Frank Kern is a very well known internet marketer..

If you're here you're probably wondering if his courses are a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Frank including background information, price of courses and more.

You'll know if he's worth buying from by the time you're done.

Let's get into it!

Ecom Lifestyle University Summary

Marketer: Frank Kern

Courses: Mass Conversion, Info Business Blueprint, Client Acquisition System, Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

Do I recommend? Depends (his courses are expensive)

   Overall rating: 3/5

There's a lot of opinions out there about Frank Kern but at the end of the day success in internet marketing is measured in dollars.. and Frank has made millions and millions online.

You can obviously learn a lot from him and his courses are quality.

However, they're extremely expensive. His cheapest course right now is $2997!

Because of his name he can charge extra but that doesn't mean you'll get extra.

If you're a beginner or just don't have thousands to spend on training I'd look elsewhere.

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Who Is Frank Kern?

Despite Frank being a well known internet marketer it's actually hard to find information about him.

Most of the stuff on the internet about him is sales copy and less informational.

From what I gather Frank lead a normal life until a flood made him homeless.

He worked odd jobs in restaurants and as a door to door salesman until he got into internet marketing.

That's when things took off for him and he launched his mega successful career as an internet marketer.

What Is Frank Kern's Net Worth?

Frank Kern is known as the "highest paid direct response internet marketing copywriter and consultant."

Frank has A LOT of different ways of making money.

He's a consultant, does seminars, writes books, sells courses and more.

It's estimated that his net worth is around $35 million.

Frank Kern Course Overview

Frank Kern has a lot of different products and courses but we're going to focus on the courses he's actively marketing.

Here's a look at them and what you can expect from them:

Mass Conversion ($2997)

Mass Conversion is a course that teaches you how to get leads and create lead magnets/sales funnels.

The focus of this course, however, is to close on high ticket affiliate offers. 

You'll also get a Facebook Ads course that will teach you how to close on sales.

Lastly, you'll get useful training on Aweber and copywriting.

Info Business Blueprint ($2997)

This course focuses on creating your own products and selling them online.

However, you're not going to be selling physical products.. you're going to learn how to sell digital information products.

This course is spread over 5 weeks and you'll learn the following:

  • How to choose the right info product for your niche
  • How to quickly create your product
  • Various marketing techniques to sell your product
  • How to drive traffic to your offer using paid advertising

Client Acquisition System ($3997)

This course is the most expensive offered by Frank. 

The other two courses focused on getting leads for online courses or your own digital products.

This course is focuses on leads for consultants, coaches and other professional service providers.

In this course you'll learn about the following:

  • How to determine how many customers you need
  • How much to charge your clients
  • How to determine which clients will pay and which won't
  • How to convert different clients
  • How to use closing techniques to get the sale

Ultimate Webinar Blueprint ($2997) 

Webinars can make you a lot of money when done right.. this course is dedicated to teaching you how to make money with this kind of sales funnel. 

In this course you'll learn the following:

  • How to find people that will be interested in your webinar
  • How to presell customers without being offensive
  • How to gain trust with your registrants
  • How to create a successful webinar
  • 12 step formula to convert customer

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Frank's Courses Are EXPENSIVE

Frank Kern is obviously a highly successful internet marketer.. no one is saying otherwise.

However, his courses are overpriced in my opinion.

Some people will make the argument that millions have been made from these courses and because of that they're worth the money.

This isn't a bad argument.

But there's many alternatives that are just as good that cost much less.

This isn't exactly rocket science.

Frank's success comes from his drive.. what he teaches is pretty standard. He's just taken it to another level.

If you're already having good success maybe I would invest in one of his courses. 

But I wouldn't spend thousands on training unless you're already making significant money online.

There's too many other options to choose from.

30 Day Refunds

Frank's courses are expensive but they do come with a good refund policy.

You get 30 days to determine if the courses are right for you and if you aren't satisfied you can get a full refund.

The other good news is there's no hoops to jump through either.

Some refund policies make you take a certain amount of action or you can only access a certain amount of the content.

Luckily there's none of that here.

Frank Kern Pros And Cons


  • Experienced marketer: There's not many internet marketers out there who have had the success Frank has had - he's made millions and millions.
  • Good training: Frank's courses are good at the end of the day. If you take them you will learn more about internet marketing.
  • 30 day refund policy: All the courses that Frank sells come with a 30 day refund policy.. there's no strings attached when getting your money back.


  • Too expensive: The stuff Frank teaches isn't groundbreaking. There's plenty of courses that teach exactly what he teaches and costs a fraction of the price.

IS Frank Kern A Scam?

Definitely not.

He's a well known marketer who has gotten some serious results.

He is a guru, however, and this usually leads to a cult like following. Because of this he can charge a lot for his courses.

There's no reason to spend thousands on what he's teaching.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Frank Kern is a well known marketer but his products are pricey.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about internet marketing without breaking the bank, check out Savage Affiliates.

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