Hello, and welcome to the latest On Page SEO review. If you've been looking for a way to boost your website's languishing ranking on SERPs, then this review is for you.

We'll talk about what it offers, what's inside it, and how much it costs.

We're also going talk about who created it, and whether it is a legit SEO course or it's not worth your money.

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On Page SEO Summary

Product: On Page SEO

Price to join: $795

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? Not really

Summary: On Page SEO is an online course for entrepreneurs who wish to improve their website's ranking on search engine results pages. It contains four modules and several lessons in video format. Members will also receive templates and bonus content

The course was developed by SEO specialist and entrepreneur Kyle Roof.

It costs $795 and can be accessed online anytime, anywhere.

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What is On-Page SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the trickiest parts of building a website and getting it across an audience. Many website owners have tried for many years to get their sites on the first page of search engine results pages, but sometimes, the algorithm is just hard to beat.

So, what does one do?

Well, you can always hire an SEO specialist to ensure that your website lands on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). But if money is a consideration and maybe, you just want to take on a new challenge or you want to learn something new this year, then you can always purchase an online SEO course.

Enter On Page SEO, one of the many courses online that offer to teach you the basics of SEO, as well as advanced techniques to ensure that your website will rank higher than the competition.

It consists of four modules, with lessons divided into easily digestible topics. The first module is all about On Page SEO's own formula. The second module is all about the scientific approach to SEO, while the third module covers the impact of third-party tools on your results. The fourth module, on the other hand, is all about getting your links to boost your site's success.

The usual SEO topics are covered here. You might already be familiar with keyword research, keyword locations, Adwords, on-page SEO audit, and KPIs.

But there are several fresh topics included, such as the scientific approach to SEO, the inclusion of tools and third-party apps, and more.

This is a module-style course so you can view the videos anytime, anywhere. Everything is also accessible via smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop.

What's Inside On-Page SEO?

Take a peek at On-Page SEOs course curriculum below.

Module 1: The On-Page SEO Formula

This module is divided into ten lessons. Kyle Rood's approach is pretty straightforward. The first few lessons are all about keywords, outlining a webpage, and keyword locations. He also discusses what he calls the 'reverse silos' and 'silos within silos.'

He also covers the elements that impact page rank, the different approaches to on-page optimization, and using an extension called PageOptimizer Pro.

Module 2: The Science Behind On-Page SEO Strategy

In this section, you'll learn about new factors that influence SEO and which mostly free tools to use. Kyle also covers finding search terms by using Adwords and how to use Adwords in your SEO campaign.

You'll also learn how to find the actual click-through rate, analyzing SEO data, and additional information on keyword research.

Module 3: The Third-Party Impact on On-Page Results

In this module, you'll learn about auditing on-page SEO, basic and advanced schema, and 'Medic & E-A-T.'

Module 4: Getting Links to Aid Your On-Page Success

Some of the topics that are covered here include KPIs, basic ROI and CRO, owning the first page of SERPs, and other lessons.

You'll receive access to more than 100 video tutorials. Each module will have action plans and practical sessions. Members will receive worksheets and templates they can use to jumpstart their business.

They will also receive access to a private chat room where they can engage with Kyle directly. They also have access to Kyle's Internet Marketing Gold platform.

Who Created On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is the brainchild of internet marketer and SEO specialist Kyle Roof. He owns High Voltage SEO, an SEO firm with offices in Phoenix, Melbourne, and Berlin.

His other ventured include the SEO community called Internet Marketing Gold and PageOptimizer Pro. He is also a regular in SEO conferences in the U.S. and other countries as a speaker.

How Much Does On-Page SEO Cost?

The whole course costs $795. You'll get instant and unlimited access to the modules, bonus content, and templates once payment has been made.

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What I Like About On-Page SEO

The topics are structured logically

Almost everything you need to know about ranking your site on the first page of search engines is right here. From keyword research to using tools that will boost your site's ranking to measuring whether your SEO strategy is effective or not.

Everything is structured logically. Keyword research is probably the most important aspect of SEO, that's why it's the first lesson. Some of the last few lessons are about key performance indexes, reports, and ROI.

Kyle brings some fresh strategies to SEO

Kyle also brings some fresh approach to ranking, including the 'reverse silo' strategy, basic and advanced schema, and the 'Medic & E-A-T' methods.

What I Don't Like About On Page SEO

It's on the pricey side

One of the things I don't like about this particular course is that it is pricey at $795. Plus, it does not offer other payment options.

But this is highly subjective. If you can afford to purchase this for $795, then go ahead. It's your money, after all.

Is On-Page SEO a Scam?

No, On Page SEO is not a scam. This is a 100% legit training course for entrepreneurs and internet marketers who want to boost their website's presence on the SERPs.

The course content actually pretty good and comprehensive, but still no online course is perfect. It is pretty expensive, so that might be one of the deterrents for you to purchase this course.

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