The AMZ Formula is a course from Joshua Crisp..

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about The AMZ Formula including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if this course is right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get into it!

The AMZ Formula Summary

Creator: Joshua Crisp

Price to join: $997 

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

The AMZ Formula is a good course for anyone that wants to sell on Amazon..

It's not overly expensive and the course content is pretty solid.

The problem is the business model. Selling on Amazon is getting more and competitive and there's a lot of costs involved.

Because of this I would recommend other selling methods don't have Amazon's high costs.

Better opportunity: My favorite ecommerce course is Ecom Elites. It has extremely high quality training and only costs between $197 to $297. To learn more, click below:

The Problem With Selling On Amazon

Amazon is the biggest internet retailer and it's only going to get bigger unless the government were to step in.

So I can definitely see the appeal of wanting to sell on Amazon.

However, it's expensive and one of the hardest ways to succeed online.

There's a lot of reasons for this.

The first is you're going to actually have to buy products and this will cost thousands of dollars.

You then send them to Amazon's warehouses and they take up to 15% on every sale you make.

Additionally, you'll probably need to run ads to your products as well.. this will eat into your profits. 

You shouldn't be selling on Amazon unless you have $10,000 minimum. 

And you have to realize success is definitely not guaranteed.

There's ways to sell products online without having to pay Amazon's fees or having to buy products ahead of time.

This is called dropshipping.

You can make just as much money with dropshipping and get started with just a few hundred.

To learn how to do this, click below:

Learn how to sell online with very little risk.

Who Is Joshua Crisp?

Joshua Crisp is a flashy person..

He has nice cars, a big house and he likes to show them off.

I personally don't like when gurus do this because it seems like they're painting an unrealistic picture of the kind of results you can get.

Most people won't come close to this kind of wealth taking his course.

A lot of online personalities fake their wealth too.. they'll just rent cars and nice houses to make it seem like they're richer than they are.

Is Joshua doing this?

I have no clue but it's something to think about (although I'm pretty sure Joshua has made quite a bit from selling on Amazon and course sales).

There's not too much out there about Joshua.

He apparently started from very humble means making minimum wage and used a computer in the local library to start selling on Amazon.

He also has a Youtube channel where he has over 20,000 subscribers:

There you'll find a lot of good, free information about selling on Amazon.

The AMZ Formula Overview

This course comes with 8 different modules plus a few bonuses.

Here's a breakdown of each section and what you get:

Module 1: Introduction 

The first module is an introduction to selling on Amazon and The AMZ Formula course.

You'll get tips on how to approach this business, how to stay organized and all the terminology you need to know. 

Module 2: Creating Your Account And Getting Started

Module 2 is where you'll actually get started by creating your seller's account.

You'll learn how to navigate the dashboard.

Additionally, you'll get some insights on the type of store you should be making and what gated categories mean. 

Lastly, you'll look at Amazon fees and how to determine if the product you want to sell will actually be profitable. 

Module 3: Product Research And Product Verification/Validation

Module 3 is a very important module and goes over how exactly you'll pick products to sell.

The tool you'll be using to find products is called Jungle Scout.. this is a well known research tool and definitely worth buying.

You'll also get various strategies to find products and launch strategies to minimize risk.

Module 4: Finding Suppliers

After you pick a product you need to find a supplier.

There's a lot of steps that go into getting a supplier which includes:

  • Contacting suppliers
  • Negotiating tactics
  • Sourcing direct to cut out middlemen

You'll get training on all of this.

You'll also get training on finding suppliers overseas.

Module 5: Creating Your Listing And Getting Positive Review

Your listing is how your product looks on Amazon and this section teaches you how to list correctly.

This means optimizing your picture, title, using bullet points and writing a good description.

You'll also get some training on how to get positive reviews and how to combat negative reviews. 

Module 6: Keyword Research, PPC And Advertising

Module 6 will cover how you actually get traffic to your products.

This includes keyword research to get free traffic and paid traffic.

Module 7: Maintaining Your Rank And Brand Growth

Module 7 is about maintaining your position in Amazon's search engine and expanding your brand.

This includes keeping your products in stock, patents, hiring VA's, outsourcing work and how to deal with hijackers. 

Module 8: Bonuses And Advanced Tactics

Module 8 goes over some advanced tactics you can use to make even more money and expand.

This includes email marketing, social media marketing and QR codes. 


Along with the core training you also get the following extras:

  • Private Facebook Group
  • AMZ Formula chat room
  • Various templates you can use for your business
  • Scaling training

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The AMZ Formula FAQ's

1) Is this course worth $997?

Here's the thing about Amazon courses.. they're ALWAYS expensive.

Most Amazon courses cost over $1000 and some cost several thousands.

There's a few under $997 but not many.

So for the topic $997 isn't that bad of a price considering what other similar courses cost. 

2) Is Joshua Crisp legit?

I believe he is.

There's always the chance he's faking his wealth and just renting nice cars but he's been around for a while.

His Youtube channel is full of good information too, so he knows what he's talking about.

3) How long is the course?

The course is broken up into 8 modules and has some bonuses too.

It'll probably take you a few weeks to go through everything and to apply what you learn.

4) What does this course teach?

