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Jeff Brown has a new technology investing newsletter called The Near Future Report.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this newsletter including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

You'll know if The Near Future Report is right for you or not.

Let's get into it!

The Near Future Report Summary

Creator: Jeff Brown

Price to join: $49 to $120 + upsells down the road

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

Jeff Brown is an investor that focuses on technology stocks.

While Jeff has a good reputation for picking stocks and many people have seen returns with The Near Future Report I'm a little skeptical.

Jeff uses advanced marketing techniques to try and upsell you much more expensive newsletters after you buy.

If you buy resist his more expensive newsletters until you see returns and test out his picks.

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Is Jeff Brown A Scam Artist?

So here's the thing about Jeff..

He gets all these nicknames like "the man who predicted the 2020 crash" and he makes very big claims about stocks he's picked in the past.

However, you can never really verify anything he says.

There's no information about him on the internet of him proving his stock picks.

And every interview he does is staged and is just meant for his sales videos.. so he's never been pressed about his claims.

On the sales page for The Near Future Report he'll show you videos that he claims are him predicting the stock market in 2020.

But there's no way to tell if the video actually was shot when he said it was.

After researching more I found something very concerning about a man named Jeffrey Brown:

This is an indictment filed by the SEC against a Jeffery Brown for defrauding $17 million from investors in a real estate scheme between 2006 to 2010.. eventually Jeffrey Brown pleaded guilty and got 5 years in prison.

I can't verify that this is 100% the same Jeff Brown but there's a lot of reasons why I think it's him.

Here's why:

  1. The Jeff Brown in the indictment was charged with defrauding investors by misleading about returns on investments.
  2. Jeff Brown from The Near Future Report is a talented marketer and he could definitely pull of a fraud real estate investment scheme.
  3. According to the SEC Jeff Brown from The Near Future Report has a mailing address in Texas.. the Jeff Brown in the indictment is from Texas.
  4. The Jeff Brown from the indictment was 43 when he was sentenced in 2012.. that would make him 52 today. This is what I would guess Jeff Brown from The New Future Report to be.

So again I can't be absolutely certain this is the same Jeff Brown but if you add up all the evidence it really does seem like it's him,

This is definitely a MAJOR red flag if true.

There's Manipulative Upsells

$49 for 12 newsletters over the course of a year with a bunch of bonuses isn't a bad deal.

You do actually get that for $49 but you'll be pressured into buying a much more expensive newsletter after you buy.

Here's a post of someone explaining exactly what happens after you buy:

It's well known in the internet marketing world that people who have already bought from you are much more likely to spend money on a more expensive product.

Knowing this many marketers sell a cheap product just to get people onto their email list.

Then you'll get emails like the one described above making it seem like you must act now and buy another newsletter for $2500.

The post up top makes it clear that this was not a spontaneous email either. This is an automatic email that everyone who buys The Near Future Report will get.

So if you decide to get The Near Future Report just realize you're not getting access to all of Jeff's stock picks.

You have to pay thousands more to get everything.

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The Near Future Report Overview

The Near Future is broken up into newsletters with stock news/advice and a bunch of bonuses.

Here's a look at exactly what you get:

12 Month Access To The Near Future Newsletter

The newsletter focuses on the tech market and various stocks that are worth selecting.

You'll also get access to all previous newsletters as well. 

Additionally, you'll get email updates with buy and sell recommendations

Jeff Brown's Second Wave: Featured Bonus Reports

The first set of bonus reports are focused on the economy after Covid passes.

Here's a breakdown of each one:

#1 Biotech Stock of 2020s: Why The FDA Just Fast Tracked The King Of Genetic Sequencing

The first report details a stock that Jeff believes is the best biotech stock.. it's a company called Illumina.

They got an emergency use authorization from the FDA to make genetic sequencing based Covid tests.

You can read more about it here

Toxic Tech: 5 Tech Darlings To Dump Right Now

According to Jeff many tech stocks are overvalued because of the Covid stock market rally. 

He compares them to stocks during the dot com bubble.

You get a list of overvalued stocks that you should get rid of so you don't erase your gains with massive losses.

3 Special Bonus Reports

The next set of bonus reports are the following:

The New Economy: 5 Stocks That Will Soar In The Post Covid World

This report goes over the post Covid world.

You'll get a look at stocks that Jeff thinks are going to explode after we move beyond Covid.

These picks aren't huge companies either so there's a lot of upside.

The Top Biotech Buyout Candidate: The 2,200% Secret

A buyout stock is the stock of a company that was just acquired by a bigger company.

