Are you thinking about purchasing Perpetual Income 365 and want to know if it's a scam or not? 

If so this review is for you.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including the pros, cons, price to join and all the red flags that you should know about.

You'll know if Perpetual Income 365 is right for you by the time you're done reading.

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Perpetual Income 365 Summary

Product: Perpetual Income 365

Price to join: $47 per month + upsells

Rating: 60/100

Do I recommend? Depends (read summary)

Summary: I originally gave Perpetual Income 360 a bad review. The owner has reached out and after talking a bit and proving there's been success here, my overall impression of the course has improved.

This is a course that teaches you affiliate marketing and solo ads.

It's not my favorite way to make money online and there's definitely flaws in the course but it could be useful to some people - mainly those who already have an email list to market to.

If you're a beginner I'd look to make money with free methods first (although beginners are showing some success here).

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Who Is Shawn Josiah

Shawn Josiah is the creator of Perpetual Income 365.

When I originally made my review I assumed Shawn Josiah was an alias because he didn't show up in the sales video.

I've review many different courses where it's clear the person behind the product isn't being honest about who they are. These people tend to be serial scammers. 

I incorrectly said Shawn Josiah was faking his idenitity but that's actually not the case.

He's actually a pretty well known marketer who has some big accomplishments (I'm pretty sure the narrator in the sales video isn't him, though, but that's not a big deal if the info is accurate).

Apparently he's a 7 figure online marketer and is a Clickbank Platinum member which means he's earns several hundreds a thousand a year on the Clickbank platform.

Here's a video he shared with me proving he is legit.

Overall Shawn Josiah seems like he cares about his students success. Getting access to him is probably the best part about Perpetual Income 365

The Netflix Connection

I know the sales page makes it seem like you're going to be exploiting some secret Netflix algorithm or you'll somehow be making money with Netflix but that's just more of a sales pitch. 

Below is how Shawn came up with the idea to use Netflix in the sales video:

In this course you'll be learning email marketing.

The connection is Netflix gets customers to sign up for cheap and then charges them more money once you sign up.

That's why you sell base model cars and then charge for upgrades after.

This is why Chinese restaurants in food courts give out free samples. 

You offer something cheap or free on the hope the customer spends more money down the road.

So that's the "Netflix algorithm" the sales page is talking about.

This Is A Course On Email Marketing

Alright so now you know what Perpetual Income 365 isn't..

Now let's talk about what Perpetual Income 365 is.

This course teaches affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Now email marketing and affiliate marketing is completely legit. In fact, I've made 6 figures online doing affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you make money by marketing other companies services or products.

You usually don't have to pay to become an affiliate for a company either which makes it good for beginners and newbies.

There's many ways to do affiliate marketing and the method "taught" in this course is email marketing with solo ads.

Basically you pay a person to market to their email list and try to make affiliate sales.

I personally don't like solo ads but some people do well with them. You also get a ready to go funnel and email messages to send out which minimizes the testing/work you'll have to do. 

If you're a beginner I'd personally look to make money with free options before spending a lot of money on ads.

If you are getting into paid traffic start slow and don't put in a lot of money right away. 

Proof Of People Making Money

When I originally made my review I said there's probably some people making money but most people wouldn't.

Shawn reached out and showed me some proofs of people making money here:

There are costs involved with these results, though. You have to pay for solo ads which are pretty costly and there's monthly costs involved with Perpetual Income 365.

With solo ads you get instant results, however. So as long as you're profiting you can scale how you spend to make more.

It's important not to scale until you're making money, though. 

Big Upsells

My biggest problem with this course is the upsells.

When you buy the course you're immediately pressured to buy more expensive courses. 

The upsells are very aggressive here. What's funny is the concept of the course is being used on you!

Get someone in for cheap and you charge them more after.

After you pay $9 you're immediately pressured to buy courses that cost HUNDREDS:

This isn't the only time you're going to pushed to buy more courses either.

Once you buy the course upsells are apart of the training. 

So you'll get the training on email marketing/affiliate marketing and in the training you're going to be told to upgrade.

Monthly Costs

I belong to the very best affiliate marketing community in the world and it costs $49 per month to join. 

For $49 per month I get:

  • Training with hundreds of videos on affiliate marketing
  • Access to the largest affiliate marketing community on the internet (2 million members and many are making $10,000+ per month)
  • The fastest support I have ever experienced
  • Weekly live training that goes over cutting edge affiliate marketing ideas
  • Hosting for my site
  • Email address for businesses
  • Live chat to get help from other members
  • Internet marketing tools to help me get an edge on competition

And more. The point I'm trying to make is I happily pay this because I'm getting much more value than $49 per month.

You may not have noticed in the fine print but this course is not actually just $9. It costs $47 per month.

Is it worth that? Not sure but that's a cost that adds up over time. 

Is Perpetual Income 365 A Scam?

At first I thought it was but I don't really think so anymore.

The owner is who he says he is and he seems to be pretty successful. He seems active with students too and seems happy to help.

That to me is the best part. Having a mentor is key and having one with Shawn Josiah's experience is big.

The cost of Perpetual Income 365 may be worth it just to pick his brain.

As far as the training and method being used here I'm not the biggest fan but it works or some people.

Solo ads can be costly but when done right you can scale and have success.

Having a ready made funnel will cut out the need to test and having proven email messages is a plus too.

I do think this course is best for people who already have a email list to market to. This will cut out the cost of solo ads which will make your profit much bigger.

Can you make money as beginner? Maybe but your profit margin will be thin. 

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