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If you recently discovered Tranont and are wondering if it's a scam or pyramid scheme, you came to the right place.

In this post you'll find information on this company like pros, cons, compensation plan, price to join and more.

You'll know whether or not this business opportunity is right for you by the time you're done. 


Tranont Summary

Company: Tranont

Price to join: $99 startup up fee + $25 a month fee + monthly product packs ($150+)

Rating: 10/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Tranont is a health, wellness and wealth MLM company and I DON'T recommend that you join.

The main reasons I don't like this company is the success rate is extremely low and the costs of being in the program is too high.

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What Is Tranont

Tranont is a MLM company started in 2014 that's a little unique. The reason I say this is Tranont offers products that have basically zero relation with each other.

One part of the company sells health products and mainly different drink mixes that do a variety of things.

The other part of the company sells financial and wealth products like estate plans, tax products, credit products, protection against identity theft and more.

Usually you see a MLM focus on one or the other and I haven't seen another company that does both. 

This company is US based and the CEO is Lorne Berry. One thing you should know about Berry is despite him running Tranont which offers financial services, he did have to file for bankruptcy in 2013 for accumulating nearly $1,000,000 worth of personal debt. 

Is Tranont A Pyramid Scheme?

Some people consider all MLM's to be pyramid schemes but that's not necessarily true. Many people despise MLM's (for pretty good reason) and kind of just throw around the term pyramid scheme a little too liberally. 

Now there are aspects of Tranont that are very similar to a pyramid scheme. Take a look at the picture below:

Part of the commission structure at Tranont looks like this - the recruitment part. You see when you recruit someone into the system it's called creating a downline/team.

When you do this you earn commissions on all the sales of the people below. Commissions are always going upwards to the top of pyramid.

Because of this hard work and sales isn't really what determines how much money you make. Your position in the pyramid does. 

The reason Tranont isn't an outright pyramid scheme is because you can sell their products and services directly to customers for retail commissions. You technically don't have to recruit anyone.

Ask someone that's making a lot in MLM, though, and they'll tell you the money is in creating a downline. 

Success Is Rare At Tranont

Here's the thing about MLM's: Most people end up losing their money and don't make any money. In fact, on average 73% of people that join a MLM lose their money.

So the odds are definitely not in your favor.

It gets even worst too. When you hear 27% of people make money with a MLM you may think that means 27% make a lot of money but that's not even close to the truth. 

Most people that do make money only make peanuts with the yearly average salary being $2400 a year ($200 per month).

It takes years for most people to get to that level too. You're better of getting a job at Mcdonald's than to try and make money with a MLM.

How Much To Join Tranont?

The one good thing MLM's have going for them is they tend to be cheaper than starting a brick and mortar business - a brick and mortar has better success rates but cost on average $100,000 to start.

While Tranont is cheaper than $100,000 it's actually one of the more expensive MLM's to join. 

Here's the breakdown of the costs:

Start up fee

When you sign up for Tranont you have to pay a $99 activation fee. This is mainly meant to sort out the people that are serious about selling Tranont products and people that just want a discount on their products.

Monthly Fees

You have to pay $25 per month for support and business tools. 

Monthly product purchases

Every month you have to pay a subscription fee based on the package you selected when you signed up. Here's the various packages:

  • Health - $150 a month
  • Wealth - $125 a month
  • Builder - $250 a month

These fees are a real killer and can add up. Remember most people lose money when they join a MLM and these little fees are a major reason why.

After a year you'll have spent nearly $2,000 on fees and products minimum. 

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What Is Tranont's Compensation Plan?

MLM's always have very complicated compensation plans and it's almost impossible to know exactly how you're making money with these companies - Tranont's compensation plan is ever more complicated than most. 

If you you want to read the whole thing with complicated charts and small font print, click here

Here's a video that explains everything:

Since there's two different product types (one in health and one in finance) there's two different compensation plans. 

There's some differences in terms of ranks and terms but they basically function in the same way.

Here's the ways you can expect to make money from Tranont:

Retail commissions

This is the part of the commission structure at Tranont that makes this company not a pyramid scheme. 

