RiskHedge is an investing publisher that sells various stock-picking newsletters.

If you're here, I'm guessing you want to know if this company is legit or a scam.

You'll get an answer to that in this review.

Additionally, you'll see what's being offered and any red flags that I can find.

You'll know if RiskHedge is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

RiskHedge Summary

Creator: Stephen McBride

Price to join: Depends on newsletter

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2/5

RiskHedge is just your typical investing publisher, and that's not really a good thing.

Once you sign up for one of the cheaper newsletters, you'll be constantly sent upsells for more expensive services.

The stock picks don't seem to do well.

The main investing newsletter, Disruption Investor, has a lot of bad reviews.

Most customers claim to have lost money.

There's no need to buy any of the newsletters offered by RiskHedge.

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This Is How RiskHedge Works

I've reviewed hundreds of stock-picking services in the last few years, and this includes dozens of investing publishers.

If you didn't know, the stock-picking industry makes billions a year selling their newsletters.

So there's a lot of money in this world.

Because of this, most investing publishers just copy each other's marketing and function in the exact same manner.

RiskHedge is no different than the majority.

So here's what to expect when you sign up for RiskHedge:

Constant Upselling

This is one of the things that drives customers the most crazy and is something that all investing publishers do.


It must make these companies a lot of money, otherwise they wouldn't do it.

Because customers really, really hate upsells.

To get customers into their sales funnel, these investing publishers offer a low-cost newsletter.

In this case, the newsletter is Disruption Investor, which costs $99 per year.

After you buy this newsletter, though, you'll be sent promotion after promotion after promotion to buy their products that cost thousands per year.

Here's a customer complaining of this:

It's annoying to deal with this, and it's going to frustrate you.

Again, though, basically every newsletter publisher does so except for my favorite.

You can prepare for this by creating a dummy email account if you're going to buy from RiskHedge.

This way, you don't get your inbox flooded with promotions.

Manipulative Stock Presentations

The other thing that you're going to have to deal with is manipulative stock presentations and marketing.

This is another thing every newsletter publisher does.

Basically, you'll get these long pitches about a "secret" stock that RiskHedge is pitching.

However, the stock won't actually be revealed in the presentation.

You'll have to buy whatever newsletter they're selling with the stock presentation.

This is the main way that RiskHedge will try to upsell you.

They'll claim you can get massive returns from these stock picks, and they'll hype the investment up.

I've been following these teasers for years, and almost all don't live up to the hype.

So don't feel the need to spend thousands just to learn how to make stock picks.

Overview Of The Newsletters

There's four different newsletters at RiskHedge.

Here's an overview of each service:

Disruption Investor ($99 Per Year)

This is the main newsletter at RiskHedge and is run by Stephen McBride, who is the chief analyst at RiskHedge.

This newsletter was launched in 2019 and recommends "disruptors."

The main kind of stock being recommended is tech stock.

Here are a few examples of some of the stocks being recommended by this newsletter:

Avalara in November 2020

Avalara is a stock that Stephen recommended back in November 2020.

He hyped it up as an "Amazon killer" and "Amazon's kryptonite."

Avalara is an AI company that helps companies deal with local and state sales taxes.

Not exactly something that would kill Amazon.

But the stock didn't do well.

Stephen recommended over $130, and the company went private after closing at $93:

So this ended up being a bad stock pick.

Tobii in June 2022

This was another stock that ended up being a really bad one.

This company was hyped up as the "next big thing to change computing" and was teased that "one $4 stock is the key."

However, the stock didn't stay at $4 for too long and was basically cut in half:

It was up a little, but eventually fell off a cliff.

So if you didn't sell short after the recommendation, you would have lost money.

Science Applications International In Match 2020

Science Applications International is a company Stephen hyped up as a "cyber defense 7-bagger" and claimed there was a chance to "grab up to 700% gains as this company helps keep America safe on the cyber frontlines."

The stock crashed because of COVID but rebounded to be up about 25% since being recommended.

However, the market is up around 35% since the stock was recommended.

So despite being up, it's still trailing the market.

Project 5X ($5000 per year)

This is the first upsell at RiskHedge and is run by Chris Wood.

RiskHedge claims "he's one of America's most respected tech analysts and has the track record to prove it."

It's expensive and costs $4,000 per year.

There's a common investing rule that says to never spend more than 1% of your investment account on research.

If you spend more than 1%, it'll be too hard to beat the market because the cost of the research will cut into your gains.

So you need at least $500,000 to make this newsletter worthwhile.

Here are some of the stock picks that have come from this newsletter:

ChromaDex in July 2022

This company was teased as a "magical anti-aging pill."

Apparently, ChromaDex sells anti-aging supplements.

The stock is down since being recommended.

It's been less than a year, though, so there's time for this stock to turn around.

Cybin In September 2021

Cybin was recommended by Wood back in September 2021 as the "#1 play of the psychedelic medicine revolution."

This stock has done really, really bad:

So that's a massive loss and anyone who invested in this company is down significantly.

Atomera In August 2020

Atomera was teased as a stock with the potential for 109X gains.

The company develops new nanomaterial for chipmaking and actually did very well:

The stock went up 400% in a pretty short period of time, so you could have sold for a nice profit in the beginning of 2021.

RiskHedge Venture

RiskHedge is actually shut down at the moment, so I can't review it.

But the newsletter description is "focused on finding cryptos with the potential to appreciate by at least 1000%."

Considering the crypto market in the last year, I'm guessing customers lost so much money on the recommendations they had to shut down the newsletter.

Cornerstone Club ($19.95 Per Month)

This is the newest service offered by RiskHedge.

Cornerstone Club recommends two investments every month.

The investments here aren't held for a long time, and everything is "rules-based."

It's too early to say if this will be a good newsletter; however, most newsletters like this one don't perform well.

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RiskHedge FAQ's

Still have some questions about RiskHedge?

Here are answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) Are there refunds?

Only for the cheap newsletter, which is what all investing publishers do.

This is another annoying trick of the industry.

So you'll get a 30-day refund policy for Disruption Investor and nothing else.

The reason why is that these publishers make more on the expensive upsells than the cheap ones.

So they can't give you your money back.

2) What do you like most about this publisher?

There's nothing really to like here.

It's just a carbon copy of a dozen other publishers.

3) What do you dislike most about this publisher?

There's a lot to not like here.

The thing to dislike most is the bad stock performance.

Almost all the stock picks I've seen in this newsletter have done poorly.

Only one stock pick that I've seen has beaten the market.

The rest trailed the market or had a lot of value lost.

Customer reviews confirm this:

4) Are any of the newsletters worth it?

No, I don't think so.

The losses seem pretty significant for the newsletters.

I don't like the investing strategy of the new newsletter either.

You shouldn't be investing in the short term based on price movement or technical indicators.

Your stock picks should be long-term and based on fundamental analysis.

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So that's the end of my review of RiskHedge.

I've reviewed dozens of publishers just like this one.

They all just sort of copy each other and market it in the exact same way.

RiskHedge does nothing to separate itself from the pack and does all the bad things competitors do.

mainly manipulative sales presentations and expensive upsells with no refunds.

The customer reviews are also bad, and the stock picks I've seen have performed badly for the most part.

The good news is there are some good alternatives if you're looking for a high-quality stock-picking newsletter.

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