Stock Navigators is the trading brand of Tom Luong.

There's a couple courses and if you're thinking about buying one you probably want to know if they're a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

I'll show you everything there it to know about Stock Navigators.. you'll see course overview, cost of courses and more.

Let's get into it!

Stock Navigators Summary

Creator: Tom Luong

Price to join: Depends on course 

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

Stock Navigators offers pretty decent courses.

However, the main course (Expert Trader) is way too expensive and costs $4800.

There's many alternatives that are just as good and more affordable.

Also, the refund policy is terrible and is only 3 days.

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Who Is Behind Stock Navigators?

Stock Navigator is headed by Tom Luong (right) and his son Tim.

Tom's story is the epitome of the American dream.

He came to America from Vietnam with no money and not being able to speak any English.

He taught him self English and eventually attended college and earned an engineering degree.

He worked in Silicon Valley.

Tom became interested in the stock market and initially suffered massive losses.

He lost a lot of money in the dot com bubble and was down $1 million.

He decided to stick with trading and to make all the money back.

He suffered a loss in 2008 crash but has profited since starting over (and invested 6 figures in trading education).

Now he runs this trading program with his son.

What Does Stock Navigators Teach?

There's a few different trading strategies in the courses offered by Stock Navigators.

Most of the strategies involve buying and selling stocks pretty quickly.

Some strategies are day trading while others require buying and selling over a course of days or weeks.

There's pros and cons to this.

You definitely have a chance to get profits quicker this way but it's much more riskier.

Day trading has a very low success rate and only 20% of people succeed doing it.

Additionally, you'll need $25,000 in your account to trade more than 3 times a week.

So you'll need a good amount to trade with if you follow what's in the training.

Lastly, day trading is like a job.

You need to make trades at very precise moments and in many instances need to be made at the right hour in the day!

You'll have to treat trading like a real job if you want to make money using these strategies.

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Money Zone Trading Challenge ($97)

The Money Zone Trading Challenge is Stock Navigator's course for beginners.

This course is much more affordable than the one you'll see next.

Honestly you don't get much with this course but for such a low price you shouldn't really be expecting much.

Here's a look at what you're getting here:

  • Ebook covering the basics of trading
  • 3 hours of training in the Trading Bootcamp
  • An assessment of your abilities so you know how well you can trade
  • Private community where you can ask questions and get answers.

The main thing you're getting is the 3 hours of training.

This is only really for people that are absolutely new to trading and know nothing about the markets.

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Expert trader ($4800)

This is the main training program and is for people that are more serious about trading.

It takes a lot of effort to actually buy this course.. there's not just a sales page you can sign up and buy.

People typically don't purchase courses that are thousands of dollars without a presentation and without talking to someone.

That's the process you have to go through to buy Expert Trader.

First you have to sign up with your email and watch a hour long presentation on the trading strategies Tom uses.

This isn't a live webinar and is just a replay.

After getting through this presentation you're prompted to fill out a survey.

You have to give a lot of personal information in this survey including name, email, phone number and more.

When you finish the survey you're prompted to call for a 1 on 1 strategy session where you'll get a free trading ebook.

During the call you'll be pitched on the course and you'll learn the price of the program which is $4800!

Now you know why they want to talk in person before revealing the price.

Here's what you get in this program:

  • 60 hours of training that cover various trading strategies
  • Trading simulator where you practice your trades
  • 3 calls a week where you get to ask questions
  • Market analysis and stock ideas
  • Private community

Who Is Stock Navigators For?

If you're going to invest in Stock Navigators I would recommend two things:

1) You have a decent amount of money to trade

2) You take it very seriously

The first reason is because the expert course is a lot of money and there's mostly day trading strategies taught.

Like I mentioned earlier you need $25,000 minimum to start day trading.

If you don't have that in your account you can't make more than 3 trades a week.

The strategies you're learning in Stock Navigators are for people making multiple trades a week.

Are The Courses Worth Their Costs?

The first course is short but $97 isn't too bad for what you're getting.

However, the second course is another story.

It's very rare for me to recommend a course that costs nearly $5000.

My reasoning is simple: There's so many more affordable alternatives.

You can go on Youtube and get excellent training and stock ideas for completely free.

You can also get very high quality training and mentoring for a lot less.

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There's A Bad Refund Policy

You can get a refund but the refund policy is really bad.

You can't go past the 3rd module and you only have 3 days to get your money back!

Typically you want to see a refund policy of at least 30 days.. that's a fair amount of time for someone to go through training and see if it met their expectations.

It's going to be really hard for someone to determine if a course is for them in just 3 days.

What I Like About Stock Navigators

Here's what I like about Stock Navigators:

Good support

When you're learning something new or something complicated you're going to need to ask questions.

There's plenty of opportunities to do that in these programs.

You can ask in the private community or you can ask on the calls you get.

What I Don't Like About Stock Navigators

Here's what I don't like about Stock Navigators:


The first course isn't too bad but the second one is.

I usually don't recommend spending thousands and thousands on training.

Bad refund

3 days to get your money back is a very bad refund policy. Nobody can tell if a course is right for them in that amount of time.

Mostly day trading strategies

There's some training on long term investment but it's mostly geared towards day trading.

Day trading is very risky, time consuming and costs a lot to get started with.

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Is Stock Navigators A Scam?

No I don't think so.

They have legitimate training and there's success stories in this program.

I just think it's too pricey.

There's more education and training on trading than ever.

You have books, courses, Google, Youtube and more to figure out how to trade.

There's no reason to pay thousands to learn how to do it. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Stock Navigators.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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  • Yes, I found this AS A RIP OFF, OVERCHARGE AND UNDER DELIVERED. This is not worth the investment. You pay to watch videos, then you are on a call for 2 hours and sometimes never acknowledge. I could use that money for something else, and even though you paid the full amount, the day your one year is up. you have no more access the cut you off very quick.

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