Private Wealth Academy has various courses that teach you wealth protection, tax tips and more.

If you're here you're probably wondering if these programs are scams or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Private Wealth Academy including background information, price to join and more.

You'll know if these courses are worth it by the time you're done reading. 

Let's get into it!

Private Wealth Academy Summary

Creator: Carlton Weiss

Price to join: $297 to $997

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

Private Wealth Academy is for people that already have money and want to learn how to protect it.

You'll also get tax tips and things like that.

There's some good information in these courses but you won't learn how to make money with them.. just protect it.

There's many books out there that teach these same topics that cost a fraction of the price.. I'd go with those books instead.

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What Does Private Wealth Academy Teach?

Private Wealth Academy isn't really for people that are looking to save money.

Instead it's for people that are looking to protect their wealth and to save money in taxes.

The topics you'll learn about in Private Wealth Academy are:

  • Trusts
  • Corporate Credit
  • Tax Secrets
  • Real Estate taxes
  • Beating tickets from police

These are all legitimate things to learn and people with money should learn them.

But each topic also has multiple books on it.

For example, here's the top result in Amazon for trusts:

This book is well reviewed and only costs $16.99.

The course about trusts costs $997!

Maybe there's benefits to having a course over a book but I don't think it's that much of a difference.

Also, you could always just a get a lawyer to do most of the stuff here as well instead of learning it yourself.

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Private Wealth Academy Courses

There's 4 different courses offered by Private Wealth Academy.

Here's a breakdown of each one.

The Bulletproof Trust

The first course covers how to create a trust which will limit the amount of taxes you pay.

The creators of this program claim to have a secret trust program that will save you the most possible in taxes.

You get the following modules in this section:

  • The Bulletproof Trust And All Documents - Bulletproof Trust claims these kind of trusts can't be set up by a lawyer and would cost tens thousands if they could. Here you'll get all the the paperwork and documents needed to create your trust.
  • Trustee Training Secrets - This section will teach you how to protect your assets including your home, estates, businesses and more.
  • Trust Laws And Statues Handbook - This is a collection of old books that cover trust laws and supreme court cases regarding trusts.
  • 500+ Trust Documents For Operating - You'll learn about all the different actions a trust could need in this section. This includes hiring lawyers, creating sub trusts, intellectual property and more. 
  • How To Create A Trust Web Structure - You'll typically have multiple trusts for different assets. This section teaches you how to connect them all. 
  • Social Security Secrets To Remove SS Taxes - This section teaches you how to use private credit and other tricks to get out of paying for social security taxes.
  • Court Protection Secrets To Never Lose In Course - Here you'll learn all the legal protections you and your trust have. 

Corporate Credit Secrets

This course teaches you how to secure corporate credit cards with high credit limits.

It comes with 6 modules.. here's a breakdown of each:

  • Corporate Credit Secrets - This is the core of training and it will teach you how to build your credit line up to $250,000.
  • How To Remove Personal Liability - This section teaches you how to secure credit without using your personal social security number.
  • Setting Up Credit Optimized Corporations - Here you'll learn how to setup your business so that you get approved for credit.
  • List Of Best Corporate Credit Cards - This is a list of the best corporate credit cards.
  • How To Obtain Corporate Credit Loans - Here you'll learn to obtain loans up to $250,000 that won't personally affect you if you fail. 
  • Pre-Built Website, Logos And Letterheads - You'll get everything you need to make your business look professional so it gets approved for credit.

Real Estate Secrets

This real estate course teaches you how to get an allodial title. 

In the training they teach you how to get a home and pay minimal money on your mortgage through various loopholes.

Beat The Ticket

The last course covers a different topics.. tickets that are for victimless crimes.

You'll learn how to fight tickets and get cases dismissed in this training. 

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Private Wealth Academy FAQ's

1) Are the courses at Private Wealth Academy worth their price?

The courses at Private Wealth Academy are extremely interesting.. I'll give them that.

But at the end of the day you can find all of this information in different books that cost a fraction of the price.

The author of these courses claim this stuff is super secret but I don't really think that's the case. 

2) Is Carlton Weiss legit?

There's not really too much out there about him. 

So I can't really answer this question.

3) Is all of this legal?

I'm not a lawyer or really all that familiar with the topics being discussed in the courses.. my expertise is online wealth creation and not so much asset protection.

Some of it sounds too good to be true and you probably will want to double check on everything before putting the training in action.

I'm not sure "I read you could do this on the internet" is a viable defense if this stuff is illegal. 

4) Is there a refund policy?

Yes there's 7 days to get your money back which isn't that good to be honest.

Typically you want to see 30 days or more for a refund.

The good news is that it's not conditions based and is no questions asked. 

5) Are there better alternatives?

I believe you can find all of this stuff in books that will cost a lot less.

There's also many other courses that will teach you how to build legitimate income streams online.

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Here's A Better Opportunity

Private Wealth Academy has interesting courses but I think they're overpriced.

I think the information in these programs are important to learn but the most important thing to learn is wealth creation.

There's a lot of ways to make money online and I've reviewed all the best courses that teach this.

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  • It’s a TOTAL freaking scam.
    1) They say you don’t have to pay taxes and that taxes are voluntary. Don’t fall for their BS theory that won’t hold up in a REAL court with REAL federal judges. I’m here to tell you…if you don’t pay taxes you will go to JAIL. Total lie.
    2) They say that attorneys can’t create their type of trust because it’s statutory and attorneys can only create statutory trusts. More BS. Total BS. There is nothing stopping attorneys from creating non-statutory trusts. NOTHING. Another lie.
    3) The picture of guy in the grey beard with his arms folded is a STOCK PHOTO.

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