decided to devote a lot of time to this topic.  

Module 5 - Setting Up Your Facebook Account For Advertising

Facebook is the only advertising method taught in this course and in this module you'll learn how to set up your Facebook Account. 

Module 6 - Making Engaging And High Profitable Advertisements 

This is one of the most important sections in the entire section.

You can have an awesome store and great products but if you can't create engaging ads you won't make a single dollar.

This section has 25+ lessons to teach you how to do exactly that.

Module 7 - Facebook Ad Strategy (Part 1)

Module 7 is another important one and here you'll learn how to do a Facebook campaign, read data and scale your campaign to success.

You'll also learn when to stop a campaign and more.

Module 8 - Facebook Ad Strategy (Part 2) 

This section is about CBO which stands for Campaign Budget Optimization and here you'll learn different strategies for CBO. 

Module 9 - Most Important Business Principles To Understand Ecommerce

In this section you'll learn about basic business principles like revenue, gross margin and different sales models (subscription model, free shipping modules, high ticket vs. low ticket).

Module 10 - Email Marketing And SMS Marketing For Dropshipping

Here you'll learn about email and text marketing to increase sales. 

Module 11 - A/B And Testing Multivariate 

This is just 2 lessons on testing to get the best results.

Module 12 - Customer Support Best Practices

Here you'll learn about having the best possible customer support for your customers.

Module 13 - Keeping Your Business Alive 

This module is all about the legal stuff like taxes, creating a LLC, staying Facebook compliant and more.

Module 14 - Building Advanced Infrastructure And Achieving Full Automation

This module has 15+ lessons and it's about hiring people to free up some time for yourself.

You'll also learn other automating tips for all of your business. 

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What I Like About Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery 

Here's what I like about this course:

Very thorough course

If you want to learn how to dropshipping with Shopify and Facebook Ads this course will have you covered.

You'll learn every step from selecting a product to creating a store, to creating ads, to optimizing strategies, customer service and more. 

This is a very good course content wise for beginners.

Kevin Zhang is legit

The make money online world is filled with fakers and people that are just looking to sell crappy courses.

Kevin Zhang is not one of these people.

In fact, he's made tens of millions with his ecommerce stores and has been recognized by Forbes for his work.

Good refund policy

You get a 7 day refund policy here.

A lot of refund policies require that you jump through a million different hoops to get your money back but that's no the case here. 

What I Don't Like About Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery 

Here's what I don't like about this course:

Too Expensive

$1997 is a lot of money for a dropshipping course.

I understand Kevin Zhang is unusually successful at ecommerce but there's plenty of courses out there from multi-millionaire dropshippers for much less.

Only Facebook Ads are taught

Facebook Ads is a good way to make money with ecommerce.

But it's very expensive and can be hard to master. You will need thousands for a budget to do Facebook properly.

Other marketing methods are less expensive but those aren't taught here. 

Is Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery A Scam?

Definitely not. 

Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery is a legit course and one of the better dropshipping courses you can find.

The main problem is it's so expensive.

The truth is most people that try to make money online won't make it. Doesn't matter what method you try, most people fail. 

When you're a beginner you want to keep costs low and try to make money without spending a lot.

Once you know what you're doing you can risk more money.

$1997 to learn dropshipping or any online money making method is just too much for a beginner.

Get a quality $299 course if you're dead set on doing dropshipping. I'd only buy this course if you're already having ecommerce success and just want access to Zhang and learn his secrets to earn more.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery is a good course but costs too much.

There's plenty of awesome, high quality dropship training that cost 1/10th the cost of this one.

The very best training is Ecom Elites

Ecom Elites is only $197 and has the best training I have ever seen.

I've Reviewed All The Best Ecommerce Courses

I've spent a lot of time reviewing and researching ecommerce courses.

There's a lot of bad and a few that are worth buying - the very best is Ecom Elites. 

It's affordable and the training is absolutely amazing. To learn more about this course, click below:


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  • Thank you for this but does the course have a community behind them like Kevin’s has? I hear he has weekly live sessions with every member of his community (people who paid for his course), he also hooks them up with his agents and delivery guys and helps them with some of the risks. Do you know if that’s true?

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