In The Money Stocks ( is a company that claims it has changed the lives of over 20,000 investors.

And for a fee they want to change your life too!

How kind of them..

Before handing over your money I'm sure you want to know if this program is a scam or not.

You'll get an answer to that in this review.

Besides that you'll get some important background information into the company, a look at the owners, an overview of what you get and more.

You'll have a clear picture of what In The Money Stocks is by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

In The Money Stocks Summary

Creator: Gareth Soloway and Nick Santiago

Price to join: $2999+

Do I recommend? Absolutely not.

   Overall rating: 1/5

In The Money Stocks is a fraudulent company that lies about their track record of success.

If you look at the returns they claim they would all be billionaires.

On top of this the creators have shady backgrounds.


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Gareth Soloway - A Life Long Scammer

Because Gareth makes appearances on TV from time to time and has a blue check mark on Twitter, he can come off as knowing what he's doing.

But the truth is he's nothing more than a snake oil salesman.

Right from the start Gareth has been involved in fraudulent companies.

Here's everything you need to know about him:

Gareth Started At A Classic Boiler Room

If you read Gareth's bio he claims he started In The Money Stocks from a place of love and wanting to help people.

He was distraught over the fact day traders were losing money and wanted to help change that.

What a guy!

However, if you dig into his past you'll see that simply isn't the case.

On Gareth's Linkedin you'll notice that he only lists being the Chief Market Strategist as his experience, which started in 2007.

It turns out Gareth worked for a horrible company that scammed millions from investors called Great Eastern Securities before this.

This was straight out of college too.

Great Eastern Securities was eventually shut down by Finra and is no longer allowed to sell securities.

Additionally, it was fined millions of dollars and many people involved were arrested by the FBI. 

Right after Great Eastern Securities was shut down, In The Money Stocks was born.

The Verified Results Aren't Real

In The Money Stocks claims they've been "outperforming top hedge funds since 2007."

On the website they claim Gareth has returns well over 1,000% in the last 12 months:

This isn't just a one time fluke either.

According to In The Money Stocks Gareth gets these kinds of results every single year.

This is how well they claim Gareth has performed since 2016:

  • 1245% returns in 2021
  • 1507% returns in 2020
  • 831% returns in 2019
  • 798% returns in 2018
  • 390% returns in 2017
  • 598% returns in 2016

If you invested $10,000 into this alert service and got these returns you would have made $2,756,128,497.

Now do you really believe that you'll be a billionaire in 5 years just by following the trades?

Do you really believe Gareth has made anywhere near this trading?

Of course not - you'd have to be a complete fool to believe any of this.

The truth is these trade results are completely fake.

In the terms of service you'll see all trades made at In The Money Stocks are just hypothetical:

No real money is actually be traded by Gareth or anyone at In The Money Stocks.

It's all virtual trades in simulators.

The worst part is these virtual trades use HINDSIGHT.

Meaning they look back on a trade, claim they made it using their bullsh*t technical analysis, and then count that to their returns.

It's all nonsense. 

Gareth Doesn't Make Money From Trading

It should be pretty obvious that Gareth isn't a "master trader" like In The Money Stocks explicitly states.

He started his career in a boiler room that had zero regard for customer well being or performance of the security being sold.

There's zero chance he learned how to trade effectively while at Great Eastern Securities.

Gareth then quickly moved on to In The Money Stocks and claimed him and other cofounder Nick Santiago developed a "new" day trading strategy called the PPT Strategy.

Gareth goes on to claim this "new" strategy bred "massive profits."

In an interview Gareth did he claims he had little money before starting In The Money Stocks and had to work 3 jobs to pay the bills.

In the same interview he goes on to claim In The Money Stocks started making millions in a few years:

If you're making millions running this company there's zero incentive for you to ever learn how to actually trade.

He basically admits in the same interview he made his first million solely from membership fees:

Gareth may very well be a millionaire but it's not from day trading.

