is a ecommerce research tool that helps you find winning products for your store.

If you're here you're probably wondering if this tool is a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about HotProducts including a look at what it does, cost and customer complaints.

You'll know if it's right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get into it!

HotProducts Summary

What does tool do? Find winning products.

Price to join: $27 per month or $97 for lifetime access

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

HotProducts is a decent tool to find products to sell online.

It does what a lot of other product sourcing tools do and nothing really extra.

It's not my favorite tool to find products with but it's not bad either.

Better opportunity: Sell The Trend is by far the best tool to find products to sell. To read my full Sell The Trend review, click below:

Here's What HotProducts Does

I was searching for customer complaints online and was alarmed when I came across a HUGE amount of negative reviews on Trust Pilot:

But these negative reviews are highly misleading.

Here's an example of the type of reviews you get:

This person misunderstands what HotProducts is.

The commenter thinks this is a tool for consumers to find products for personal use.. but that's not what HotProducts is.

HotProducts is a product research tool FOR ONLINE SELLERS.

It's not meant for consumers to find good deals or anything like that.

So if you're here thinking HotProducts will help you find cheap products to use, you're not understanding what this tool does.

Again, this is a tool for online sellers to find cheap products to sell. The reviewers who understand this on Trust Pilot generally gave HotProducts a positive review:

Here's What You Get With HotProducts

You get a bunch of different features with this tool.

Here's a look at the main features and what they do:

Hot Products

This is what most people will be using this tool for.

Everyday hot products are added into the inventory of HotProducts that you can look at and decide if they're right for your store.

You can also find products in certain niches as well and can sort products by different categories.

For example, if you wanted to sort products by profit you can do that.

Warm Products

This is a feature I like a lot too.

If you're doing the typical sourcing products from Aliexpress and selling them on Facebook you need products that aren't absolutely oversaturated.

This is where warm products come in.

These are products that have potential to become hot products.. but aren't yet.

This feature can help you sell products before they blow up.

1 Click Import

If you find a product you like and you're store is on Shopify, importing the products is easy.

You get a browser extension that allows you to import products with a single click.

You'll get a title, images and product descriptions (you can edit all of this stuff to your liking).

Facebook Video Ad Generator

This is a feature that a few other ecommerce research tools have

Basically, this tool will make you very basic videos that you can use for Facebook Ads (video ads convert best).

All you do is put in a URL to the product and this tool pulls the pictures and turns them into a video.

You can add text as well.

The video you get isn't spectacular but it's not horrible either.

Facebook Ads Audience

This is another feature that a lot of other ecommerce tools have.

When you pick a product you'll get audience suggestions that you can use when you sell it on Facebook.

The audience suggestions aren't always the best and I personally believe manual audience research will provide better results.


This tool will most likely be used to find products on Aliexpress.. that's where most beginners source their products.

However, you'll also get supplier information beyond just Aliexpress.

You'll even be able to see where Amazon and Ebay products are being sourced from.

Facebook Ads Info

You get more than just audience insights for Facebook as well.

You can also spy on competitors Facebook campaigns to see what's working and what's not working.

You can also look at engagement and other key pieces of data like that.

Want The Best Product Research Tool?

I've reviewed all the top ecommerce product research tools. To see my top pick, click below:


There's a bunch of bonuses depending on your membership and how long you've been with HotProducts.

Here's an overview of each one:

7 Figure Store Blueprint

If you buy the yearly plan you also get a bonus called 7 Figure Store Blueprint.

This bonus is 14 videos and is a tutorial on Shopify and how to build a store using this platform.

You'll get training on how to optimize your Shopify store and you'll see which apps are necessary.

Facebook Ads Grenade Training

If you're a member for more than 60 days you get this Facebook Ads training course.

It's 3 videos long and it goes over how to run your ads, get social proof and how to get traction for your ads.

150K Insta Story Ads Case Study

If you're a member for more than 90 days you get this Instagram case study.

You'll get the exact strategy used to generate 150K using Instagram story ads. 

Instagram Influencer Training

If you stay with HotProducts for 120 days you get their Instagram Influencer training.

In this training you'll learn about what influencer training is, how to vet influencers so you're not wasting your money and how to scale.


There's two prices for this course and they are $27 per month or $97 for Lifetime Access.

You don't get extra bonuses for signing up for yearly.

I already mentioned that you get the Shopify training if you go for the yearly but you also get:

  • VIP Customer Support
  • Video Ad Generator
  • Access to 1000 USA Supplier List

So there's many benefits to signing up for the lifetime plan.

Free Trial And Refund Policy

The sales page promotes the idea that you get a "free trial" for 7 days but that really isn't the case.

You have to sign up with a credit card when you sign up and are immediately charged $27 for the first month.

The free trial they're hinting at is really just their refund policy.

If you don't like HotProducts in the first 7 days you can get a refund.. that's different than a free trial, though. 

Also, you can only get a refund on the monthly plan, not the lifetime plan.

HotProducts Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about this product

  • Decent tool: It's not the most powerful research tool out there but it does do a good job. You can definitely benefit from having this tool at your disposal.
  • Pretty affordable: $27 per month isn't bad and the lifetime price of $97 isn't either. I'd say it's priced fairly.
  • Not as powerful as other tools: HotProducts does what basically every other ecommerce research tool does.. it doesn't have the extras that help separate it from the pack.
  • Misleading free trial: For me a free trial means you get to try it before you're charged. But HotProducts promotes their 7 day refund policy as a free trial. That is misleading to me.
Is A Scam?

No I don't think it is.

Most customer complaints about this tool are completely using it wrong and not for its intended purpose.

At the end of the day it's a solid product research tool.. it's not the best but it's still worth considering.

Here's A Better Opportunity

HotProducts isn't a bad research tool but there's better out there.

The very best is Sell The Trend

This tool is affordable, extremely powerful and comes with a legit free trial.

If you want to find the best and most profitable products to sell on your store, I'd pick Sell The Trend.

Find Hot Products To Sell!

Sell The Trend is the best ecommerce product research tool. To read my full review of this tool, click below:


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