The Kobeissi Letter is an inverting service founded by Adam Kobeissi.

He claims he can help you make money with long term and short term investments.

Is this product legit or a scam?

You will get an answer to that question in this review.

Additionally, you'll get insights into this newsletter you won't find anywhere else.

This includes a look at performance and any red flags that I can find.

You'll know if The Kobeiss Letter is worth it by the time you're done.

Let's get started!

The Kobeissi Letter Summary

Creator: Adam Kobeissi

Price to join: $129 per month

Do I recommend? Sort of (read summary)

   Overall rating: 3/5

On the surface The Kobeissi Letter seems like a good resource for anyone looking to invest in commodities and natural resources.

You get a weekly newsletter as well as the Chart of the Week.

According to Kobeissi the performance since inception (2019) is strong and they've beaten the market in that time.

The only downside is they seem to rely heavily on technical analysis which is sketchy and it's pretty expensive at $129 per month.

Plus the founder is VERY young and graduated college only two years ago.

Not sure I'd be willing to trust someone so young with investments.

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What To Know About The Kobeissi Letter

Before we get into what The Kobeissi Letter is offering, let's take a look at some background information.

This is everything you need to know about this newsletter:

Adam Kobeissi is VERY Young

I always start my reviews by looking into the background of the person that's giving you advice.

I look for red flags and anything that's concerning.

Many people in this industries are complete scam artists with criminal backgrounds and have run ins with FTC, SEC, etc.

By there's not too much about Adam out there and there's a reason for this..

He just graduated college 2 years ago.

At first I didn't actually believe I had the right Adam because this newsletter was founded in 2019 and according to Adam's Linkedin he graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020.

So this launched before he left college..

However, I watched a clip of him on Fox Business and this kid is the right Adam.

You can see him and a Fox Business personality talking about one of his Tweets from the Kobeissi Twitter account:

I'm not saying Adam isn't an impressive young person.

According to his Linkedin he double majored in Business Administration and Biochemistry which is hard to do.

My college roommates were bio majors and they were always studying.

So congrats to Adam on that accomplishment.

BUT I wouldn't want to get my investment advice from someone so young.

I'm sure Adam is very smart but nothing beats experience.

Think about what you were doing at 21 to 24.

Do you think you were in any position to be giving out investment advice?

They Claim Their Performance Is Very Good

When deciding on an investing newsletter you want one that is honest and open about their performance.

Fortunately Kobeissi is open about their trading performance and according to them it's very good.

In 2020 they claim to have gotten 44% compared to 16% returns for the market.

In 2021 they claim to have gotten a 35% return compared to the 26% returns for the market.

With these returns they also breakdown their returns in each sector and give you a list of all their recommednations.

So kudos for transparency from Adam!

Keep in mind your results will differ from there, though.

They compute based on an equal investment into all assets when they make the recommendations.

The prices will likely be different by the time you execute your trades too..

Heavy On Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is when you make you investments based on charts and price movement.

Believers in technical analysis believe stocks and assets follow certain patterns and through recognizing these patterns you can make profitable investments.

This is a chart right from The Kobeissi Letter that shows this in action:

Now.. a lot of people swear by technical analysis but I'm not one of them.

I personally believe this stuff is like astrology and it's impossible to guess an assets price in a couple days based on some charts.

Maybe on a basic level technical analysis can give you an idea about price movement but I am VERY skeptical of it on a whole.

And it's not just me that's skeptical either.

People like Warren Buffet believe it's all BS too:

He's basically saying technical analysis can simultaneously tell you buy or sell.

It's worth listening to Warren Buffet.

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What Is The Kobeissi Letter Offering?

The Kobeissi letter is a pretty typical investing service.

Here's an overview of what they're offering:


This is mainly what you're paying for.

Once a week you'll get a new newsletter with market analysis and investment recommendations.

These investments are usually options and puts in:

  • The S&P 500
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Currencies
  • Bonds

And things like this.

Each recommendations comes with a long form and summary explanation with stop loss prices.

These newsletters are HEAVY on the technical side of things.

Expect to see a lot of numbers, percentages and technical terms.

Chart Of The Week

The Chart of the Week goes out every week as well.

This looks at an asset and breaks it down on a technical basis.

The chart looks at the stocks peaks and crashes and tries to give you a prediction on where there price is going.

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The Kobeissi Letter FAQ's

Still have questions about The Kobeissi Letter?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have.

1) How Much Does Kobeissi Letter Cost?

The Kobeissi Letter is more expensive than most of the newsletters I review and costs $129 per month.

If you want to pay per years it's $1299.

Usually these kind of services offer a cheaper newsletter first and then a more expensive option.

Kobeissi Letter does give you a weekly newsletter, though, which is more than most newsletters give you.

Most newsletters just give you a monthly newsletter with one stock pick.

You're getting much more stock picks here.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?


This is pretty disappointing and I don't see why Adam wouldn't have refunds.

Most of these investment recommendations are only being held for a couple of weeks.

It's not like you can sign up and take an entire portfolio worth of information and get a refund.

In order to benefit from this newsletter you need to actually be subscribed.

Adam should offer some refund and I'm skeptical of anyone that doesn't. 

3) Is Adam Kobeissi Legit?

I honestly think it's too early to tell - he's only in his twenties and graduated college two years ago.

It's hard for me to make a determination about someone so new to the industry.

He does claim some good performance results, though.

Hopefully more customer reviews start coming out as the letter gets older and more popular.

I personally couldn't find anything from customers in my research.

That'll give you a better idea of how legit Adam is.

4) What Is The Investing Strategy?

The strategy is short term call or put options on various assets based on technical analysis.

The trades seem to be executed within a few days to over a month.

So you can call this a swing trading service.

You're mostly going to betting for or against the S&P 500, natural oil, crude oil, gold, different currencies, etc.

5) How Do I Need To Get Started?

You're going to need quite a bit if you want to get started with The Kobeissi Letter.

There's a lot of trade recommendations and you'll need to execute all the trades to get the full benefit of this letter.

Some industries do better for Kobeissi than others.

So if you don't make all trades you can lose money.

This is going to require a pretty big account to start.

I'd say $20,000 minimum is good and the more you can spend the better.

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The Kobeissi Letter Pros And Cons

  • Good results: The people at Kobeissi track their results and they're beating the market so far. However, your results will differ from their's.
  • Weekly newsletter: Most services only give you a newsletter once a month. This one gives a newsetter once a week.
  • Adam is VERY young: Adam only just graduated college.. I'm not sure he's experienced enough to trust just quite yet.
  • No refunds: There's no reason not to offer refunds. Everyone should have some sort of refund policy.
  • Technical analysis: This service relies too heavily on technical analysis in my opinion.
  • You'll need a lot to get started: Because there's so many investment recommendations you'll tens of thousands to follow along. 

The Kobeissi Letter Conclusion

I think Adam Kobeissi is someone to keep an eye on.

He's built up an impressive career so far. He's a double major and already has appearances on Fox News and places like that.

Not bad for a guy that's only 23 or 24 years old.

But I'm just a little skeptical of someone this young selling stock picks.

How much can he possibly know at this point?

If Adam is legit his service will be around for a long time and it's not like he's going to get worst at trading.

Once real customer reviews start coming out you'll be able to judge the performance of this newsletter better.

Plenty of services claim good performance but customer will complain about losing money.

Prices can change before you get an opportunity to make a trade and other things can happen.

There's potential here but I'd probably hold off on buying.

Here's A Better Opportunity

The Kobeissi Letter might turn out to be a good newsletter one day but it's too early to tell right now.

The good news is there's plenty of established investing newsletters with long track records of success.

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