He built his fortune through selling memberships.

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The Dangers Of Day Trading

It doesn't surprise me that Gareth isn't successful at day trading because basically no one has success day trading.

This is the single worst way to invest.

The following is why you should avoid day trading in general:

Less Than 1% Succeed

Some people think day trading has a success rate between 5% to 10% but that's not actually right. 

The true number (proven by massive studies) is less than 1%.

The reason is day trading is a full time job. 

Even In The Money Stocks admits this in their terms of service:

The standard for success for a full time job should be AT LEAST minimum wage.

If you work 40 hours a week for an entire year and only made $100 that's not success.

The 5% to 10% is the people that profit anything.

A study following tens of thousands of day traders proves less than 1% of day traders make more than minimum wage. 

There's No Way To Improve

Another shocking insight from day trading studies shows that the more you day trade, the more you lose.

This means day trading isn't a skill you can learn.

For example, if you started golfing you'd expect to better on your 100th time golfing compared to your 10th.

This is because golf is a skill you can learn.

However, if you were to go to a casino 100 times you'd expect to lose more than if you just went 10 times.

That's because you can't beat the house and going to a casino is just gambling.

Day trading is just gambling and this why the more you do it the worst you perform.

And there's nothing you can do to change your odds.

Gareth will claim through "secret" trading methods he will help you profit but it's all nonsense.

Technical analysis and chart reading is all fake.

Don't trust my word for it either.

Here's what Warren Buffet has to say about technical analysis:

You Need $30,000 To Day Trade

This is another thing day trading gurus never tell their prospective students.

Day trading is considered pattern trading and this is a very regulated industry in America. 

If you want to make more than 3 trades a week (day traders will be making multiple trades a day) you need a minimum of $25,000 in your account.

The reason I say $30,000 is you want to make sure you don't go under that $25,000 mark.

You're likely to lose when day trading and having an extra $5,000 will allow you to keep trading. 

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In The Money Stocks Product Overview

There's various products and services at In The Money Stocks.

Here's an overview of each one:

Live Trading Room ($2,999 Per Year)

This is one of the services that gets marketed the most. 

For $2,999 a year you can watch Gareth and Nick "trade" using their PPT methodology.

They claim to win 90% of their trades but this is obviously misleading.

In this chat you will get the following:

  • Entry points and exits for stocks
  • Live trading of Gareth and Nick
  • Ability to ask questions and get answers

And more.

A former scammer turned good guy reviewed the trading room a couple years ago and had this to say:

Basically saying it's all just a show and the whole thing is a scam.

He even talks about the hindsight Gareth uses to claim his massive returns:

This is exactly what I said earlier.

Gareth looks at a stock after it moves, claims his method would have predicted the movement and then claims it as a victory.

That's why the returns are complete nonsense.

A trade only accounts if it's predicted before the price movement. 

Verified Investing Stock Trade Alerts ($99 Per Month)

This service is from Gareth and supposedly gets returns over 1000%.

I think it's been pretty well proven this isn't a real number and the trade alerts are definitely more likely to lose you money than make you money.

With this alerts you get the following:

  • At least 3 swing trades a week
  • Entry and exit prices
  • Text and email alerts
  • Daily videos that recap the market
  • Chart analysis
  • Monthly webinar

If Gareth could truly get 1000% returns every year like he claims, this service would cost a lot more than the $99 per month he's charging.

Bullseye Trading Alerts ($99 Per Month)

This is the trading alerts that come from Nick Santiago.

The returns are fake here as well but at least they're more believable.

Last year he claimed to make around 30%.

Basically you get an alert every time Nick makes a trade.

This can take place in the form of stocks, commodities, currencies, futures, oil, gold, silver or real estate. 

Education ($149 to $999)

Along with the alerts and trading room there's a bunch of courses for sale as well.

They range in price and can be anywhere from $149 to $999.

