Jordan Mackey has a new course called Tube Monetization And Automation Program.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if Tube Monetization And Automation Program is right for you by the time you're done reading.

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Tube Monetization And Automation Summary

Creator: Jordan Mackey

Price to join: $247

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

Tube Monetization And Automation Program teaches you how to make money on Youtube.

I think this is a good course and it's very thorough.. plus the price isn't too bad either.

If you really want to get started on Youtube this course can help you do that.

However, Youtube isn't my favorite way to make money and I think there's better ways out there.. especially for beginners.

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Who Is Jordan Mackey?

There's not too much out there about Jordan Mackey and this is the second course I've reviewed from him.. the other was called Bye To 9 To 5.

Bye To 9 To 5 was a course that covered dropshipping and shopify.

Tube Monetization And Automation covers a completely different topic and focuses on Youtube.

I have no clue how successful Jordan is on Youtube and how many channels he manages.

He does have one where he talks about making money on Youtube where he has over 30k subscribers:

This isn't that successful but it at least shows Jordan has the ability to make a Youtube channel.

What Does This Course Teach?

Tube Monetization And Automation teaches you how to make money on Youtube.

It teaches various methods too.. this includes strategies where you don't show your face, making money from ads and how to make money doing affiliate marketing on Youtube.

There's definitely a lot of opportunity on Youtube and I know people that are doing really well on this platform.

I've also dabbled on Youtube and have done decently well for that amount of effort I put in.

However, Youtube really isn't my favorite way to make money online.

A lot of Youtube is clickbait and the money is in markets that I could care less about (internet drama and stuff like that).

But some people love Youtube.. it really just depends on your skills and what you're trying to do.

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Tube Monetization And Automation Overview

This course is pretty thorough and walks you through all the steps needed to start a Youtube channel.

In all there's 20 modules and 20 hours of training.

Here's a look at each section:

Module 1 - Welcome And Overview

The first module is a typical introduction.

You'll learn a little about Jordan and his journey online.. additionally you'll see how the course works.

Lastly, you'll get access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get answers.

Module 2 - Choosing Your Perfect Niche

A niche is the market that you'll be creating your niche around.

You'll get training on picking a niche and niche ideas. Also, you'll look at niches that have the best ad revenue.

Module 3 - Youtube Basics

Module 3 goes over the nuts and bolts of starting a Youtube channel.

This includes creating your account, setting everything up, navigating the dashboard and Google Adsense.

Module 4 - Passing Monetization Review

Youtube has some hurdles you need to get by before you can monetize your website.

You need a certain amount of subscribers and you need to meet some requirements by Youtube.

This section will teach you how to do that. 

Module 5 - Instant Monetization

Module 5 will show you ways to make money with your Youtube channel that doesn't require any monetization.

Module 6 - Video Topic Research

Module 6 covers keyword research and coming up with video ideas.

Which keywords you target depends on how competitive they are and whether or not they actually will get traffic.

You'll learn how to conduct keyword research here and find good ones. 

Module 7 - Creating And Editing Your Videos

Module 7 actually covers how you will make your videos.

You'll learn where to get royalty free pictures and music and you'll see how to edit your videos.

Module 8 - SEO Secrets For Truly Going Viral

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it's the art of ranking well in search engines.

There's certain things you do with your videos and when you upload them that guarantee you'll rank well for the search term you're targeting.

You'll learn exactly what you can do to rank better in Youtube search.

Module 9 - Advanced Monetization Techniques

Module 9 is where you'll learn exactly how to monetize your videos.

This includes where to put ads in your video and how you can monetize without ads.. like with sponsorships, memberships and more. 

Module 10 - My Three Niche Case Studies

Module 10 gives you 3 niches that Jordan targets.

Module 11 - Outsourcing And Automation

The great thing about making money online is you can outsource and automate a lot of the tasks without spending a ton of money.

This section will teach you how to do that.

Module 12 - Affiliate Marketing On Youtube 

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money online and you can do it on Youtube as well.

Affiliate marketing can be done without being reviewed by Youtube and is when your promote other people's products for them.

You'll learn how to do that in this section.

Module 13 - Affiliate Marketing Networks

Module 13 will show you where to find affiliate products to promote.

Module 14 - Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Module 14 will go over various affiliate marketing strategies you can use on Youtube. 

Module 15 - Affiliate Marketing Without Channel

Module 15 gives you more insights on affiliate marketing and builds on what you've already learned.

Module 16 - High Ticket Offers

High ticket offers are affiliate products that cost a lot and thus pay out huge commissions.

Module 16 will teach you how to promote them.

Module 17 - Non Youtube Affiliate Marketing Strategies 

Module 17 covers affiliate marketing strategies you can use off of Youtube.. this includes blogging and Facebook ads. 

Module 18 - Affiliate Marketing Mindset

This section goes over mindset training.

Module 19 And 20 - Affiliate Marketing Resources And Conclusion

The last two modules show you additional resources you can use for affiliate marketing and the conclusion. 

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Tube Monetization And Automation FAQ's

1) Is Tube Monetization And Automation worth $297?

I think that's a fair price for what you're getting.

There's a lot in this course and Jordan shares a lot of his own secrets here.

Many similar courses are much more expensive as well.. so $297 isn't bad at all.

2) Is Jordan Mackey legit?

There's really not a ton out there about him.

But this is the second course he's put out and he does have at least one verifiable Youtube channel that has some success.

I'm just guessing but he seems legit to me.

3) What do I get with Tube Monetization And Automation?

There's a few different things you get in this course.

Here's what you get:

  • The core training made up of 20 modules
  • Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions
  • Bonus #1: 200 profitable niches
  • Bonus #2: 20+ hours of live questions and answers
  • Bonus #3: Additional affiliate marketing 
  • Bonus #4: Personal branding masterclass
  • Bonus #5: Dropshipping masterclass
  • Bonus #6: Jordan's previous Youtube course

That's a good amount of training and bonuses.

4) Is there a payment plan?

Not that I could find.

5) How much do I need to get started on Youtube?

It really depends.

If your face is going to be on camera you'll need a good camera and probably some lighting.

You'll definitely need a good editing software as well as a good mic even if your face isn't on camera.

All this together will probably cost around $1000.

6) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there's a very good refund policy of 60 days no questions asked.

7) Are there better alternatives?

Yes, there's plenty of programs that will teach you how to make money online.

To see my favorite, click below:

#1 Recommended Way To Make Money Online

Tube Monetization And Automation Pros And Cons

  • A lot of training: There's a good amount of training here and it's going to take you a while to get through it all.
  • Fairly priced: Courses can be expensive and similar programs cost nearly $1000.. $247 is definitely fair for what you're getting.
  • Good refund policy: 60 days to get your money back is as good as you can ask for.
  • Not the biggest fan of Youtube: Some people do well on Youtube and I've had some success as well.. but I'm not the biggest Youtube fan.

Here's A Better Opportunity

If you really want to do Youtube Jordan Mackey's course can help you.

However, there's a lot of easier ways to make money online.

I've personally reviewed hundreds of programs that teach this..

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