FX Goat is a trading brand that offers a few different courses.

If you want to know if it's a scam you're in the right place.

This review will answer that.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about FX Goat, what they offer, price and more.

You'll know if FX Goat's training is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

RockzFx Academy Summary

Creator: Thapelo Mabitsela and Emmanuel Mabitsela

Price to join: $250 and $300

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

FX Goat has some decent training they offer and the prices aren't too crazy either.

There's plenty of trading for forex courses that are much more expensive.

The training is skimpy, though, and there's definitely better courses out there.

This is only really for people that have no clue how to trade.. it's not for people that have the basics down. 

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Who Is Thapelo And Emmanuel Mabitsela?

Thapelo and Emmanuel Mabitsela are the creators of FX Goat.

These two are from Africa (I believe South Africa) and they got their start trading forex in 2017.

According to them they didn't have much success right away and started getting success in 2018.

There's things I like about these two and things I don't like.

I like their energy and they seem like two driven individuals.

However, I have some serious questions about how much they make from trading forex.

Their Instagram's are littered with pictures of them with fancy cars and other luxury items.

They really sell the lifestyle which I don't like.

At the end of the day they've been having success with forex for 2 to 3 years.

I find it hard to believe they acquired the money to buy $100,000+ cars from trading forex for a couple of years.

I think most of the money they earn must be from selling courses. 

If that's the case I wouldn't trust anything from these two. 

What Is FX Goat?

FX Goat is the brand that the Mabitsela brother's created.

I'll give these guys credit.. I may doubt what they make from actually doing forex but they are good promoters.

They both have personal Instagram accounts with over 100k subscribers and a Youtube channel with 50k subscribers.

Additionally, they have personal Youtube channels with over 100k subscribers as well. 

The main topic they cover is forex but they do have a course on the Nasdaq as well.

There's money to be made in forex but it's better if you have more to trade.

You're not supposed to trade more than 1% of your account on any trade.

So if you only have $100 to trade you're only trading $1 at a time.

You can't really expect high returns with trades like that.

I'd recommend not getting involved with forex unless you have $5000 to trade.

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What Does FX Goat Offer?

There's 3 different courses that FX Goat offers.

There's a $10 forex course, a $250 Nasdaq course and a $300 forex course.

Here's what you get in each:

FX Goat ($10 Course)

This course is advertised as free but it comes with a $10 admin fee.

This is a very basic course that only has 2 chapters.

Basically you'll learn the fundamentals of forex and a few different beginner friendly strategies.

FX Goat Nasdaq ($250)

Nasdaq is an electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities.. in other words it's a stock exchange.

This course comes with the following training:

  • Introduction chapter on what you'll get in the training and the basics of the Nasdaq.
  • Various technical lessons and approaches
  • How to analyze the market
  • When to trade a stock and when to buy
  • Various trading strategies like Elliot Wave Strategy, S and R Strategy, M and Z Strategy, and Pattern Strategy
  • Mindset training for trading
  • Zoom meetings

FX Goat Forex Course ($300)

Lastly there's the premium forex course.

Here's what you get here:

  • Introduction to the course and basics of forex
  • Technical analysis of forex
  • Different forex strategies and training on when to buy a currency
  • Mindset training when it comes to forex
  • Zoom mentorship

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Who Is FX Goat For?

One thing you really need to understand about the creators of FX Goat is they're pretty much beginners.

They started forex in 2017 and didn't really make money until late 2018.

So they've had some success for about 3 years.

That's nothing.

Forex and trading is a complex game that takes time to master.

It's kind of mind blowing someone would put out a forex course only after a few years.

Because they're beginners their training would only work if you're a beginner.

Even then you can probably find most of the training for free on Youtube.

Who FX Goat NOT For

There's a couple different people that shouldn't get involved with FX Goat and forex in general.

The first is people that have a basic knowledge of forex.

If you've watched Youtube videos on the topic you'll pretty much know everything in this course.

The next group of people that should avoid forex is people that don't have a lot to trade.

Forex doesn't offer massive returns like stocks do.

So you're going to need to trade thousands of dollars just to see any meaningful return.

Is FX Goat Worth Its Price?

Forex and trading courses can get expensive.

So if you just look at the price of the courses that FX Goat offers it isn't too bad.

However, the training is basic.

Do you need to spend $300 to learn the absolute basics of forex?

Not really.

You can find that stuff online for free.. or buy a book on the topic for much less.

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Is FX Goat A Scam?

It really all depends on where the two twins that run FX Goat get their money from.

If they truly did build their wealth through forex trading than this course and their mentorship is legit.

If they got all their money just from selling courses and barely make anything from forex they are scammers.

I have a very hard time believing these two made so much in forex when they had so little to begin with.

It doesn't make sense.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on FX Goat.

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