Ian King is back with another stock teaser.

And like so many of his peers, he's hinting at an AI stock.

This time Ian believes he knows the best stock for "AI Energy" and believes this small company is a "$40 trillion juggernaut in the making."

Of course, Ian wants you to sign up for his newsletter to reveal the name of the stock, but I have good news.

He left enough clues in the presentation to figure out the name of the company.

I reveal it below and breakdown the stock for you so you can determine if it's worth investing in.

Let's get started!

AI Energy Summary

Creator: Ian King

Newsletter: Strategic Fortunes

Stock: Xperi Inc. (XPER)

The stock that Ian is teasing in this presentation is most likely Xperi as a play on fusion energy.

Xperi does various things, and Ian is focused on their semiconductor packaging and interconnect solutions.

Packaging in semiconductors refers to the method of enclosing and protecting the semiconductor die, and it plays a critical role in the performance, size, and thermal management of semiconductor devices. The packaging technologies developed by Invensas aim to improve these aspects, enabling more efficient, compact, and high-performing semiconductor devices.

The idea is that Xperi will be making these products for AI and supercomputers that are going to be behind fusion energy.

Is this company worth investing in?

Keep reading to determine that.

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What Is Fusion Energy?

Before we get into the company Ian is pitching for, let's talk about the pitch.

Ian is hyping up a revolutionary way to power the world called fusion energy.

Fusion energy is a proposed form of power generation that harnesses the energy released when two lighter atomic nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus. This process, which is the opposite of nuclear fission, is the same one that powers the sun and other stars.

To achieve fusion on Earth, scientists need to create conditions that are similar to those in the core of a star. This means heating a gas of hydrogen isotopes—usually deuterium and tritium—to extremely high temperatures, around 150 million degrees Celsius. At these temperatures, the electrons are stripped from the atoms, leaving behind a hot, electrically charged gas called plasma.

The plasma is then confined in a magnetic field, where the nuclei can collide with enough force to overcome their electrostatic repulsion and fuse. This fusion reaction releases a tremendous amount of energy, primarily in the form of heat. The heat can then be used to generate steam, which can drive turbines to produce electricity.

Fusion offers several potential advantages over other energy sources, including:

  • Abundant fuel: The raw materials for fusion are deuterium, a form of hydrogen found in seawater, and tritium, which can be produced from lithium. These materials are abundant and relatively inexpensive.

  • Environmentally friendly: Fusion does not produce greenhouse gases or long-lived radioactive waste.

  • Sustainable: Fusion is a renewable energy source, and its fuel supply is virtually inexhaustible.

Despite its potential, fusion energy has been difficult to achieve on Earth. The conditions required for fusion are extremely challenging to create and maintain. In addition, the plasma is very unstable and prone to disruptions.

Over the past several decades, scientists have made significant progress in developing fusion technology. Several experimental fusion reactors have been built, and they have achieved sustained fusion reactions for short periods of time. However, achieving net energy from fusion—producing more energy than it takes to run the reactor—remains an elusive goal.

The company Ian wants you to invest in, according to Ian, can help clear some hurdles that are in the way of making fusion energy a reality.

Mainly powerful AI systems and powerful computers will be needed to make this a reality, and one company can supply products that will be used for AI and supercomputers (supposedly).

What Is Xperi?

Xperi Inc. is a technology company known for its expertise in developing and licensing innovative technology solutions. It operates through various segments, focusing on entertainment, semiconductor, and automotive industries. 

Xperi's portfolio includes audio, imaging, and computing technologies that enhance consumer experiences with entertainment and connected devices. Among its notable contributions are DTS audio technologies, which deliver high-quality sound in various environments, and FotoNation's facial recognition and imaging solutions.

Xperi also provides semiconductor packaging and interconnect solutions through its Invensas brand, catering to the evolving needs of the electronics industry. Additionally, Xperi's automotive solutions enhance in-car experiences with connected technology.

The company's commitment to innovation and intellectual property development has positioned it as a key player in transforming how people interact with technology in daily life.

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What Does Xperi Have To Do With Fusion Energy?

Xperi isn't an energy company or anything like that.

Their contribution to "AI energy" and fusion energy is through semiconductors.

Xperi Inc. plays a significant role in the semiconductor industry primarily through its Invensas brand, which specializes in semiconductor packaging and interconnect solutions. Here's a breakdown of their involvement in the semiconductor sector:

  1. Semiconductor Packaging Solutions: Invensas, a part of Xperi, focuses on developing advanced semiconductor packaging technologies. Packaging in semiconductors refers to the method of enclosing and protecting the semiconductor die, and it plays a critical role in the performance, size, and thermal management of semiconductor devices. The packaging technologies developed by Invensas aim to improve these aspects, enabling more efficient, compact, and high-performing semiconductor devices.

