Porter Stansberry is out with another stock teaser, and this time he's teasing what he calls the "secret energy grid."

In addition, he claims this is "Obama's biggest screw-up" and "Reagan's final premonition."

The most important thing is that Porter is pitching a stock and wants you to pay to learn what it is.

However, he left enough clues in the presentation to figure out the name of the stock, and I reveal it below.

Along with the stock, I give you information on the company so you can determine if it's a good investment.

Let's get started!

Secret Energy Grid Summary

Creator: Porter Stansberry

Newsletter: The Big Secret On Wall Street

Stock: BWXT Technologies

Porter is hyping up nuclear in this stock presentation, and the company he's pitching is BWX Technologies.

BWX supplies small nuclear reactors to the Navy for their ships.

This means this business is steady because the military is well financed and is constantly buying these reactors.

Plus, they need to be maintained, which provides additional revenue.

This is a good investment idea, especially if you believe in small reactors and nuclear being more prevalent in society going forward.

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Secret Energy Grid FAQ's

If you watched Porter's entire presentation on the "secret energy grid," I'm sure you have some questions.

Here are the answers to any remaining questions you might have about this teaser:

1) What is the "secret energy grid?"

The "secret energy grid" is just referring to nuclear.

Nuclear energy is gaining popularity as people look for cleaner energy sources, and this presentation plays on that.

Nuclear energy has various advantages, including:

  • Low greenhouse emissions
  • High energy density
  • Reliability
  • Uranium and thorium are domestic materials.
  • Large-scale electricity generation
  • Fuel efficiency

In particular, Porter is talking about small nuclear reactors (SMRs), which are compact versions of larger nuclear reactors.

SMRs are much more flexible in their use and generate smaller amounts of power.

These smaller nuclear reactors are used to generate electricity in smaller communities and military installations and can be used as generators in case of an emergency.

2) Which company is Porter Stansberry pitching?

Like all stock teasers, this one from Porter is pretty long.

These presentations can be very tedious, but because they're so long, he's bound to drop enough clues about the company he's pitching.

Besides being a creator of SMRs, Porter gives us these clues about the company:

There's really only one company that can be considered to have a "monopoly" on SMRs with the Navy and that would be BWXT Technologies.

3) What is BWXT Technologies? 

BWXT Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) is a major provider of nuclear components and fuel to the United States government as well as the commercial nuclear power industry.

It is a public business that trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "BWXT."

BWXT is a leader in the design, engineering, production, and maintenance of critical nuclear components and systems for a wide range of applications.

The primary focus of the corporation is on nuclear power, defense, medicinal isotopes, and research reactors. Its products and services include nuclear fuel, reactor components, heat exchangers, steam generators, and various nuclear materials.

With a history spanning over 60 years, BWXT has established itself as a trustworthy and dependable partner in the nuclear business.

The company's innovations and skills contribute to nuclear power plant safety and efficiency, the advancement of nuclear medicine, and the support of national security programs.

BWXT employs a talented staff of engineers, scientists, technicians, and production people and operates various facilities across the United States.

To satisfy the changing needs of its clients, the business continues to develop in the nuclear sector, driving breakthroughs in reactor technology, fuel design, and other vital areas.

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4) What are some benefits to investing in BWXT?

BWXT is being recommended by Porter for a lot of reasons.

The company is a pretty safe bet, and its parent company has been around for more than 60 years.

So they have a ton of experience with nuclear and are very dependable.

Additionally, they do have a monopoly on SMRs with the military.

These government contracts ensure that BWXT will have business for decades and won't even need commercial products to make billions in revenue.

So if they do end up launching more commercial products for civilians, they'll have even more revenue.

From my own experience, people seem to be more interested in nuclear energy than before.

You see more and more politicians talking about nuclear as a valuable alternative energy source, and demand could grow into the future.

5) What are some risks to investing in BWXT?

Every company comes with some risks, and BWXT has a few.

The main risk to you as an investor is that they're a slow-growing business.

So this is not an investment that you can expect to explode this year and get you 500% returns in the near future.

Like I said in the last section, they do have reliable government contracts, though.

So the floor is high, and the question is how fast they can grow.

This sector is expensive, and it takes a lot of money to create nuclear reactors.

Because of this, BWXT holds about $1 billion worth of debt.

Lastly, despite some politicians being on board with nuclear, you never know what future regulations will pass through Congress or state legislatures.

6) Is Porter Stansberry reliable?

So the last thing to tackle is whether Porter is worth listening to and whether his newsletter is worth buying.

I actually have a funny history with Porter.

I wrote a review about his service that was generally positive.

I basically said Porter is one of the more reliable stock pickers out there with a history of good stock picks.

But I uncovered something in his past he didn't want me to talk about, including being fined $1.5 million for fraud decades ago.

Additionally, he's associated pretty tightly with Agora, which is a horrible company.

Anyway, Porter threatened to sue me if I didn't take down the review.

I don't think I did anything wrong, but he's got more money than me, and I didn't feel like litigating the review in court.

So I'll just reiterate what I said in the review.

He's a good stock picker, but his service is a little expensive, and he's got some red flags in his past.

Porter is known for these long (and, I believe, manipulative) stock teasers as well.

But unlike his peers, who put out these teasers, Porter seems to be able to pick stocks well.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my post summarizing Porter Stansberry's newest stock teaser.

The "secret energy grid" is small nuclear reactors, and the company Porter is pitching is BWXT Technologies.

This company is solid but won't be growing that fast.

This is a long-term investment with the hopes that they can grow beyond just supplying the military with nuclear reactors.

If not, though, those military contracts will provide reliable revenue for decades.

Are you thinking about investing in BWXT Technologies?

Let me know in the comments below!

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