Matt Milner of Crowdability is out with a new stock presentation called "Neural Vision."

In this presentation Milner hypes up a company that he claims could be a "$7 trillion technology."

Milner goes on to say this technology could save 2 million lives, be the missing piece Tesla is looking for and could get you returns as high as 5,934%

The problem?

He's charging people $1500 to learn the name of the company.

Well I have good news.. Matt left enough clues in the presentation to figure out the stock.

I reveal it below and give you some information to determine if it's right for you.

Let's get started!

Neural Vision Summary

Creator: Matt Milner

Newsletter: Private Market Profits

Company: Epilog

The stock being pushed by Matt Milner is Epilog.

This company makes products that help cars drive themselves and can even be installed in non-self driving cars to help them self drive (if they already have lane assist).

Their main product is known as Sidecar and you can invest in this company through StartEngine (a crowdfunding website where investors buy shares of private companies).

There's a lot of risk for an investment like this.

Epilog has only sold $20,000 worth of products and is FAR away from being profitable.

There's concerns about them being able to protect their patents and their products are just prototypes at the moment.

You make money on something like this is if the company goes public or a larger company like Tesla buys them out.

Neither are guaranteed.

An interesting idea that's for sure.. it's just so early and anything can happen with a company like this.

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Figuring Out The Stock

I just got an email from Crowdability hyping up a stock they call Neural Vision.

The stock picker who created the presentation is Matt Milner.

He makes some pretty big promises about the company he's teasing..

He even claims it can get returns as high as 5,934%.

Let's see if we can figure out the name of the company so we don't have to pay $1500 to learn it.

The Company Has To Do With Self Driving Cars

Right away I can tell this presentation has to do with autonomous driving vehicles.

This is a very hot market and all the stock pickers are giving out ways to profit from this trend.

Although most of the picks in this market have been pretty bad and have lost money so far..

Maybe this one will be different?

At first I thought this company would have to do with LiDAR technology.

This is the kind of company stock pickers typically recommend.

However, Matt makes it clear this is in fact not a LiDAR company.

Instead it's a new technology that allows cars to see the road and environment more cleary.

It returns a 8K image so the car can perform better according to Matt.

Matt demonstrates the difference between LiDAR and this new technology many times in the presentation. 

This is A Pre-IPO Investment

After warming up the audience to the idea of the company being pitched Matt transitions to talk about private investing.

The company being pitched here is Pre-IPO which means it's not on the stock market and is privately owned.

Private companies can sell private shares and often do to raise money.

New laws have made it possible for regular investors to crowdsource investments into private company, which is what is going on here.

Now it is true some of the biggest returns can be found through private investing.

However, it comes with a lot risk.

Many of these companies aren't profitable and the only way to make money is if the company goes public or gets bought by a larger company.

Neither are guaranteed.

Milner claims you need to get in on this investment before February 1st.

Companies typically do "rounds" of investing and the company Milner is hyping up is closing their current round of investing on February 1st.

Autonomous Vehicle Growth

Next Matt starts taking about the growth of the autonomous vehicle industry.

He cites various sources that claim this market will be in the trillions and as high as $7 trillion.

Milner talks about the big money being poured into the technology by the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

Including billions from Toyota, GM and Tesla. 

He shares this chart showing the growing in spending for the technology:

Bad Technology Holding Self Driving Cars Back

Matt then talks about the problems keeping self driving cars from taking off.

He claims it's a technology issue.

Milner goes on to share different images of how LiDAR works which is the most popular self driving technology.

He believes the images these products produce are too unclear and makes self driving cars unsafe.

Matt shares this image below showing what a typical image a self driving car sees:

According to Matt the company he's teasing processes images as clear as this:

Matt shares a quote from Elon saying vision only systems are the future for self driving cars as well.

Epilog Is The Company Being Teased

In the next part of the presentation Matt starts dropping hints that allowed me to figure out the name of the company

The main hint that gives away the company is a deal it has with Jabil.

As you can see from this article below Jabil has partnered with Epilog:

There's more hints that show this company is Epilog.

Milner talks about how the technology works and it perfectly matches what Epilog does.

The main technology from Epilog is called Sidecar and it can be installed into cars that weren't made to self drive.

They just need certain lane assist features and Sidecar can turn them into a self driving car.

Here's a video explaining the technology:

Matt shares an image from the video in the presentation:

So I'm 100% sure this is the company that Matt is talking about.

The rest of this post will cover how to invest in Epilog and the risks involved:

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How To Invest In Epilog

Epilog is a private company.

In the past only accredited investors could invest in Pre-IPO companies.

This meant making over $200,000 per year or having a networth of over $1 million.

So most people couldn't get in on the action.

However, new laws were recently passed giving average investors a chance in investing in private companies.

If you want to invest in Epilog you'd have to create an account at StartEngine.

StartEngine is a crowdsourcing website where investors come together to invest in private companies, art, wines and more.

Their current round of investing closes on February 1st, 2023 and each share is $2.83.

The minimum investment is $192.44.. this is why Matt says you can get started with Epilog for under $200.

There's incentives based on how much you invest as well.

This includes free shirts, bonus shares, free access to SideCar and more depending on what you invest.

Keep in mind there are still some regulations determining how much you can invest.

If you're not an accredited investor you can't invest more than 10% of your annual salary.

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There's A Lot Of Risk With Epilog

Now before you create a StartEngine account and invest money into Epilog you need to understand the risk involved.

Because there's a lot of risk.

Here's what to consider before investing:

The Company Is YEARS Away From Profitability

You have to understand that Epilog is not a profitable company and won't be for a very long time.

Companies like this can go decades without profiting and Epilog could be 5 to 10 years away from profiting.

It might never profit!

If a company can't profit in the long run that means your investment will eventually go to zero unless a large company comes in and buys it.

But that might never happen either.

The Patents Don't Mean Much

Matt goes through great lengths to talk about the patents that Epilog has and how that will protect them in the future.

But that's not necessarily the case.

First and foremost you need money to be able to protect your patents.

If you think someone has stolen your intellectual property but don't money to litigate guess what?

You patents won't be protected.

Many companies will decide not to challenge intellectual property disputes even if they have the money to fight it.

At the end of the day this technology will likely be replicated.

This is what happened to LiDAR.

There's over a dozen LiDAR companies now all with different variations of the same technology.

I'd imagine the same is going to happen with the technology Epilog is using.

Products Are Just Prototypes

Another thing to keep in mind is Epilog doesn't even sell Sidecar yet.

This product is just a prototype and is never guaranteed to come to market.

If you invest in this company and Sidecar never gets sold that would be disastrous.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my post revealing Milner's Neural Vision company.

He's talking about Epilog which will help cars self drive and even help certain non self driving cars self drive.

I personally would avoid investing in this company.

There's just WAY too much between where Epilog is now and where it needs to be.

Milner's numbers are based on Epilog getting their products into 10% of cars.

There's A LOT of hurdles to get through before that happens.

Epilog doesn't even sell their products yet!

You have no clue what the competition is going to look like in 5 years and you have no clue if Epilog will ever become profitable.

The best bet is a bigger company coming in and buying it but that's not guaranteed to happen either.

You might have to wait up to 10 years to see a return on this investment if one ever does materialize.

Just seems too risky for me personally.

But maybe you have a different risk tolerance than me.

Are you thinking about investing in Epilog?

Let me know in the comments what you think of this company.

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