  2. Interconnect Technologies: Invensas also provides innovative interconnect solutions, which are essential for the internal and external connections in semiconductor devices. These interconnects are crucial for the reliable and efficient transfer of electrical signals within and between semiconductor components. Innovations in this area can lead to improved data transfer speeds and overall device performance.

  3. Licensing and Intellectual Property: Xperi, through its Invensas brand, licenses these technologies to other companies in the semiconductor industry. This approach allows other manufacturers and designers to incorporate Invensas' advanced packaging and interconnect solutions into their own semiconductor products. Through this licensing model, Xperi contributes to the broader semiconductor industry by enabling other companies to enhance the capabilities and performance of their semiconductor devices.

  4. Contribution to Industry Trends: With the semiconductor industry constantly evolving, especially with trends like miniaturization, increased performance demands, and the need for better power efficiency, Xperi's technologies are becoming increasingly relevant. The company's innovations in packaging and interconnects are vital in addressing these trends and challenges.

In summary, Xperi Inc., through its Invensas division, contributes to the semiconductor industry by developing advanced packaging and interconnect technologies, which are then licensed to other companies. These technologies play a crucial role in improving the performance, size, and efficiency of semiconductor devices, making them important for the ongoing evolution of the semiconductor sector.

Reasons To Invest In Xperi

Fusion energy is really just a pipe dream and not a reason to invest in Xperi.

Instead, focus on the other aspects of this company.

Here are some reasons why you'd want to invest in this company:

Onvesting in Xperi Holding Corporation (XPER) presents several notable advantages:

  1. Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio: Xperi possesses a significant amount of intellectual property (IP), which offers the potential for a steady source of income. This IP is used in a wide range of consumer devices, semiconductors, and media platforms, enhancing its market relevance.

  2. Resilience to Economic Fluctuations: The company's business model, primarily based on licensing its IP, provides a relatively stable income stream that is less susceptible to market cycles. This could make Xperi more resilient during economic downturns.

  3. Valuation Appeal: Xperi's stock is available at multiples significantly lower than the sector median, potentially making it an attractive option for investors seeking undervalued stocks. For example, it trades at 1.35 times book value, which is lower than the sector median of close to 4.

  4. Diversified Operations: Xperi is active in various fields such as video-on-demand, voice interactivity, DVR, and high-performance computing, indicating a diversified business model. This diversification can be a key factor in reducing risk and ensuring steady growth.

  5. Revenue Generation from Licensing: Over the past two decades, Xperi has generated over $9 billion in revenue from licensing its IP, with more than $1 billion in the last two years alone. This trend is likely to continue, suggesting a stable and growing revenue stream.

  6. Potential for Growth: With technologies like AutoSense and AutoStage in their early stages, there is significant growth potential, especially as these technologies gain traction in their respective markets.

However, it's important to note that Xperi also has its challenges, such as not being profitable on a GAAP basis due to high amortization expenses following its merger with TiVo Corporation. As with any investment, these factors should be balanced against the potential risks.

Cons Of Investing In Xperi

Investing in Xperi Holding Corporation (XPER) comes with several drawbacks:

  1. Lack of Profitability on a GAAP Basis: XPER has not been profitable according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), primarily due to high levels of amortization expense following its merger with TiVo Corporation. This lack of GAAP profitability could be a concern for some investors.

  2. Declining Stock Value: The stock has been struggling, with a loss of 9.5% in 2021 and an additional 8% in the early part of 2022. This decline indicates a bearish trend in the stock's performance.

  3. Resistance in Stock Price Movement: XPER's stock has faced difficulty in surpassing the $17.50 mark, suggesting a lack of momentum to drive its price higher. This bearish short-term outlook might discourage investors who are seeking growth or stability in stock prices.

  4. Disappointing Growth: Despite its potential, XPER's growth has been underwhelming, with a sequential and year-over-year decline in Q4 FY2021 revenue. This slow growth, especially when compared to competitors, might reduce its appeal to growth-focused investors.

  5. Net Loss in GAAP Terms: For the full year of 2021, XPER reported a net loss of $55.46 million, or $0.53 per share, in GAAP terms. While non-GAAP net income was positive, the GAAP net loss could be a red flag for investors who prioritize profitability in GAAP terms.

These factors illustrate that while XPER has strengths, particularly in its intellectual property portfolio and diversified operations, potential investors should carefully weigh these against the outlined risks and challenges.


So that's the end of my review of Ian King's newest teaser.

Of course, he's going to make it seem like fusion energy is finally going to be a real thing, and he knows what companies will benefit from it.

In reality, this is a technology that people have been working on for decades.

So I wouldn't be investing in the hopes that fusion energy becomes a thing anytime soon.

Instead, judge Xperi by what it does now and where it'll be in a few years.

I've given you a list of reasons to like the company and not to like it.

So, what do you think?

Are you going to invest?

Let me know in the comments!

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