Some of the courses teach:

  • The PPT Methodology 
  • Investing in small cap winners
  • Options trading
  • Elite gap trading
  • Short signals

and more.

Many of these courses are just a few hours long and are wildly overpriced.

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In The Money Stocks FAQ's

You might still have some questions about this company.

Here's answers to any questions you might have left:

1) Are The Services Worth Their Prices?

Absolutely not.

The trading room and alert services cost thousands a year.


Every dollar that you spend on trading alerts and a trading room is a dollar you start off in the red.

I proved earlier that day trading is incredibly hard to succeed with.. basically impossible.

Less than 1% will make more than minimum wage.

So if you're starting down thousands a year it's only going to make profiting that much harder.

And let's be real..

No products at In The Money Stocks will help you make money. 

If they truly got returns in the triple and even quadruple digits, they'd cost a lot more than what they're charging.

2) Are There Refunds?

Of course not!

Gareth and the boys at In The Money Stocks don't actually make anything day trading.

Their money comes from memberships.

If you're going to buy alerts from In The Money Stocks, where you're promised a 90% win rate, and you start losing money you're going to want your money back.

These membership costs pay for Gareth and Nick's life so they can't give money back under any circumstances.

3) Are The Founders Of In The Money Stocks Legit?

No they are not.

Gareth is the main face of he company and his whole story is fraudulent.

He likes to play it off like he started In The Money Stocks as a charity but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Gareth's employer simply was shut down for being fraudulent.

As a result Gareth stared In The Money Stocks and has made millions from doing so.

He claims over 25,000 people have been members of this company.

That's A LOT of money.

Gareth would never need to make a single trade to be a millionaire if that number is true.

So why would he?

Why would he spend hours a day trying to profit from a trading method with a 1% success rate?

Why would he be doing hypothetical trades instead of real trading?

The answer should be pretty obvious. 

4) What Are Common In The Money Stocks Customer Complaints?

Since In The Money Stocks started so long ago there's plenty of customer reviews.

Most are bad and I'm very suspicious of the positive ones.

It's pretty easy to plant some positive reviews around the internet but there's so many bad ones that all my suspicions have been proven true.

For example, one customer points out that the returns are completely fake and the loses are hidden:

This person goes on to state the obvious that Gareth and the crew don't actually make money trading but instead through subscriptions.

Here we have another person accusing In The Money Stocks of faking trades and hiding loses:

These aren't the only negative reviews either.

Here's a bunch more that should convince you stay away from this company:

There's honestly too many to post.

The consensus is in, though..

If you want to lose money buy from In The Money Stocks.

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In The Money Stocks Pros And Cons

  • Fake returns: In the terms In The Money Stock state they only do hypothetical trades with hindsight. Many customers claim they hide their loses as well.
  • Overpriced: Most of the main products at In The Money Stocks will cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Gareth has a sketchy past: Gareth started his trading career working for a company shut down by the government. He started In The Money Stocks right after.
  • Day trading sucks: Day trading is the worst way to invest.. less than 1% succeed with it. 

In The Money Stocks Conclusion

I don't think much of In The Money Stocks.

In fact, this is a company that I despise.

The owners are slick marketers but they can't help you make money trading.. they can only help you lose money.

They inflate their returns to make it seem like they're "master traders" but the truth is they're the opposite of that.

Gareth is a life long scammer and is not a honest person.

Just read the customer reviews up top if you think otherwise.

Avoid In The Money Stocks and thank me later.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on In The Money Stocks.

To be honest I would pass on anything that has to do with day trading as well.

Long term investing will always be the best way to build wealth through the stock market.

It's much easier to invest long term than day trading.

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  • I have traded with Gareth for almost a year now and there is nothing fake about what he does. What’s published is reality.

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    I guess you aim higher, but 30-40% a year for me is great. I’ll join the service straight away.
    Very good article, btw, keep it up, cheers!

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