Frontier Tech Investor is an investing service run by Sam Volkering (previously run by Eoin Treacy).

It focuses on small cap tech stocks and claims they could help you get big returns on your investments.

Is this true or is this another investing scam?

We'll examine this question in this review.

Below you'll find everything there is to know about Frontier Tech Investor.

You'll know if it's worth buying by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Frontier Tech Investor Summary

Creator: Sam Volkering

Strategy: Small cap tech stocks

Do I recommend? No

   Overall rating: 2/5

Frontier Tech Investor is not an investing newsletter I would recommend.

Customer reviews are bad and investing in small cap tech stocks is pretty risky.

According to several different customers this newsletter is down overall and one person claims it's down 33% since 2021.

Not good!

There's many better alternatives out there.

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7 Things You Need To Know About Frontier Tech Investor

Frontier Tech Investor isn't a very good newsletter and there's a lot of reasons why.

Here's what you should know about this investing service.

1) Used To Be Run By Eoin Treacy

Eoin Treacy was the lead editor for this newsletter for a long time.

However, it seems he switched to Rogue Economics now.

Rogue Economics is a MASSIVE publicly traded company that sells a lot of bad investing newsletters.

Editors are interchangeable and you see them switch between publishers all the time.

There's no real difference between most of them.

Frontier Tech Investor didn't have a good reputation under Eoin, though.

Stock Gumshoe is the best place to see customer reviews for investing services.

Over 60 customers voted on this newsletter there and it has a horrible 2.1/5 star rating:

So not a big loss now that Eoin is gone!

2) It's Now Run By Sam Volkering

Now Frontier Tech Investor is headed by Sam Volkering.

There's really not too much out there about Sam.

He wrote a book called Crypto Revolution that has a decent 4/5 star rating on Amazon.

However, it's not that popular and only 24 people have rated it.

Besides this Sam seems to have the standard background of a retail stock picker.

In the past he was a financial advisor for 7 years and transitioned to the investing newsletter world in 2013.

He worked for an Australian based investing research company called Fait Tail Investment Research.

Some time over the last two years he took over as lead editor for Frontier Tech.

The bad news is customer reviews haven't gotten better.

3) Southbank Investment Research Publishes The Newsletter

Southbank Investment Research is the publisher for Frontier Tech Investor.

I wrote an entire review for them yesterday that you can read here.

Southbank is a VERY typical investing publisher.

I've reviewed hundred of investing newsletters and publishers and know all their tricks.

Southbank pretty much uses every trick when trying to sell a newsletter.

They have celebrity endorsers (right now Nigel Farage is a spokesman), they have aggressive marketing for upsells once you buy, they have tons of products for sale, etc.

Overall Southbank Investment Research is going to be annoying to deal with.

They'll flood your email inbox with promotions every day and some customers can't stand it:

Southbank has one goal and one goal only - to make as much from every customer as possible.

They want you to buy multiple products and won't stop until you do.

The problem is many of these products are expensive and don't get good results.

So if you do buy Frontier Tech Investor expect to see many upsells.

4) Customer Reviews Are Pretty Bad

When Eoin was lead editor this newsletter wasn't that popular.

However, since Sam has taken over things haven't really improved much.

Honestly, it seems like things have gotten worst..

For example one customer complains that the portfolio is down 33% since the start of 2021:

This review is back in March too.. and tech stocks have only taken even more of beaten since then.

It's completely plausible this newsletter's portfolio may be down 50% at this point.

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5) The Focus Is On Small Tech Investments

The type of companies you'll be investing in are small and on cutting edge tech companies.

The good thing with these companies is the stocks are usually very cheap.

However, there's more negatives to these kind of investments than positives.

The first negative is these stocks are EXTREMELY volatile.

Because the stocks are so cheap they can easily lose or gain 50% or more in a single day.

You need strong nerves if you're going to invest in these assets.

Additionally, tech stocks are taking a real beating right now.

Almost all tech stocks are down big and even big stocks like Facebook (META) are down massively.

So now might be the worst time to buy Frontier Tech Investor.

It might be better to hold off until the market is in better condition.

6) You Get A Monthly Newsletter

Frontier Tech Investors is like every other investing newsletter out there.

I swear there's a playbook out there that all investing newsletters follow.

They're all the same LOL!

The main part of this offer is the monthly newsletter that gets delivered to your inbox.

In these newsletters you can expect to get new stock picks and market updates.

This is very standard offer.

On top of this you'll also get the model portfolio.

So you'll have plenty of stocks to invest in right away.

7) Not A Very Good Refund Policy

The good news is Frontier Tech Investor does come with a refund policy.

However, it's not a very good one.

You get 14 days to get your money back:

However, there's more to the refund policy..

The sole goal of Southbank, like I mentioned earlier, is to get you to buy more products.

Typically they offer a cheap product to get you into the sales funnel and then upsell you.

The products that cost thousands a year do not come with a money back guarantee.

They only only come with a CREDIT refund. So you can only use the refund to buy other Southbank products.

Keep this in mind if you're being tempted by one of the promotions. 

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Frontier Tech Investor Pros And Cons

  • Bad customer reviews: There's no better resource than a customer. There's too many bad customer reviews to ignore.
  • Portfolio down: One customer claims the portfolio is down a whopping 33% since 2021. To be honest it's probably down more at this point.
  • Southbank is annoying: The publisher for this newsletter is pretty annoying to deal with. They're going to bombard you with promotional emails.
  • Bad strategy: I'm not sure I'd ever want to invest in small cap tech stocks. They're very volatile and now is the worst time to invest in them.

Frontier Tech Investor Conclusion

I typically review American newsletters and thought I'd look at some UK investing services.

It turns out they're exactly the same across the pond as they are here in America.

There's nothing special about Frontier Tech Investor.

I'm sure some of their recommendations do well but this service has been getting bad customer reviews for a long time.

There's been an editor shake up in the last couple of years but nothing has changed much.

The reviews are still bad and the stock picks are still losing money.

There's nothing redeemable about this newsletter or its publisher.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Frontier Tech Investor.

The good news is there's plenty of alternative stock picking services out there.

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