Hey, have you come across The Ecom Good Life By Mikey Kass and want to know if it's a scam or not?

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, course overview and more. 

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The Ecom Good Life Summary

Product: The Ecom Good Life

Money making method: Ecommerce

Price to join: $497

Do I recommend? No!

Overall rating :  2 / 5

Mikey Kass is the newest the ecommerce guru trying to get you to sign up for his new course.

Overall he's very similar to other young ecommerce "experts" selling expensive courses.

The course is nothing more than mediocre, however, and there's nothing new here that you couldn't find anywhere else.

I'd save your $497 and invest in a better course.

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This Course Is Overpriced

There's a lot of different ecommerce/dropshipping courses out there. 

The sad truth is most are low quality and some are outright scams. You see crazy income claims and clickbait Youtube titles from all of these gurus and a lot of them don't actually make money from ecommerce.

A lot of them just make money from their Youtube channel and selling courses.

Because of this many of these gurus price their course way above the actual price they should be priced at. 

That's what I believe is going on here.

There's really not that much training in The Ecom Good Life and $497 is just way too high.

My favorite course which has 10X times the training and value is only $197

Who Is Mickey Kass

I want to ask you one question: is there any topic in this world you would feel comfortable learning from an 18 year old?

Seriously anything.

Because for me the answer is an emphatic no. 

When I think back to 18 year old me I see a person that maybe thought he had life figured out but in reality didn't. 

I was immature like any other 18 year old including Mikey Kass.

His style is immature, the way he talks is immature, his marketing (showing off cars and his house) is immature.

You have no clue if he actually owns the house or cars that are in his videos or if they're just leased or rented.

Almost every time he talks about ecommerce it just turns into a story of how his overbearing mom would call the cops on him and monitor him with a private investigator.

It might make for an interesting story but it has nothing to do with ecommerce and won't help you be successful.

His previous ventures apparently were making clickbait videos on Youtube where he chased down imaginary killer clowns:

Apparently he has like 10 videos where he found "killer clowns" and clearly these are just clickbait videos.

He also claims he was making $10,000 per month off this channel but that's not true.

There's a little over 8,000,000 views which would come out to around $27,000 in ad revenue total. These videos span over years so he wasn't making $10,000 per month off them.

Kind of makes you think what else he's not telling the truth about..

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The Ecom Good Life Course Overview

Overall the course is very short and filled with fluff.

Here's what you'll learn from The Ecom Good Life:

  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • How to set up a Shopify store
  • Product research
  • Mindset training
  • Music playlist

I'll address the first three points because they actually have to do with ecommerce.

There's a million courses on Facebook and Instagram. People have been using them for ecommerce for 5 years now 

Nothing new is in this course about those two. 

There's also more than just Facebook and Instagram. If you're selling a $497 course you should have Google Ads, Google Shopping and SEO training.

There's no mention of email marketing or anything else like that either.

The product research training is the same old same old as well.

As for the last two points they have nothing to do with ecommerce. They won't help you in any way make money.

My guess is Mikey Kass' knowledge of ecommerce is actually pretty limited. He doesn't know enough to make a full course so has to add filler modules like a music playlist to make it seem like a full course. 

Pros And Cons 

Here's what I like and don't like about The Ecom Good Life


There's nothing I really like here. 


  • Mikey Kass is inexperienced: If you listen to Mikey Kass talk you'd think he's been to hell and back. That's not the case. His college professor mom is just a control freak. Kass is only 18 years old and has typical 18 year old immaturity. I promise you don't want to learn ecommerce from an 18 year old.
  • Limited traffic training: It's 2020 - you need to branch past Facebook and Instagram. There's a million trainings on those two topics. You need to master Google Ads, Google Shopping, email marketing, SEO and more.
  • Too expensive: $497 for this course is WAY too high. Kass isn't too well known on Youtube for ecommerce which means he's promoting this course through paid ads - he has to make it more expensive because of that. In reality, I'd pay MAYBE $49 or so for this, not $497.
  • Fluff course material: Do you really need mindset training and a music playlist in your ecommerce course. Maybe tag those on for fun but these two things are being marketed as one of the main things you get. 

Is The Ecom Good Life A Scam?

Ahh.. probably.

You have no idea if Kass is making as much as he says he is or how much of what he's claiming is actual profit.

Kass isn't a bad entertainer but I wouldn't learn ecommerce from him and I certainly wouldn't buy this course.

There's so many better ones out there from mature and seasoned ecommerce vets. 

We'll see if Kass is still in the ecommerce world in 3 to 5 years.

If he is and is proving he is making money then I'd consider buying a course from him.

As of now I'd pass.

Here's A Better Opportunity

The Ecom Good Life is not worth its price tag.

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I've Reviewed All The Best Ecommerce Courses

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • Yeah, this is bullshit. I only authorized one payment of 47.00 and so far this Mikey pass bull has charged me over two hundred dollars and his system sucks. I can’t even find his emails anymore or log into the account that he swore was going to make me rich for only 47.00. it’s a scam. I want my money back that I never authorized. And I want it now. I am going to sue if I don’t get my money back.

  • TOTAL SCAM! CLAIMS $17 really its $49 + $147 = $156. I requested a refund 2 days after being charged, never even opened any of the material. His support team WENT SILENT. STOPPED RESPONDING TO TEXTS, CALLS, EMAILS. Its been 11 days now with no response. I finally gave up and disputed the charges with my bank as fraudulent. DO NOT SIGN UP, TOTAL SCAMMER.

  • Unfortunately i fell for their “good life” SCAM also and they told me beyond the $500 they already got from me, they would need $1500 more to make it work, so, then i asked for my initial $500 money back within the 3 days right to recend the contract, by texting the whole Mikey Kass team, they all ghosted me, but i also sent the request for a refund by email to their support, and i got an auto reply acknowledging the text and nothing more. So i contact my Capital One credit card company and said i need to start a reversal of the charges, so now they reply to that and say i accessed all of their crap courses and i did not request a refund until 20 days later, so i uploaded copies of my emails to my Capital One credit card folks , and the dammed Capital One folks, who all have foreign accents, tell me that my copies of emails showing them that Mikey Kass Team is lying, was not proof enough, and that they believe those felony criminal liars, so i tell Capital One that they are aiding & abetting Felony Theft, and they reply that they do not care. So now i got another Capital One Criminal action against me as well. ECOM THEFT LIFE should be their name for the scammers, as well as Capital One Company name too! pdwin(nineteenseventyfive)@gmail is where u can verify all that

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