Basically you earn commissions when you sell a product directly to a customer. How much you make depends on your rank and the product your selling. You can make up to 35% of each sale.

Residual commissions

This is the section of the commission structure that does make Tranont very similar to a pyramid scheme. 

Here's how it looks:

This is called a unilevel commission structure and you're personally recruited affiliates are directly under you. 

How much you make depends on how many people are in your downline and how much volume your team sells.

There's smaller bonuses you can earn for doing certain things like recruitment and progressing higher in rank as well. 

What Products Doesn't Tranont Offer

Like I said before Tranont offers products in two completely different markets. It's common for a MLM to offer different categories but not so much to offer products in unrelated ones.

Here's the various products you can get in the health section of Tranont:


The health section is different healthy drinks with different benefits. You can get:

  • Vibe
  • Life
  • Balance 
  • Restore

These products aren't cheap by any means and if you look at the ICARIA product it costs $49 for just 2 ounces (9 servings). So you're paying over $5 per serving.

Financial services

The financial services that you can get are:

  • Credit services
  • Tax help
  • Identity theft protection
  • Estate planning

The service that you're more than likely selling is the Business Smart Pack which offers all those services for $59 per month. 

What I Like About Tranont

There's not really much I like about this company.

What I Don't Like About Tranont

Overall there's much more that I don't like about this company including:

1) Low success rate: MLM's are historically hard to succeed with and Tranont is no different. You are much more likely to lose money than to make anything significant with this company.

2) Expensive products: At the end of the day you or your team have to sell products to make money. The products offered by Tranont are very expensive and most people won't want to pay the high prices to buy.

3) Not the best leadership: The company (which sells finance products) is run by someone that's gone into personal debt and had to declare bankruptcy. 

4) Complicated compensation plan: It's almost impossible to explain the compensation plan that this company offers. There's basic principles that are easy to understand but the details are extremely difficult to understand. 

Is Tranont A Scam?

Time to answer the big question - is Tranont a scam. Your knee jerk reaction is to call it a scam just because it's a MLM but I don't think it's necessarily a scam.

A scam is when you're misled or you straight up get your money stolen.

Tranont doesn't do any of that. In the end it's just a bad business opportunity. It's hard to succeed with and most people just lose their money.

It's certainly not one of the more well known MLM's either. 

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now you've decided not to sign up for Tranont - they're just not worth your time, effort or money.

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  • Thank you Dylan, I have sent this to my daughter. I hope she has not invested yet! It seemed too good to be true and it is!

  • While I have chosen NOT to try and make money selling this product; I can vouch for this product! I can’t promise you their claims of pure ingredients are, I can tell you that I am a customer and love their products; especially Life. My gastroenterologist prescribed prescriptions known for creating additional health problems and suggested taking OTC products recently recalled due to cancer risks. I now take life exclusively for my indigestion and IT WORKS! Yes, they are expensive but is my health worth it? My answer is YES, YES, YES!

  • Dylan, I tried Wealthy affiliate in the past and did not have enough membership or otherwise to get anything going so I dropped out. Tell me how you can be sure I will have all I need to make this work a second time around.

    • You’d get me as a mentor if you sign up through one of my links. I wouldn’t do it unless you have enough for a year, though. If you do I can help you pick a niche and get going in the right way.

  • Please, stay away from Tranont. I was RAIDED by top leaders of this company, who were so ‘EXCITED’ to help me spend thousands. In corporate all my life, this is a HORRIBLY run corp. that will cheat your customers with High prices, No service, and Hidden fees.

  • It’s amazing how one can comment on something they haven’t even tried. You make your negative comments, and then turn right around and throw out your link to what you say is better. I drive a Jeep paid for by the company, and I’m not even at the top of what you call a pyramid scheme. Do your research, the FTC has not deemed this a pyramid scheme. You probably say the same thing about Amway which has been around for a very, very long time.

    • My partner is in the middle of this mess and she is completely brainwashed by this scam. The success rate is almost zero and the chance of getting out is very hard as they pray on people who really want the impossible to come true. There are people who win the lotto every day, it’s just 1in 14,000,000 if you do. The products are insanely expensive and the monthly fees are a money grab.

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