Super Affiliate Accelerator is a high ticket affiliate marketing course from Jacob Caris.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.. 

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, course overview and more. 

You'll know if this course is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Super Affiliate Accelerator Summary 

Creator: Jacob Caris 

Price to join: $2000

Do I recommend? Sort of.

   Overall rating: 4/5

Super Affiliate Accelerator is a good course about making high ticket affiliate marketing sales.

If you're already having success with affiliate marketing I would definitely consider buying this course.

However, because it's so expensive I wouldn't recommend for beginners.

Results aren't guaranteed and there's plenty of beginner friendly courses out there for much less. 

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Who Is Jacob Caris?

Jacob Caris is the creator of this course and certainly has had some success in the affiliate marketing world.

He's been recognized as a top affiliate for both Clickfunnels and Legendary Marketer

Both of these programs are pretty competitive so to be one of the top guys in both is pretty impressive.

He's had success with a couple of other programs as well.

He has a Youtube channel as well but it's not that popular with just over 2k subscribers:

This is mostly inspirational stuff.

You're not going to get well thought out training here.

These seem to just be quick 10 minute rants.. it reminds me more of a vlog. 

What Does Super Affiliate Accelerator Teach?

Super Affiliate Accelerator teaches high ticket affiliate marketing.

If you don't know what affiliate marketing is, it's when you promote other people's products with a special link.

When someone clicks on this special link you get a commission.

High ticket just means affiliate sales that make you larger commissions (a few hundred to a few thousand per sale).

There's pros and cons to high ticket affiliate marketing but when done right you can make SERIOUS MONEY.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Overview

Overall this is a well made course and is pretty long (it's designed to be taken over 6 weeks).

Here's a breakdown of each section:

Module 1: Introduction

This is a simple introduction module. 

You'll learn the strategy you'll be using and how to take the course properly to maximize results. 

Module 2: Success Mindset

The second module is a mindset module.

I usually don't like seeing these kinds of modules but since the rest of the course is so helpful, it's not that bad this is included.

You'll just learn certain mental tricks to succeed and avoid failure.

Module 3: Picking A Niche

In this section you learn what a niche is and how to pick one.

Remember you're learning high ticket affiliate marketing so you'll be learning how to select a high ticket niche.

Module 4: Fast Start Process

In this section you'll learn how to get started fast.

This includes learning how to create content, building a network, learning how to do outreach and more.

Module 5: Monetization

Monetization is all about making money from the traffic you get.

Module 5 explains the various methods and strategies you can use to monetize your high ticket affiliate offers. 

Module 6: Closing The Deal

Here you'll just learn various ways to convert your leads.

This includes messenger and phone. You'll also get training on basic sales tricks.

Module 7 and 11: Networking

These modules essentially go over the same topic which is building your network and getting leads.


At the end you get some bonuses which include training on emails, Facebook groups, case studies and lead generation on Instagram. 

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There's No Refunds

Not a big fan of this at all.

Most of the high end courses out there have some sort of refund policy or give you a free trial before you purchase.

However, with Super Affiliate Accelerator there's a strict no refund policy.

This makes the price even worse because you're stuck with this course.

Again, this is another reason why beginners need to stay away from this course.

I make a lot of money with affiliate marketing and so do other people but results are nowhere near guaranteed. 

Most people won't make over $2000.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Pros And Cons


  • Jacob Caris is legit: There's a lot of people in the make money online world that fake their success. Jacob has had provable success, though. You can't really fake success with Clickfunnels or Legendary Marketer.
  • High quality training: The training here is good as well. You'll learn the high ticket business model for sure.


  • Very expensive: Beginners should not be spending $2000 on courses. There's plenty of cheaper alternatives that are just as good. When you start earning you can invest more in training.
  • No refund policy: This is is something I don't like to see, especially with a $2000 course. If someone is really let down or were expecting something different, you should give them their money back.

IS Super Affiliate accelerator A Scam?

Definitely not.

This is a well made course and comes from a high quality teacher.

High ticket affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model and there's people making serious money with it.

I just think because of the price you shouldn't buy unless you have experience.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Super Affiliate Accelerator is a good course but very expensive.

However, there's still plenty of ways to make money from home and online that are much more affordable.

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