Tan Choudhury is a Youtube ecommerce personality and has a course for sale..

If you're here you're probably wondering if this program is a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, course overview and more.

You'll know if Tan is worth purchasing from once you're done.

Let's get into it!

Tan Choudhury Course Summary

Creator: Tan Choudhury

Price to join: $197

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Tan Choudry makes big claims about how much he's made from ecommerce and I have no clue if they're true or not.

However, I do know his course isn't worth buying.

It's not too expensive but it's very short.

The traffic training is slim and there's just better programs out there for you to invest in.

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Who Is Tan Choudhury?

Tan Choudhury is a Youtube personality who recently started making videos (about 8 months ago as I'm writing this).

In a lot of ways he's like other ecommerce personalities on Youtube.

He's young and makes a lot of claims about how much he's made with ecommerce.

According to him he's made over $4 million in the last few years with ecommerce stores.

Is that profit or revenue? Is he being completely honest?

I have no clue.

You should always be skeptical about people making income claims online unless they can prove it

Tan does have a growing Youtube channel, though.

He currently has 20K subscribers and most of his videos get thousands of views:

He also has an Instagram with 70K subscribers.

Tan Choudhury Course Overview

On the sales page Tan makes the claim this is "the most comprehensive program" available but that's simply not the case.

This is basically the opposite.

This is one of the shortest courses I've reviewed in a while.

It's broken up into 4 steps.. here's a breakdown of each step:

Step 1: Unlocking The Viral Product Secrets

Step 1 is all about finding the products that you're going to be promoting.

In this section you'll learn:

  • 3 strategies to find 7 figure products
  • How to figure out if a product will sell or not
  • How to find products that will sell for years

Step 2: Copy My 7 Figure Website

This section is all about creating your store.

You'll learn about the following:

  • What it takes to build a 7 figure store
  • Which apps you need to increase your conversions
  • How optimize for maximum conversions
  • How to make sure your website loads as fast as possible 

Step 3: Paid Aids

Step 3 is about paid aids.. mainly Facebook but there's some influencer marketing as well.

In this section you'll learn about:

  • Specific strategies to scale your campaigns
  • When to cut losers out
  • How to use influencers to make money

Step 4: Dropshipping Automation

The last section is all about outsourcing and automating your business.

You'll learn how to hire people for $2 hour and how to build out your team.

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Not Enough Traffic Training

The most important aspect to an online business is traffic.

Without traffic you won't make any money.

The traffic training in this course is not enough, however.

First off, it basically only focuses on Facebook. Influencer marketing is mentioned but it's minimal.

You can make serious money with Facebook but it's not for everyone. It's getting more expensive and it involves creating ads.

Some people just aren't good at that.

Traffic sources like Google Ads and Google Shopping don't require you to make ads.. it's more about keywords.

Ecommerce courses should teach many different traffic sources so students can figure out which one they like the most.

Price And Refund Policy

This course is very short but it's not too expensive.. it only costs $197.

That makes it one of the cheaper courses for sale.

However, there's a problem..

There's no refunds:

Almost every course I review has some kind of refund policy.

It's not a good sign that there's not a refund policy here. 

Tan Choudhury Course Pros And Cons


  • Inexpensive: I don't think you should buy this course but it's not expensive. Most ecommerce courses are well above $197.


  • Short training: Despite what the sales page says, this is nowhere near the most comprehensive ecommerce program.. not even close! In fact it's one of the shorter ones out there.
  • Disappointing traffic training: Traffic is the most important part of ecommerce and you don't get enough in this course. It's all focused around Facebook and even that training is too short.
  • No refunds: Every legitimate course I review has a refund policy (most are between 15 to 30 days). The fact this course doesn't have a refund policy is a red flag.

Is Tan Choudhury's Course A Scam?

I wouldn't go that far.

You actually get a course and the price is pretty cheap.

However, I just don't think this course is worth it. The training is too short and traffic training is lacking.

I'd look elsewhere.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass over Tan Choudhury's course.

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • I made a mistake by purchasing this course. The course is not complete. He promised that he will add more videos on 30th November. Then he changed the date to 2nd December. It is 3rd, almost 4th, December already but there is no new video. Plus he has a Facebook group for people who purchased the course.

    I will probably be banned from the group for sharing this but I don’t care. Here’s what happened between me and him today;

    Today, I made him a suggestion on the Facebook group;
    “Hey man. I know you’re busy with completing the course but you should be making some time for this group too. People ask questions. Replies from you or a team member, who has knowledge in dropshipping, would be great.

    The reply from him was;
    ” This group is mostly made for you guys to make connections, I will not be in this group answering questions all the time. I will try to be as present as possible but I urge you guys to use each other as resources, unfortunately, I cannot answer everyones question.”

    So this course and this person is just a joke.

  • Just stay away from this course. The worst I have ever tried. The customer support was terrible and was unable to resolve the issue I was facing. All they were good at was charging my debit card on a monthly basis despite claiming that they cancelled my subscriptions.

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