Whitney Tilson is out with another stock presentation.

This time he's hyping up something he calls Gold 2.0 and SWaB Revolution.

He claims massive companies like Apple and Berkshire Hathaway are pouring billions into this new trend.

There's one problem, though..

Whitney won't tell you the investment unless you buy his newsletter.

Well I have good news!

I was able to figure out the investment based on the clues in the presentation.

I reveal the name of the stock below with information on whether it's a good recommendation.

So if you're interested in this stock name, keep reading.

Gold 2.0 And SWaB Revolution Summary

Creator: Whitney Tilson

Newsletter: Empire Stock Investor

Stock: Teck Resources

Symbol: TECK

Whitney Tilson is hyping up copper in this presentation.

SWaB stands for solar, wind and battery and he believes copper is the next gold.

Copper is vital in the production of all products in solar, wind and battery.

Tilson's thinking is copper will become more valuable as we switch to green energy.

The company Tilson is teasing is a mining company called Teck Resources that mines copper (and other resources).

The stock is currently $31.

Additionally, Whitney is hyping up two other special reports as a sweetener. The stocks in these reports is Meta, Universal Music Group, NVIDIA, Ethereum, EA and Ginkgo Bioworks.

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Figuring Out The Stock

The famous Whitney Tilson is back with another stock teaser and wants you to invest in what he calls "Gold 2.0."

The presentation is a little light on details but I'm sure we'll be able to get to the bottom of it.

The Bull Market Is Ending

Whitney starts the presentation with some fear mongering about the state of the market.

He claims the bull run is over and big stocks have been plummeting.

Some stocks he talks about includes:

  • Netflix (down 75%)
  • Fastly (down 91%)
  • PubMatic (down 91%)
  • Facebook (down 58%)

And more.

There is a lot of truth in what Whitney is saying. 

The last bull market was the longest in history and stocks have taken a beating in 2022.

But what Whitney doesn't tell you is he recommended a lot of these battered assets.

For example, in January he recommended that everyone buy Facebook because of the MetaVerse.

It turns out no one wants anything to do with the MetaVerse and the whole project has been a catastrophe.

Whitney Claims He Has The Remedy To Your Woes

In the next part of the presentation Whitney starts talking about inflation and how prices have risen faster now than in the last 40 years.


I think I know where this is all heading!

Whitney is about to say he has the remedy to tanking stocks and high inflation:

And of course that's exactly what is happening!

Whitney claims his new investment idea will pretty much fuel all clean energy services in the future and can disrupt $100 trillion in global assets.

Next, Tilson talks about a massive trend forming and all the richest in the world investing in it.

He lists a bunch of articles that reference this "massive trend."

One is from Business Insider:

I was able to find this article and the megatrend being hinted at is substantiable resources.

So things like battery, solar, wind, etc.

Now we know this stock has to do with sustainable resources.

The SWaB Revolution Is Coming (According To Whitney)

Next, Whitney starts talking about Elon Musk and the impact he's had on the world.

He claims Elon is going to reveal his "3rd masterplan" and it has to do with energy.

This is where Whitney introduces the term "SWaB" and quickly explains it means Solar, Wind and Battery.

He claims "SWaB" is on the cusp of sweeping the world and will totally reinvent the way we live and all products created.

After this Whitney explains the importance of each energy source and how costs are falling in each sector.

Whitney is clear in what he things - SWaB is here to stay.

Whitney Is NOT Recommending Telsa

At this point Tilson explains he's NOT recommending Tesla, though.

He claims the company is already too big and even if their energy business is a success it won't impact the stock too much.

Whitney feels like the stock is pretty much at its peak and if it goes up more the gains won't be big.

According to him you need to find smaller companies that will cause major disruption.

This is where Whitney starts dropping more hints about the stock he wants you to invest in.

Copper Is The Key Mineral

So we know Whitney wants us to invest in sustaibable energy and we know he's not talking about Tesla.

Instead he's talking about a mineral that will fuel these products.

He makes a comparison to personal computers needing silicon chips.

The chip makers for IBM like Intel grew 20,000% between 1981 to 1999.

Whitney is claiming this key mineral will work like that.

He starts quoting a bunch of bankers and news organizations about this mineral.

He claims Goldman Sachs is telling investors "don't stop buying now."

I was able to find this quote and Goldman Sachs is talking about copper.

So that's the mineral Whitney is talking about.

Now let's focus on the stock he's talking about.

Teck Resources Is The Likely Match

Whitney doesn't give away too much informaton about the company he's pitching.

This is the main clues that he gives:

  • The company is in Canada
  • Revenue is soaring
  • Want to increase copper mining by 102%
  • Good management
  • Market leader

Market Leader is a good hint.

After looking up the top copper miners only one was headquartered in Canada and that would be Teck Resources.

Most people believe this is a solid company.

They have manageable debt and they're profitable.

So there you have it - Whitney is recommending Teck Resources as his Gold 2.0 play.

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Revealing Whitney's Other Stocks

So Gold 2.0 wasn't the only special report included in this presentation.

At the end Whitney tosses in two other special reports with a bunch of stock picks as well.

The good news is I've covered these presentations in the past and know these stocks as well.

$4 Inflation Stock

The first special report hints at a $4 inflation stock.

I wrote about this presentation here and the stock Tilson is hinting at is Ginkgo Bioworks.

Previously Whitney said he'd bet his wife's entire retirement fund on this company.

However, the stock has dropped about 40% since he started recommending the stock and now it's under $3.

The company creates synthetic cells and makes other biotech products.

Many people think this company is completely fraudulent and a massive scam.

So not sure about gambling on this one.

5 Ways To 10X Your Money From The 3-D Internet

This is another presentation Whitney has been running all year.

In the past he referred to it as the Metaverse but that term is a little toxic at the moment.

I guess Whitney thinks 3-D Internet will get people's attention better.

The five stocks in this presentations are:

  • Meta (Facebook)
  • Universal Music
  • Ethereum
  • EA

Since running this presentation Meta is down 73%, Universal Music Group is down 29%, Ethereum is down 59%, NVIDIA is down 49% and EA is down 5%.

So these picks have obviously been awful.

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Is Empire Stock Investor Worth It?

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I personally wouldn't buy this newsletter even though it's pretty cheap.

Whitney Tilson is a recurring character on this website and I've covered him a lot of different times.

Basically every time I look back on his stock picks they end up being losers.

I mean the Metaverse stock picks are all down so big.

Whitney used to be a hedge fund manager but had to close because of poor results.

He had a good run in the early 2000's but has struggled mightily over the last decade.

Stock Investor had its moments but now that the market has turned Whitney's picks look really bad right now.

So I'd avoid until it's clear he can pick stocks in the current environment.

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Here's A Better Opportunity

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