Samuel Leeds is a real estate investor from the United Kingdom and sell various programs that teach you to do the same.

If you're here you're probably wondering if he's a scammer or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Samuel Leeds including some background information, price of his courses and an overview of what you get.

You'll know if he's worth buying from by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Samuel Leads Summary

Programs: Virtual Crash Course, Samuel 365 Membership, The Academy 

Price to join: Thousands

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Samuel Leeds is a charismatic guy but his training is way too much money.

He offers a free course that has value but it's really meant to get you to buy his membership or join The Academy (his high ticket program).

These cost thousands of dollars.. this isn't including what it will cost to actually start property investment.

I'm not a fan of the business model for most people.

Also, there's some serious questions surrounding Samuel Leeds and just how honest he is.

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Samuel Leeds - The Typical Guru

I've been reviewing various courses that teach passive income and creating side hustles for years now.

I've reviewed courses that teach selling on Amazon, getting rich through the stock market and real estate investment..

Although these are different business models they all share one thing.. gurus.

Every single one of these business models come with charismatic people that want to "teach you how to be successful" with blah blah blah.

They all act the same.

They hold these high energy events, they give away free training and after it's all said and done try to get you to sign up for courses that cost thousands.

It's common for these gurus to sell dreams of being a millionaire with very little work.

The training never lives up to its cost and only a small amount of people end up succeeding. 

This is exactly who Samuel is.

He's a great marketer and he's interesting to listen to.. intoxicating even.

I can see why people would want to to buy from him but a lot of it is smoke and mirrors.

A question you need to ask yourself is this: Is Samuel Leeds making his money by doing what he's teaching or by selling courses and his Youtube Channel?

He posts a video every single day on Youtube (where he has hundreds of thousands of subscribers) and sells all these courses.

It wouldn't surprise me if Samuel makes a majority of his money through selling courses and not investment. 

What Does Samuel Leeds Teach?

Samuel Leeds teaches real estate investment and how to do so with no money down.

Here's a breakdown of the different methods Samuel teaches:

Lease Option Agreements

A lease option agreements is when you offer to take over a person's mortgage without buying the house right away.

So you pay rent and agree to take over whatever repairs need to be done and after a certain amount of time you have the option to buy the house.

Samuel teaches you to do this while simultaneously renting out rooms and making money from those rentals.

Essentially you're making more by leasing out rooms than rent what the rent is. 

The problem is this is a strategy only used by experienced real estate investors and getting financed as a beginner could be difficult. 

Deal Sourcing

Deal sourcing is essentially getting clients that you later negotiate for.

For instance, you'll look for real estate deals, negotiate a price and pass it on to your clients.

You charge them a finding fee for finding the property.

This may sound easy on paper but it's not.. if it were everyone would be doing it. 

Rent 2 Rent

This strategy involves renting out a property with multiple rooms and turning it into an AirBnB. 

I don't really see how this could work, though.

A property owner would most likely just do this themselves and wouldn't need you to do it for them.

Or you could go into debt if you can't figure out how to rent out the rooms every week.

You Need Money For Real Estate Investment

So we went over the strategies that Samuel teaches and again the sales point is none of this stuff involves money down investments.

But that's not going to work for most people.

These kinds of deals are complex and it's going to be hard to make any of them work.

The truth is if you want to be involved in real estate you need money or you need to be able to get financing.

You'll also need money for the repairs that you'll likely have to do and all of that stuff.

It can work but you need capital to get started.. this is just the truth.

The good news is there's a lot of opportunities online that have the potential to make good money and are affordable.

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The Samuel Leeds Sales Funnel

Samuel has a good sales funnel (for him). 

Here's each step of the funnel and what you can expect as you go through it.

Youtube Channel

Youtube is probably where most people learn about Samuel.

His Youtube channel is kind of like a reality TV show.

He has all these different challenges, does stunts like trying to make deals undercover and things like that.

At the same time he does offer some informational videos as well. 

He uses these courses to get people to sign up for his free Crash Course.

Virtual Crash Course

This used to be an in person event but since Covid it was moved online.

This is a free event where you learn about different real estate investment strategies.

The in person events were run like mega churches. 

At the end of the event he pushes you to sign up for The Academy which costs thousands.

However, it's been pretty much proven he uses plants in the audience to get people to purchase The Academy.

He'll tell people there's only a limited amount of spots and they must go to the back of the room to sign up to get a discount.

The plants will get up first and rush back to make it seem like there won't be many spots left. 

