Louis Navellier is a "stock expert" and he has a ton of different offers he's promoting..

If you're here you're probably wondering if he's a scam artist or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll see everything you need to know about Louis Navellier including background information, price to join his newsletters, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if he's worth buying from by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Louis Navellier Summary

Offers: Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, Accelerated Profits, Power Options, Power Portfolio, Platinum Growth

Price to join: $299 per year to $7677 per year

Do I recommend? Absolutely not.

   Overall rating: 0/5

Louis Navellier is a scammer and there's a lot of these kind of guys in the stock picking world.

According to records he's actually lost money with his stock picks over the last few years.

Also, he was indicted for fraud and a judgement was made against him to pay back $30 million to investors.

Avoid at all costs.

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Who Is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier has a really amazing skill.. it's not in picking stocks, though.

His skill is convincing people they should pay for his insights and stock picking services.

Louis' entire career and all the wealth he's generated has come from teaching people about stocks.. not actually from picking stocks.

He has various books, courses, newsletters and more that make huge promises but never deliver.

How do I know this?

There's a lot lawsuits against Louis and the most troubling one happened in February 2020.

In this case the federal government charged Louis with fraud for knowingly defrauding investors.

You can read the indictment here.  

Basically Louis was passing off fake stock picks as real.

I know his videos of his mansions and lambos can be tempting.. but you have to realize that his wealth comes from people buying his programs.

Not because he's a stock genius or anything like that.

According to MutualFunds.com he's actually lost money with the stock market in the last three years:

It's been proven that monkeys can beat the market but someone who markets himself as a stock genius can't? Not good.

Overview Of Louis Navellier's Offers

Louis has various courses and newsletters he sells on his websites.

Here's a look at some of the more popular offers:

Growth Investor ($299 per year)

Growth investor is the cheapest of the offers from Louis.

This is a newsletter and stock picking service for mid to large cap stocks.

You get the following in Growth Investor:

  • Monthly issues of the Growth Investor newsletter
  • Access to Navellier's Research Library

Additionally, you get the Technochasm Special Reports.

This comes with:

  • 3 must own stocks to buy
  • 3 companies that have the potential to show great growth over the next few years
  • 10 stocks that you need to sell 
  • #1 stock for driverless cars
  • Top AI stock opportunity

Breakthrough Stocks ($2495 per year)

Breakthrough Stocks is similar to Growth Investor but focuses on small to mid cap stocks. 

Here's a look at what you get:

  • 10 bagger potential stock picks that supposedly have a chance at gains as high as 1000%
  • Louis Navellier's Moneyball for Stocks System
  • Instant trade alerts
  • Monthly positioning monitoring
  • Breakthrough Stocks model portfolio
  • 3 stocks that are poised to get 1000% returns
  • Breakthrough Stocks concierge service

Accelerated Profits ($2499 per year)

Accelerated Profits focuses on high volatility stocks.

Here's a look at what you get with this newsletter:

  • 3 to 5 moving trades per week
  • Two exclusive buy lists
  • Monday Weekly PRofit Guides
  • Midweek Alters

Platinum Growth Club ($7677 per year)

The last and most expensive program is called The Platinum Growth Club and focuses on all medium to high volatility stocks. 

Here's what you get here:

  • Access to the previous newsletters I mentioned up top
  • Access to Platinum Growth Club Allocation Tool
  • Live monthly chats
  • Invitations to various conferences and in person events
  • Access to Dividend Grader
  • Access to Portfolio Grader
  • Access to Louis' email address

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Louis Is Spending A Lot Of Money On Ads

My expertise is in internet marketing and I came across Louis after seeing one of his ads.

It's been estimated that he's spending a whopping 50k per month ads!

That's some serious money and I read a good article about his ad spending from Tradingschools.org.

There was a MASSIVE stock picking company called Raging Bull that was recently sued by the FTC for defrauding investors. They're accused of defrauding $137 million in total.

Raging Bull had a very sophisticated ad campaign and they got new customers by running ads on Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram and more.

Trading Schools believes that the ad manager that turned Raging Bull into such a massive hit has started working with Louis now.

They believe this because they're targeting the same places and the ads have a lot of similarities.

The reason Louis' offers seem so attractive is because of these advanced marketing techniques.

Don't fall for them!

Louis Navellier FAQs

1) Are Louis Navellier's offers worth their cost?

No, they're not.

If you wanted access to all of Louis' newsletters and stock picking services it'll cost you more than $12,000 a year.

It's been proven Louis doesn't actually make money from his trades and has actually lost money over the last few years.

2) Is Louis Navellier legit?

No he's not.

Somehow he's featured with legitimate people and has a reputation has a stock picking genius.. but that's all just marketing.

He defrauded investors out of $30 million dollars and he loses money on his stock picks.

He's just good at convincing people to give him money. That's it.

3) What services does Louis offer?

Louis has a few different websites and offers money management services as well as stock picking services.

The main offers Louis has right now are various newsletters that range from $299 per month to over $7000 per month.

4) Is there a refund policy?

The good news is if you bought any of Louis' products you get a 30 day refund.. so if you're not past that and you already purchased you can get you money back.

5) Are there any alternatives?


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Louis Navellier Pros And Cons

  • Louis has defrauded millions from investors: Louis purposely defrauded over $30 million from investors. This shows the type of person he is.
  • Doesn't make money from trades: Over the past 3 years Louis has lost money from his trades.. monkeys do a better job than that. 
  • Sells the lifestyle: Louis uses very advanced marketing techniques to sell his offers. He shows off his mansions, his cars and more to convince you to buy. But Louis makes money from his services, not his trades.
Final Thoughts

There's a lot of scammers in the stock market world.

There will never be a shortage of people willing to sell you their "secret" stock strategies.

In almost every instance these stock services are scams. If you truly could make millions off the stock market you'd stick to trading.. you wouldn't be selling newsletters.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Skip over anything Louis is selling.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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  • Excellent blog! Someone needs to call out professional scam artists like him. He claims to have a secret technique for stock-picking called “Quantum A” which gave him 8X returns within a year. And if you too want to get such unrealistic profits, all you need to do is pay him $300.

  • Well I saw Louis stock ideas I knew that the tech stocks were a good way to make money HOWEVER I was NOT convinced that Louis actually knew how to make money OFF of the tech stocks especially since he did not list the site in which I would TRADE said stocks…
    Glad I investigated the root of this information I am still investigating the stocks to fund other activities including gaming (Gaming isn’t cheap these days and is extremely difficult to turn a quick profit).

  • Hi Dylan, thank you for your insights. I bought the scam subscription for 299 USD 3 days ago and would like to cancel. However, I get a daemon email response when writing to the email-adress they suggest on their home page. Do you have a recommendation, are there online services that I help with cancellation? Cheers, Yasmin

  • He is a known scammer. He also did a paid advert with becky quick to make his scheme look authentic. I would love to know where the video is..

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