When this happens the stock usually goes up a lot.

This report shows you a potential buyout stock in the Biotech market.

Jeff Brown's New 679% Stimulus Play

Americans will soon be getting another round of stimulus checks and some companies benefit more from this than others.

This report shows you a potential stock that will benefit from these stimulus checks.

Jeff believes it has a chance to give you returns as high as 679%.

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Can I Make Money With The Stock Market?

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Is trading stocks right for you?

I believe it is.. as long as you join the right communities and use the right strategies.

For example, I wouldn't recommend day trading for most people.

It takes up way too much time and it's extremely risky. It's mostly for people that want fast money.

The best way to invest will always be pick stocks when they're low and hold them until they rise.

This could take months and years but it's by far the best way to do it.

Finding the right stocks can be tricky, though. 

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The Near Future Report FAQs

1) Is The Near Future Report Worth $49?

I think it is.

You get some good stock tips that can definitely make you money and some people have gotten good returns.

However, I feel like this newsletter is just the first step in a bigger sales funnel.

You immediately will get persuaded to buy a much more expensive newsletter after you buy.

I'd test out Jeff's picks before spending thousands on anymore of his products. 

2) Is Jeff Brown legit?

It's debatable.

A lot of his reputation simply comes from marketing. He provides little proof to verify his claims and he doesn't do real interviews.. just staged ones that are only meant for his sales page.

I found some disturbing stuff related to a Texan by the name of Jeffrey Brown.

If Jeff Brown from The Near Future Report is the same Jeff Brown from the indictment then I would say Jeff Brown is a scammer.

3) What Jeff Brown's Net Worth?

I found some places claiming Jeff is worth a few million but these are most likely guesses.

He probably makes a good amount of money from this newsletter, though.

If he makes more selling this newsletter than his actual trades that would be a red flag.

4) What is The Near Future Report about?

This newsletter mainly focuses on tech stocks and the economy after Covid.

You'll see stocks that are primed to take off and stock that are overvalued/should be avoided as well.

5) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there's a very good refund policy. You get 60 days to decide if The Near Future Report is right for you.. if you don't like it you can get your money back.

6) How much do I need to get started trading?

Apps like Robinhood let you trade for free so there's really not a minimum.

However, you should never trade more than you can afford to lose.

So if you can barely afford rent this month I would hold off on the stock market.

7) Are there any alternatives?


There's much more affordable newsletters and reports for stock ideas out there.

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The Near Future Report Pros And Cons

  • Good refund policy: 60 days to get your money back is an excellent refund policy.. better than most I come across. 
  • Possible fraud indictment: I can't be certain that the Jeffrey Brown who was indicted and plead guilty to defrauding $17 million from people in 2011 is the same as this Jeff Brown.. but they do share a home state and are about the same age.
  • Manipulative upsells: Right after you buy The Near Future Report you'll be pressured to buy a newsletter 15 times more expensive. It's made to seem like you need to buy or you'll miss out on a stock too.
  • Not my favorite way to make money: Trading is something you can pay an advisor to do for you. You could use your time to make serious money online with other methods.
Is The Near Future Report a scam?

I wouldn't say that it is (although I have my doubts about Jeff).

At the end of the day I think some people definitely made money from this newsletter.

But it's really just the first step in a sales funnel. This newsletter exists so Jeff can sell you a much more expensive newsletter after you buy.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd probably pass on The Near Future Report.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • What you have described here in your article is EXACTLY what I have experienced with the “Jeff Brown videos” and “newsletters”. They all try to upsell you and if you think this may be different, think again. Every one of their emails, newsletters and videos say they are going to reveal to (only because you are a preferred subscriber) for FREE the stock tip of the year and it’s ticker symbol. So you listen for eternity to the video only to be upsold at the end. What happened to the FREE? You get that ONLY if you join the $1,000 plus subscription. Don’t waste your time with ANYTHING related to this person!

  • I’m in complete agreement with you regarding Brown’s manipulative upsells. Also, I share the other investor’s outrage over Brown’s expectation that a client who has already paid is supposed to put down another $2500 for one ticker symbol. For the record, reading between the lines of that particular pitch, I figured out the name of the company he said was about to take off, “possibly as soon as tomorrow morning.” It was Adaptive Biotechnologies (ADPT). Since I was saving the 2 1/2 grand he wanted for that info, I went ahead and bought some of that stock. It promptly went down about $10 and has yet to recover. ADPT may yet be a worthwhile investment, but clearly Jeff Brown had another reason for pushing it so urgently (or, yes, “hysterically”).

