Shah Gilani recently released a new newsletter called Extreme Profit Hunters.

This newsletter focuses on small, private companies.

Is it legit, or is this another investing scam?

We'll get to the bottom of that question in this review.

Below, you'll find everything you need to know about this newsletter, and we'll cover all the red flags as well.

You'll know if Extreme Profit Hunters is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Extreme Profit Hunters Summary

Creator: Shah Gilani

Price to join: $5,000

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Extreme Profit Hunters is a service that focuses on small, private companies to invest in.

This kind of investing is very risky.

Private companies are not held to the same standards as public companies, and it can be hard to research these companies properly.

Additionally, you can only make money if the company goes public or is bought by another larger company.

There's no way to get your money out until one of those two things happens.

In the past, this kind of investing was legal only for high-net-worth individuals, but that's changed recently.

However, it should still only be done by high-net-worth individuals.

Lastly, the price is very high, and anybody with less than $500,000 to invest in it should avoid it.

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Agora Owns Money Map Press

The publisher for Extreme Profit is Money Map Press.

They've been around for a while and are owned by a massive company called Agora.

Agora is the biggest distributor of investing newsletters and makes hundreds of millions every year.

The problem is that they're very unethical and engage in outrageous marketing all the time.

For instance, just last year, they were caught defrauding senior citizens and had to pay millions in fines.

$2 million is nothing for a place like Agora, though.

They make so much money that they'll happily pay this if they can continue to target senior citizens and market in unethical ways.

As Truth in Advertising has proven, they haven't changed one bit:

Is this really a company you want to give your money to?

It goes beyond that as well.

The marketing funnels for Agora are extremely intricate, and you become a target once you buy anything from Agora or Money Map Press.

The Money Map Report is cheap, but it's just bait.

Once you sign up, you'll be heavily promoted for extremely expensive products (thousands of dollars a year) in manipulative ways.

We're talking every single day about your inbox being flooded with promotions.

It's annoying, and a lot of these products are of low quality.

I only recommend an Agora product if it's fantastic; I don't think that's the case with Money Map Report.

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Money Map Press As Mislead In The Past

Money Map Report is no different than any other Agora newsletter and operates in the same manner.

The main way these newsletters promote themselves is by putting out long stock presentations.

These presentations are usually an hour long and hype up an investment opportunity.

However, the name of the investment is withheld unless you buy the newsletter.

Often times, these stock presentations are extremely misleading and trick people into thinking they're getting a lot of money.

Well, in 2017, Money Map Report ran one of these presentations called "Big Tobacco Must Pay."

The jist was that big tobacco settled for $206 billion, and there was a way for you to collect $2300 a month even if you were unaffected by big tobacco.

Of course, this wasn't true, and the only thing being pitched were bond investments that had nothing to do with the settlement.

As a result, the Attorney General of Oregon sued Money Map Press and had this to say about the whole ordeal:

As a result, Money Map Press paid over $140,000 in fines and agreed to change the way it markets.

However, if you look at their marketing today, it's basically the same.

They still put out manipulative stock teasers that promise the stars if you sign up for their services.

Who Is Shah Gilani?

He looks like a character from The Sopranos!

There is actually a lot of mob activity in these financial outlets, but we're not accusing anyone of anything here!

According to Shah, he's been around the stock market world since the 1980s.

He started out trading options on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options.

After bouncing around different companies, he launched a couple hedge funds, but they only lasted a few years.

Since then, he's been working for Agora.

Shah spent many years working for the Oxford Club (another Agora publisher) and now has a bunch of products at Money Map Press.

Agora is constantly shuffling people around publishers and launching new services this way.

I guess the question you have to ask is why Shah closed his hedge funds down.

An obvious answer would be that they weren't performing well.

If you aren't making people money, they take their money out.

The stock newsletter business is different and less risky.

You're not managing millions of dollars; you're simply sending out stock picks to regular people.

However, I can't find the name of the hedge funds Shah founded, so I can't tell you why they shut down.

But if they performed well, you'd imagine he'd name them, right?

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What Is Shah's "#1 Startup To Target In 2023?"

Shah Gilani is selling this newsletter the same way all stock pickers sell their newsletters.

And that's to sound like a teaser, hyping up an investment and withholding the name of the investment to get you to buy.

Well, I have good news!

There were enough clues in Shah's main teaser, hyping up his "#1 startup to target in 2023," to figure out the investments.

The companies he wants you to invest in are Naqi Logix and EarthGrid PBC.

These are tiny companies that are listed on StartEngine, which is a crowdfunding website for private investors to invest in private companies.

Naqi Logix makes "biosensor earbuds" that allow you to control devices with an earbud.

And EarthGrid PBC is a plasma drilling company that wants to build large tunnels.

Are these companies good investments?

Probably not in the current climate.

High interest rates mean that companies are going to have a hard time getting loans from banks.

And high inflation means people have less money to invest in interesting companies like these.

Additionally, these companies are very, very far away from raising the money they need to fully operate.

Which means revenue is years away, as is going public.

So if you invest, expect your money to be tied up for years.

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Extreme Profit Hunters FAQ's

Still have some questions about this newsletter?

Here are the answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How much does this newsletter cost?

Extreme Profit Hunters is a very expensive newsletter and will cost you $5,000 per year.

That's a lot of money for investing tips.

There's a rule that you shouldn't spend more than 1% of your portfolio on research.

If you have the odds of making more than the market, go do a lot.

So if you have less than $500,000, this newsletter won't really work for you.

But beyond that, I don't think this newsletter is worth it, even if you do have that much money.

Just go to StartEngine yourself and browse the companies looking for investments.

2) Is there a refund policy?

There's no way to get your money back once you sign up.

The only thing they offer is a credit refund.

That means you can use the money to buy other products at Money Map Press.

This is another deal-breaker for me.

Any service This expensive item should come with some sort of money-back guarantee.

3) What is the investing strategy?

The strategy with this newsletter is to invest in private companies on crowdfunding platforms like StartEngine.

I personally would stay away from these investments unless you're very familiar with what a company does.

I know that investing in earbuds that control objects seems very cool.

But do you know that industry?

Do you know what the competition looks like?

If you don't understand the ins and outs of an industry, you're more than likely going to lose serious money.

4) How does the newsletter work?

The newsletter works just like all other newsletters do.

When Shah finds a company he likes, he'll send you a newsletter explaining why he likes the investment.

Then it's up to you to act on the recommendation.

Extreme Profit Hunter Pros And Cons

  • Agora owned: Agora is a bad company and I rarely recommend their services.
  • Too expensive: You typically should avoid paying $5000 for investment research.
  • No refunds: There's no way to get your money back once you buy.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my review of Extreme Profit Hunters.

There's really not too much to like here.

The investments are going to be extremely risky, and there's no way to get your money back unless the company goes public or is bought out at a premium price.

Other than that, your money is gone, and there's a possibility you lose everything.

Beyond that, the service is just too expensive and comes from an unreliable company, Agora.

The good news is that there are some investing newsletters that perform well and are worth it.

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