The Daily Traders promises to help you become a million dollar trader.

Is this just another day trading scam or a legit place to learn?

You're going to get an answer to that in this review.. and a lot more.

I found some pretty interesting things about The Daily Traders that you should know before buying.

So make sure to read everything below..

Let's get started!

The Daily Traders Summary

Creator: Unknown

Price to join: $494

Do I recommend? Absolutely not.

   Overall rating: 0/5

The Daily Traders is so laughably stupid that I can't believe some people fall for it.

It's probably because they're mainly targeting teens on Tik Tok and Instagram that don't know any better.

There's basically a zero percent chance you make money following The Daily Traders.

Don't buy this course.

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There's ZERO Transparency Here

I watched The Daily Traders sales pitch and the first thing they push is The Daily Traders are transparent..

However, the opposite is the truth.

This is one of the least transparent opportunities I have ever seen.

In fact, I can't even tell you name of the blonde guy up top.

He's gone through great lengths to hide is identity and I can't tell you anything about him.

He never once mentions his name in any of his video and even blocks his name from being seen when you look into who owns The Daily Traders website.

Additionally, in the terms you can see this company is owned by Rumford Capital Group.

I paid $20 to the state of Delaware (where the company is registered) and couldn't find anything there either.

All I could find is they owe some taxes:

This is truly bizarre.

I've reviewed hundreds of stock related programs and have never quite seem something like this.

I've never seen someone just not say who they are and go through so much trouble to hide their identity.

This is a major red flag.

I think it's extremely obvious there's things he doesn't want you to know about regarding his past.

So I was able to figure out the identity of this kid after some commenters outed him. 

The Daily Traders owner reached and claimed he's being harassed and swatted because of this information.

Who knows if that's the truth but out of caution I removed all personal information about him from the comments and site.

However, this doesn't change what I think of him. He's a joke and you should not be buying from him.

Targeting Naive Kids

I looked through all of The Daily Traders' social accounts and it's clear the entire strategy is to target young kids.

This brand is big on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Ever video is a message to young impressionable people:

This kid is such a dork and only a teenager could possibly fall for this.

The truth is you're not going to get rich "copying and pasting" this kid's trades.

He just funnels people from Tik Tok and Instagram to his course.

That's it - that's why he's rich.

If you buy his course you're just financing his lifestyle and paying for him to make these dopey videos.

He doesn't show you real results outside of a random screen shot or results from a single day.

I'd say there's close to a zero chance he's a profitable trader and there's a lot of evidence to back this up.

Day Trading Is Impossible To Succeed With

The reason I'm so sure The Daily Traders likely aren't profitable traders is basically no one profits with day trading.

That's not a joke either - the success rate is close to 0%.

Here's some reasons why you should never get involved with day trading:

The Success Rate Is Less Than 1%

There's plenty of studies that have looked at day trading.

They all come to the same conclusion - nobody is making money day trading.

One study that followed 300,000 day traders for a decade had this to say:

The truth is you'll never be able to guess where a stock is going to be a in few hours.

It's basically impossible to do over a long period of time.

You can lucky form time to time, just like you can get lucky in a casino.

But just like in a casino the house always wins. 

Over time you're basically guaranteed to lose money.

High Fees And A Lot Of Time

Day trading is like flipping a coin but worst.

The reason it's worst is there's high fees involved with day trading.

So it's like flipping a coin but having to pay money to flip the coin.

Even if you were able to guess the flip right 50% of the time you'll still lose money because you paid to flip the coin.

Same with day trading.

Each trade can cost up to $100 per trade and then you have to pay 28% to the government in taxes.

It makes it impossible to profit.

And the worst part is day trading takes HOURS to do every day.

You'll need to trade for hours when the market opens and closes every.

It's like a full time job.

This makes losing money even worst.

There's No Getting Better

All day trading studies show that you can't improve with day trading either.

In fact, the opposite is true - the more you day trade the worst your results typically are.

This again proves day trading is gambling and not a skill to learn.

Day traders will try to say you can improve your odds through technical analysis but that's not true either.

Don't take my word for it either - trust one of the best investors of all time, Warren Buffet:

The only way to make money investing is long term investing.

If you get into day trading you're guaranteed to lose money:

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The Course Is Laughably Short

The Daily Traders course just details how little the person running this company knows about investing.

The course is so short it made me laugh.

If you look at the options section it's about 15 minutes long!

You CAN NOT learn options in 15 minutes.

That would be like me claiming I could teach you another language in 15 minutes.

At least with other day trading gurus they put in effort into their courses.

None of them will help you make money but they at least give you a lot of training.

Again, this just highlights The Daily Traders are targeting kids who don't know any better.

What a joke this whole thing is.

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Let's Clown On The Daily Traders A Little More

Usually I'm relieved when I'm done with a review.

They take hours to research and write and I have other stuff to do.

But I'm not ready to leave The Daily Traders yet.

This kid is truly the King Of Dweebs and I just want to make fun of him a little more LOL!

His videos on TikTok are the most cringe inducing things I have ever seen.

It's so obvious he has zero clue how to be cool.

I mean look at this video of him trying to seem cool:

How much do you think he paid her to be there?

She looks like she wants to kill herself!

Another one of him trying to prove he's a lady's man:

So funny.. these girls are using him and it's so obvious they have zero interest in him.

He has a few more videos with girls in bikinis and the best part is he always has a suit on near the pool.

The kid just sits by a pool in a full suit all day?

Here's a video of him next to what seems like a toy helicopter:

He has several videos of his friends coming up to him like a stranger and just being in awe of how rich he is:

@thedailytrader This trader actually posts his personal trades live #investing #stocktok #trading #stocks ♬ original sound - The Daily Traders

This kid's Tik Tok is an absolute gold mine.. it's like he's a comedian mocking day trading gurus.

The Daily Traders Conclusion

This was a fun review.

A lot of times reviewing stock products is just looking at numbers and boring sales pages.

I think there's basically a zero percent chance you make money following The Daily Traders but they were at least fun to review.

I've never seen someone so cringey in my entire life.

And let me just be very clear about one thing.. there's zero reason to be jealous of someone like this.

This kid might live the single most empty life I have ever seen.

Nobody around him actually wants to be around him.

He's either paying them or they're just using him.

To be honest I think he's going to have some serious legal troubles in his future as well.

The FTC nails people like him all the time.

Here's a few headlines of day trading gurus that had to pay millions after being charged by the FTC:

I don't think the feds will be pleased with The Daily Traders marketing style.

Regardless, just know you're not going to make millions following The Daily Traders or any day trading guru.

Investing is more for building long term wealth.

Some people hit it big with a stock and make millions but that's really rare.

If you want to make millions you'd want to start an online business or something like that. 

If you want to get into investing you should look for long term investments.

Long term investing is also much simpler and takes a lot less time.

Day trading takes hours and buying and holding stocks takes about 15 minutes a week.

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