    I should also mention that my initial exposure to Jeff Brown was his pitch several months ago concerning special-purpose acquisition companies (pre-IPOs). SPACs was a new concept to me, and I did plunk down the money to learn about ’em. Since then he has identified several of these companies that subscribers ought to load up on, in order to catch the next Amazon/Microsoft/Google/etc. Without exception, each spiked slightly on the day of his announcement, sank immediately thereafter, and continues on a very thinly traded flat line. Again, one of them might eventually outperform, but there was no cause for excitement (other than his, at the prospect of getting people’s credit card numbers).

    I continue to receive chatty emails from him every day, but have stopped reading them. They’re just filler, interspersed with links to additional staged interviews that promote similar promotions, each one somehow pegged at either $2K or $2.5K.

      • Another downside to having money parked in equities that currently show a loss and are not going anywhere is that the money isn’t available for other investments that ARE moving.

    • All the trades he recommended in his Neural Net Profits program which i went for 3 months ago at $2,500 totally tanked and go up and down at low prices never recovering the original set biy price he recommended in a rhythm of day trader stuff whoch i suspect he’s either doing under another corporate name or some affiliate agreement outdide of any easy info access.

  • Thanks for the article! I spent 2500 which I got back because Jeff told about these 7 penny IPO’S that you must buy now. But when I saw the sticks the next day they ranged in price from 8 dollars a share to 14. This I feel was a scam and got my money back. I did use the stock info, but have seen no positive movement. I think a report to the BBB is in order.

  • Thank you so much for the review. I was just about to buz the report i just google and your report came first. A very neutral review that changed my decision. Anyone is kind enough to share the report itself or please share ticker symbols of the stocks to buy for the beginners like me? I still have one question, in this remarkable report, anything is related to this GTE technology or where to invest in it?

  • Hi Dillon,
    I have a former friend of mine that has used Jeff Brown for a few years now. From what my good friend is told me who is still friends with him mentioned that he’s doubled his account from 2 million to 4 million using a lot of the tech pics that Jeff Brown recommends. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge this guy. I know his approach looks very salesy, but I’ve signed up for his newsletter and another level up, so about $250 all In. One trade I could totally pay for this service. I’m looking forward to testing some of his recommendations and will do my best to get back with you once I do to let you know how it goes.
    Best, Tony

  • This man is a thief. I have lost $4000 from his upsells about SPACS. I lost confidence and trust in all these con artists who claim to have call AMAZON, APPLE , TESLA , BITCOIN ETC… i TRIED TO GET MY MONEY BACK BUT I WAS TOLD I WOULD HAVE TO GET ANOTHER PUBLICATION. NO REFUND WAS ALLOWED.
    I have to call out Jeff Brown for he is the biggest scammer ever. All of his recommendations made me lose tons of money and nothing has ever made anything he promises.
    Mr, Brown, you will never get my money again and you should feel ashamed of stealing Americans hard earned cash. I urge people not to watch his deceiving informecials. and not fall prey to this con artist. The only one who get rich from his newsletters is HIM.

  • I just watched a YouTube video where Jeffy popped up in an ad. I didn’t even get to the juicy bit of what he was trying to sell when I decided to Google him to check if he was legit & I happened across this article.

    Obviously the reference to a “Jeff Brown” being indicted of real estate fraud is fairly significant in this judgement. Quoting the article above “I can’t verify that this is 100% the same Jeff Brown”………….well I again went to Google & verified in about 45 sec that it is, here is the article I clicked on my 3rd attempt:

    So….if you are interested enough in Jeffy to write an entire article why would you not Google the fraud bit & confirm it is or isn’t the same guy rather going full on amateur Colombo wasting way your own time (and of people who read your article) researching circumstantial evidence such as the indicted Jeff Brown also came from Texas & he kinda looks about 50??

    Don’t mean to sound bitchy but I just cannot fathom why you not just check.

    • Appreciate the comment.. That post you linked to did come after I posted my review, though.. so wasn’t available for me at the time. I pieced together what I could at the time and I’m glad I was right.

      As far as I can tell I’m the only one to point this out.

  • The refund is not with money back but instead you can only use the amount on his other products.

    After, you are in you start to get bombarded with similar services that also do huge upsels …. Your email is soles/shared to other marketers.

    Every single email is like click is a hook…. To get you open msg wich says “we will anounce the nex something for free” and on the page there is a special offer of 2000$

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