This course is an ecommerce course that focuses on selling on Amazon.. this can also be called Amazon FBA.

This is a tough business model because of the costs involved and how much competition there is. 

5) Are there any testimonials? 

There's a few testimonials on the sales page.

You should never just blindly trust a testimonial, though. I've seen many course sellers fake testimonials.

Not saying that's happening here but it's something to consider.

6) How do you pay for this course?

You can use either a credit card or Paypal.

7) Is there a refund policy?

At the bottom it claims students can get a refund if they have taken less than 25% of the course and request a refund within 14 days of purchasing.

Here's the thing, though.

After that it states "ALL DISCOUNTED PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Absolutely NO exceptions"

The reason this is a problem is the course is stated as a "discount" when you buy:

So not sure if this will prevent you from getting a refund (I believe the course is always at the "50% discount" price by the way).

8) Does the court get updated?

It does state on the sales page that you will get every update to this course for free.

9) How much money will I need to get started?

When you factor in the price to buy products, Amazon's fees, paid traffic fees, training costs and tool costs I'd say you need $10,000 at least.

You don't want to get started to only run out of money.

It's going to take some testing and some loses in the beginning before you make anything significant.. that's just reality. 

10) Are there any alternatives?

There's plenty of ecommerce courses out there.

If you want to see my favorite (that teaches selling products without needing a lot of money) click below:

#1 recommended ecommerce course >>

The AMZ Formula Pros And Cons

  • Solid training: The training in this course is pretty good.. you'll definitely learn all the basics to selling on Amazon.
  • Decent price: $997 may seem high but that's not bad for an Amazon course.. they're usually this price and a lot of times higher.
  • Joshua Crisp seems legit: There's not a ton out there about Joshua but he does seem to know what he's talking about. I don't think he's faking expertise.
  • Tough business model: Selling on Amazon is one of the toughest ways to make money online. It costs a lot and the fees make margins really thin.
  • Weird refund policy: You can only go through 25% of the course if you want your money back and you still might not get it back. Discounted prices aren't eligible for a refund and I'm pretty sure the course is always technically at a discounted price. 
Is AMZ Formula a scam?

No I don't think it is.

In fact, I think it's a pretty well made course. If you're a beginner and want to learn how to sell on Amazon this course will work for you.

However, it's just a tough and expensive way to make money.

There's easier and less risky ways to make the same amount as you would on Amazon.

Here's A Better Opportunity

The AMZ Formula isn't a bad course but there's better out there.

If you want the best ecommerce course you should check out Ecom Elites.

Ecom Elites has high quality training, is taught by an ecommerce expert and is very affordable.

Best of all you won't have to pay Amazon's expensive seller's fees.

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • Joshua Crisp is a Scammer.

    First: Once you pay you will not get your money back. Just do what I say before proceeding go to the bottom of his website and you will realize that there is no way you can get a refund on your purchase since all the price are discounted and the only way to obtain a refund is if you paid the full price of the course. this is clearly FALSE advertising. I emailed them multiple times with various emails I could find but he responded only once with an irrelevant response like a robot!

    Secondly: The the link to the course are completely broken and do not work hard the time. The resource you are give are .pages not word or even pdf do if you don’t have a Mac guess what you basically screwed unless you go through a long process.

    Third: There is no way to contact him or his supposed team. Just call/text the number he claims will answer 24/7 and you’ll quickly realize that no one will respond back to you. No way yo contact a real person

    Forth: This is some sort of scheme the Telegram link is filled with people who really know nothing about Amazon. They talk about UPC codes for small sellers which is laughable at best. They delete messages that expose them as the scum they are in order to trick people into thinking its all legit. They use telegram because the believe they can’t be traced!

    Fifth: They prey on people willingness to make an investment on themselves but don’t trulyy provide any value to you. Im sure he will respond to this post and claim that he has refunded me or that I’m just don’t have what it takes (“This course isn’t for everyone lol”) Don’t fall for this. Youll be better off putting your $1,000 on random stocks in the stock market then buying this course. Trust me.

    Do not purchase his course. His course is mediocre at best and does not have any value to it. He gives out information that doesn’t give you an advantage over other sellers on Amazon I’ve been selling on Amazon for over 3 years and his material is not worth the price. Yes he give information on creating an Amazon business but nothing you can’t find on YouTube.

    This guy need to be reported to the BBB and sued out but people like this only last so long before Karma hits them.

    ADVICE: Call up your bank and report the charge are fraudulent/Scam. Tell them that he uses deceptive advertising and does not provide what what paid for.

    then contact the BBB to report this scam. When they receive enough complaints they will eventually take action.

  • To anyone who reading this Like Black, said an I agree with him and is correct.I had the AMZ formula for a couple of days realized this is not what all Joshua Chrisp make it out to be.I have been waiting for my refund since June 16,2022 like I explain the AMZ program is not for me and want my money back.I keep getting email saying my refund is being process but we know it don’t take that long to return a refund and if AMZ is so great why? Joshua Chrisp are you and Michael Riordan are giving me a hard time.I just want my $4,997back?

  • Actually…. I don’t know who to believe. Everyone want your money and don’t come through with the promise of helping you. I’m tired of losing my &$#b money.

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