Top Dog Trading is a day trading training program run by Dr. Barry Burns.

He claims he can help you find better entry points for your trades.

Is he telling the truth, or is this all just one big scam?

You'll get an answer to this question in this review.

Additionally, you'll get an overview of what's being offered and any red flags that I find.

You'll know if Top Dog Trading is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Top Dog Trading Summary

Creator: Dr. Barry Burns

Price to join: Depends on product

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

The day-trading industry is basically a complete scam.

Only 1% of day traders can make more than the minimum wage, while the average day trader loses 30% of their account every year.

Nothing is going to change that, and nothing at Top Dog Trading is going to help you beat the basically insurmountable odds of becoming a successful day trader.

Additionally, there's a lack of transparency here and no record of successful trading happening.

In the terms of service, it's stated that all results are just hypothetical and simulated and not based on actual trading.

just another day trading program that you should avoid.

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1% Of Day Traders Succeed

There's a big demand for day trading training for some reason.

But I think it's because most people don't understand the truth about this investing strategy.

Day trading is literally the worst way to try and make money with the markets.

It's proven over and over to be a completely fraudulent money-making method.

Studies that have followed hundreds of thousands of day traders have come to the conclusion that only 1% of day traders make money.

It basically boils down to it being impossible to guess where a stock's price is going to be in a few hours.

There are too many factors involved with a stock's price movement to develop a system that can account for everything.

Additionally, day trading fees are very high, including the cost of tools, training, stock screeners, the cost to execute trades (up to $100), and the taxes involved (28% on all profits made from short-term trades).

At the end of the day, it's just gambling.

You'll probably get similar results if you try becoming a professional craps or roulette player.

Technical Analysis Won't Help You

Top Dog Trading claims they can help you find "better entry points" and that they have "secret indicators."

So the whole strategy here will be based on technical analysis.

Technical analysis is just analyzing a stock's price movement and looks like the following:

Day traders believe stock prices move in predictable patterns, and you can guess a stock's price if it follows certain patterns.

However, there are no legitimate investors who believe in any of this nonsense.

No investment bank or billionaire investor is using these silly charts to make investments.

In fact, the best investor of all time, Warren Buffett, mocks technical analysis on a regular basis and had this to say about it:

I promise you if technical analysis worked, people like Buffett and other billionaires would be using it to make money.

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All Results Are Hypothetical

I know some people who read my review will get angry.

This happens every time I write about day trading.

People go to the comments and just claim I'm bitter or not successful, blah blah blah.

One way Top Dog Trading could prove me wrong is to post their day trading accounts and keep track of their trades.

But you won't find a track record of success on this website.

And that should be a major red flag for anyone interested in this course.

If there were good results, they'd post them.

And in the terms of service, I found something pretty interesting.

Apparently any results they show are just hypothetical,"  come from "simulated trading," and are made using "hindsight."

Found in the Top Dog Trading terms:

This means Top Dog Trading looks back on a trade, claims they would have made it, and declares that a win.

It's not real-time trading with real money.

The reason for this is, like I said, that day trading is basically impossible, which is why they don't have real results to post.

What Is Top Dog Trading Offering?

There are a lot of different services and products at Top Dog Trading.

However, the products are mainly training tools or indicators.

Here's an overview of each:

Top Dog Trading Training

The training at Top Dog works like a series of college courses.

You have your introductory and foundational courses, and then you have more advanced courses that you take down the road.

Most of the training ranges from a few hundred dollars to nearly $1000.

For example, the first trading course covers cycles and trends and is pretty short with only 14 videos.

After that, there's a course on momentum.

Next, you move on to intermediate-level training that covers swing trading (buying and selling stocks in a few days to a few weeks).

Additionally, there's a day trading course, a Fibonacci course, and a candlestick course in the intermediate section.

After this, you have the Top Dog Trading Advanced Course, and you need to take the first two beginner courses before buying this one.

This course also costs the most, at $995.


The other type of service being sold here are indicators.

Basically, these indicators will help you with technical analysis so you can time your entries.

Like I said earlier, though, no amount of technical analysis is going to help you here.

The idea that you can use these charts to predict the best time to buy and sell a stock, all within a few hours, is just silly.

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Top Dog Trading FAQ's

Still have some questions about Top Dog Training?

Here's answers to any remaining questions.

1) Who Runs Top Dog Training?

The owner of this newsletter is Dr. Barry Burns.

I'm not entirely sure what Barry Burns' doctorate was in, but it doesn't seem that he's a medical doctor.

He calls himself a "businessman who has owned several small companies."

After digging into his LinkedIn, it seems he was mostly a network marketer before turning to trading.

Network marketing is also known as multi-level marketing, or MLM for short.

Basically, Barry makes money by recruiting people into his pyramid and making money off the people below him.

It takes a certain type of personality to succeed with MLM, and overall the industry is pretty rotten.

2) What Is The Investing Style?

This is mainly a company that teaches about day trading.

This is by far the worst way to invest money in stocks, and I don't recommend anyone get started with day trading.

Besides day trading, there are some services that have to do with swing trading and options.

But it's mostly short-term trading.

3) Are the prices fair?

At first, it doesn't look too bad, but once you dig into how the courses are structured, it seems way too expensive.

Instead of offering just one course with all the information in it, Burns breaks everything up into smaller courses.

And the courses get more expensive the further you progress.

But to learn everything you need to, you need to take all the courses.

This will cost you several thousands of dollars.

4) What Are Customer Reviews Like?

There are some positive customer reviews about this training, but I wouldn't take any of them seriously.

I searched through them, and none of them actually mentioned making money.

Most are from beginners who haven't caught on to day trading being bogus.

They're just satisfied with the training and professionalism of Burns.

But in the end, making money is the only thing that matters with day trading.

That's all you're doing it for.

And I just don't see any proof that a significant number of Top Trading Dog members are actually making money.

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Top Dog Trading Pros And Cons

  • Too expensive: When you add up the cost of the entire curriculum it costs thousands of dollars.
  • Day trading: Day trading just doesn't work despite what the gurus tell you.
  • No track record of success: There's zero proof that Burns is a successful day trader.

Top Dog Training Conclusion

So that's the end of my review.

Some people reading this will be angry.

They'll just say I'm mad that I can't succeed with day trading.

Every time someone says this, I ask how much they've made with day trading, and they stop responding.

The truth is that there's nothing especially bad about Top Dog Trading compared to other day trading services.

It's professionally run, the training is well thought out, and everything will work like Barry Burns promises.

However, there's going to be something missing from this equation.

You won't make any real money.

It doesn't matter how much training you take and how many charts you learn; you'll never make money investing like this.

You'll be better off trying to become a professional gambler.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Top Dog Trading and all other day trading services.

The truth is that short-term trading like this is nearly impossible to succeed with.

The best way to invest is to invest in companies that do well over the long term.

This is how the billionaires do it.

There are a few services that give out high-quality long-term stock picks.

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