Rogue Strategic Trader is an expensive investing newsletter from Nomi Prins.

It focuses on warrants, which are similar to options.

However, before spending thousands on this newsletter, I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or legit.

I'll answer that question in this review.

Additionally, we'll look at any red flags associated with Rogue Strategic Trader.

Let's get started!

Rogue Strategic Trader Summary

Creator: Nomi Prins

Price to join: $4000 per year

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 1/5

I've covered Nomi Prins a lot on this website, and I've never been impressed by anything she's ever put out.

Her stock picks always seem bad, and her other services don't perform well.

This has been the story of her career.

Rogue Strategic Trader is way too expensive, and her picks haven't done well with this service either.

Because of this, I'd avoid

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Nomi Prins' Poor Performance

Nomi really exploded onto the stock-picking scene last summer.

A new company called MarketWise launched, and they brought in a dozen or so well-known investing publishers.

Additionally, they launched a bunch of new publishers and services.

Nomi had been in this space previously, and her newsletters were never well reviewed by customers.

For example, she had an option alert service called 25 Cent Trader, which was rated only 2.6/5 by over 200 customers.

25 Cent Trader eventually shut down because of its poor performance.

But with the launch of MarketWise, Nomi was given another chance at stock picking.

She heads Rogue Economics and launched her flagship newsletter for this publisher, The Distortion Report, last year.

Here are some stock picks from that newsletter so you can see how she performs:

ChargePoint in April 2022

Nomi launched a stock teaser presentation last year called "The #1 Stock for America's Great Distortion."

This presentation was a monster that had to have been seen tens of millions of times.

It was everywhere.

The stock she was recommending was Chargepoint, and at the time of her recommendation, it was around $20.

Here's how it's performed:

As you can see, it's lost more than half of its value in a little over a year.

Silvergate Capital in April 2022

Silvergate Capital is another stock Nomi recommended at the same time as ChargePoint.

This is the crypto bank that Nomi claimed would be the future of banking.

How's the company doing now?


When Nomi recommended Silvergate, the stock was $143!

In less than a year, the company went completely bankrupt.

Block in July 2022

Last summer, Nomi claimed she knew the "#1 Stock for America's New Era," and the company she was pitching was Block.

Block is a payment processing company that used to go by the name Square.

This stock isn't down as dramatically as Silvergate, but it's still down overall.

ESS Tech in August 2022

ESS Tech was another massive presentation Nomi did, and she recommended it in August 2022, calling it a "$4 energy stock."

This company makes iron-flow batteries, which apparently have some benefits over lithium-ion batteries.

Here's what the company has done:

As you can see, this is another stock that's tanked horribly.

So Nomi has had many different newsletters over the years, and all seem to perform pretty badly.

I personally wouldn't want to spend $4,000 a year on Rogue Strategic Trader.

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Rogue Strategic Trader Focuses On Warrants

Rogue Strategic Trader focuses on a very narrow aspect of investing, and this newsletter will recommend warrants.

Warrants function a lot like options, with some key differences.

Like options, a warrant locks you into a specific stock price in the future.

So you're essentially betting that a stock's price will rise past what the warrant locks you in at.

For example, Nomi is recommending buying warrants in a company called NuScale (I wrote about this teaser yesterday).

Nuscale makes small modular reactors and is a nuclear energy company.

Their warrants cost around $2.

So you pay $2 for the right to buy NuScale stock at $11.50 anytime before May 2, 2027.

In order to break even, the price of the stock has to reach $13.50 (the price of the stock plus the price of the warrant).

You're hoping the price of the stock gets to around $20 because, at this point, you're looking at a good amount of gains.

However, you don't have to buy the stocks.

If the stock fails to get over $11.50, there would be no reason to buy it.

You'll just end up losing the amount you paid for the warrant contracts, which for NuScale is around $2.

The main difference between warrants and options is that warrants are offered by a company, whereas options are created on an exchange.

Additionally, warrants tend to last longer than options.

What Is Being Offered?

Overall, this newsletter functions like all other investing newsletters.

The main attraction is that you get a year's worth of warrant picks, and they go out every month.

So once a month, you'll get a new newsletter detailing Nomi's latest picks.

You'll get all the reasons why Nomi likes the company she's recommending and instructions on what to do.

Besides that, you'll get updates on the recommendations and advice on what to do.

Warrants have a lot of clauses in their contracts.

So it's important to pay attention to the updates if you buy this newsletter.

It's not just buying a warrant and cashing it in later.

If the stock performs at certain levels for a period of time, the issuing company can force you to buy it.

Lastly, with this newsletter, you get a training course on warrants.

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Rogue Strategic Trader FAQ's

Still have questions about Rogue Strategic Trader?

Here are the answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How much does Rogue Strategic Trader cost?

This newsletter is very expensive and costs $4000 per year.

The price alone makes it something most people shouldn't buy.

You're not supposed to spend more than 1% to 2% of your investment account on research.

If you do, it will eat into your gains too much and make beating the market basically impossible.

At a minimum, you need $200,000 to invest for this newsletter to make sense.

2) Is there a refund policy?


There's only a credit refund.

This means you can only use the $4000 to buy other newsletters offered by Nomi or her colleagues.

This is definitely a deal-breaker.

3) Is Nomi reliable?

I personally don't think so.

Outside of stock picking, I like her work.

She writes books on the corruption of the financial sector and politics.

So in this regard, she doesn't seem like a bad person.

But her stock-picking services just aren't good.

No matter how you look at them, there's just nothing really positive about her products.

They all seem to lose money.

4) Are there similar newsletters?

There aren't too many newsletters out there that focus on warrants.

So no, there aren't really any alternatives or similar newsletters.

However, there are better-performing stock-picking services.

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Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my review of Rogue Strategic Trader by Nomi Prins.

In the end, I don't recommend that you buy this newsletter.

Warrants can be pretty risky, and these are investments that you have to pay close attention to after you buy them.

There are so many conditions and terms in the contracts, and if you're not paying attention, you could lose your ability to buy the stock at the agreed-upon price.

Beyond that, Nomi just isn't someone who picks good stocks.

Her services have failed throughout the years, and the stock picks she's made recently have done extra badly.

But maybe you're thinking about investing in warrants and buying this newsletter.

Tell me what you think about Nomi and Roue Strategic Trader below in the comments:

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