The Academy

The Academy will cost you up to $12,000 pounds.

The Academy comes with mentoring, mastermind group and training.

This is the top of the pyramid.

I personally wouldn't recommend that you pay thousands of dollars for these kinds of courses.

One popular Youtuber with over 1 million subscribers named Claudius Vertesi took The Academy and tried to apply the principles from it.

Basically he found zero success and Samuel Leeds essentially just went dark when confronted about this. 

It's just way too much.

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Samuel Leeds FAQs

1) Are Samuel Leeds courses worth it?

No, definitely not.

Samuel Leeds is interesting I'll give him that. His Youtube channel is captivating and he's a high energy guy.

But the training and the business models Samuel Leeds teaches are just not worth it.

It's been proven it's not as easy as Samuel makes it seems.

2) Is Samuel Leeds A Scam Artist?

It's looking like it.

He fakes endorsements from celebrities, he has family members give testimonials and his training is wildly overpriced.

Samuel probably makes most of his money through teaching failed real estate investment strategies.

3) What does Samuel Leeds teach?

Samuel Leeds teaches property investment that doesn't require money down.

Samuel pretends like these are simple concepts but they're not.

Some of these business models includes lease option agreements, deal sourcing and rent to rent.

I personally wouldn't get involved in these kind of business models.

4) What is Samuel Leeds Net Worth?

Who knows.

According to him he has $20 to $30 million in assets but he's never really proven this.

Whatever Samuel has I guarantee most of it comes from selling courses and his training programs.

5) Is there a refund policy?

I don't think there is.

Even if there is I think it'll be very difficult to get your money back based on Samuel's history.

6) Are there better alternatives?

Yes, there's plenty of courses that will teach you how to make money.

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Samuel Leeds Pros And Cons

  • Serial liar: It's been proven that a lot of Samuel's stories and claims are fake.. he was even an illusionists in the past. There's too many examples for him to just brush away all the people calling him out. 
  • Too expensive: At the end of the day his offer is way too much. $12,000 for The Academy would make this one of the more expensive programs I've reviewed in a while.
  • Flawed business models: Real estate is very hard to succeed with if you don't have money. These no money down methods Samuel Leeds teaches are extremely complex and will likely not work well for you.
Final Thoughts

Samuel is a lot like other gurus but a little extra.

His Youtube channel is like a reality tv show and he really pushes the idea you can get rich from his courses.

But the courses aren't good and the business models aren't either.

Samuel has proven he's not trustworthy and I wouldn't believe many of his claims. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on anything Samuel offers.

There's a lot of ways to make money online if you're interested in that.

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    • People are probably afraid of him would be my guess.. I’m not familiar with British law but I’m sure it’ll catch up to him one day.

  • Im a little confused here. You haven’t taken any of his courses, you live in America and use this kind of click bait as a way to sell your affiliate products. Is that right? I’m not seeing any facts, hard research or any feedback from people who have attended any of Samuel Leeds’s seminars, which as a journalist I would have investigated, or for that, any of the other items you ‘review’. Should people trust you or anyone that pulls their ‘facts’ out of their ass?

  • 100% agree with Julian.
    Quickest way to find the truth about Scamuel MisLeeds is on Property Tribes.
    Vanessa Warwick has been campaigning for regulation of the property training industry, she is now the target of some very malicious defamatory videos by SL.

    • You lead your post by using someone else’s name which in itself is a scam! if you . want to disprove a person then you should at least talk to some of the hundreds of people he has helped. This is just another way of you selling your program by discrediting another person. if your product is worth anything you don’t need to lead by using a person of worth. I think you are much more of a scam artist than he could possibly be. Stop trying to piggyback off another person’s wealth and prestige and do something worthwhile with your life.

    • Vanessa Warwick from property tribes has been sued for slander this woman is a failed property course creator. She makes a living from the slander on her website. It beggars belief that you people don’t just do something worthwhile instead of the continual crap and disgusting unsupported rhetoric (except by those like yourself who want to profit from making ridiculous nasty comments about another person). You are envious and disingenuous people.

      • Jo – Which member of the Scamuel Leeds team are you? The website you refer to is full of valuable free information on property and so -called “gurus” from 100s of commentators. Much more useful than your £12,000 garbage course. You are full of rubbish like your boss Scamuwell.

  • I agree with your review on Samuel Leeds. He is sort of scam artist. If you look his reviews and testimonial all are from his extended family members in South Africa.

    Cheap seo labours are his main source. He is using a scare tactics to sell his course online.

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