Traders Agency sells various products.. it's headed by Joshua Martinez, Ross Givens and Tim Melvin.

Their products are very expensive and before you buy you probably want to know if they're a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Traders Agency.

You'll see the cost of the programs, what you get and if it's worth it or not.

Let's delve into it!

Traders Agency Summary

Creator: Joshua Martinez

Price to join: $197 to $6995

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2/5

I don't like Traders Agency.

The products offered are very expensive and you don't really get much.

Additionally, there's not much evidence of the claims the creators make or proof they're successful traders.

I'd pass for sure. 

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Who Are The Creators Of Traders Agency?

There's a couple people involved with the creation of Traders Agency.

The first is the person up top named Joshua Martinez. He claims he started with only $500 and traded is way up to tens of thousands.

The problem is there's really not any proof of these claims. 

One thing that stands out about Joshua is he has a lot of products for sale.

Not only is he offering 4 different products on the Traders Agency website but he also has other services.

For example, he runs another service called Money Magnet alerts and that costs thousands of dollars.

You should always be skeptical of anyone who makes big claims about trading performances and doesn't back it up with evidence.. especially when they're selling products that cost thousands of dollars.

You have to ask yourself how they actually make their money.

Is it from trading or is it from selling products? 

The same could be said about the other two, Ross Givens and Tim Melvin, as well. 

They just offer expensive products and never prove their trades.

What Trading Style Is Taught?

All the products offered by Traders Agency revolve around futures.

A future is when you create a contract to buy a commodity at a certain price and at a certain time.

For example. oil is commonly traded with futures.

If you think oil is going up in the future you would create an oil future for a certain price. If the price goes over what you agree upon in your futures contract you profit.

If it goes under then you lose money.

Futures are similar to options but there's a key difference.. with options you aren't obligated to buy.. with futures you are.

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Trade Agency Product Overview

There are 4 main products offered here and they range in price.

They also provide different services.

Here's a breakdown of each offer:

Weekly War Room ($197 Per Year)

The first and cheapest product at Traders Agency is Weekly War Room.

This is basically a trading room that meets 2 times a month with some extras that include:

  • Written description of all trades made after each session
  • Summary ideas
  • Trading tracker
  • And an archive of past videos.

Tunnel Trader ($3495 Per Year)

The next product is where it gets very expensive.

This covers the strategy you'll be using trading futures.

You get the following:

  • 10 videos explaining the trading strategy
  • Kick Start Class 
  • Checklist to help you trade

Additionally, you get access to the private Facebook group. 

Destination Trader ($3495 Per Year)

Destination Trader is another product that covers future strategies.

You get the following:

  • Online education portal
  • Live classes
  • Recordings of previous classes
  • Trader indicator

The Futures Edge ($6995 Per Year)

This is the most expensive product offered by Traders Agency.. like the other offers it's for future traders. 

Here's a look at what you get:

  • Live trading room from Monday to Wednesday
  • Training on futures
  • Futures Edge Trade Tracker
  • Written analysis of trades

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Who Is Trader Agency For?

This definitely isn't a program that's for most people to be honest.

The reason is the trading style is very specific and the products are pricey.

If you're just looking to trade stocks this really isn't for you.

While you can trade stocks with futures it's really more for commodities.

Also, you shouldn't even attempt to use these programs unless you have a lot of money to trade.

The reason for this is most of the products are so expensive.

Every dollar you spend on Traders Agency is money taken out of your profits.

So if you're paying $3495 to $6995 per year you need to make more than that trading or you're losing money.

I'd probably have at least $20,000 if you plan on joining any of these programs.

There's No Customer Reviews

Usually you can find forums where people discuss their experiences with a product.

I usually look at Reddit or Quora or any place like that.

The weird thing is I really couldn't find any chatter about Traders Agency.

This is especially weird because Martinez claims he's helped thousands of people become successful traders.

I guarantee more people who get involved with futures fail than succeed.

So if you've helped thousands become successful there's thousands who didn't become successful.

But no one is sharing there stories online. The only customer reviews you see are on Traders Agency website.. so they're not reliable. 

This a red flag that makes me suspicious at the success of students.

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The Products Are Expensive + No Refunds

All of these products are expensive besides the first one.

What makes the cost worst is they are yearly.

If you're with these programs for more than a few years you're going to pay $10,000+.

That's a lot for a trading room that only meets for a couple hours a day.

To make things even worst there's no refunds allowed!

That's another MAJOR red flag.

The reasoning isn't legitimate either. They claim the educational information is sensitive so all sales are final.

This is bull, though.

I've reviewed hundreds of similar products and most offer some refund policy.

Traders Agency Pros And Cons

  • Too expensive: The products are thousands of dollars and to make things worst they're yearly fees. I don't think you're getting enough to justify such a  high price. 
  • No refunds: This is a major red flag. If you're confident in your product you should allow refunds.
  • No proof of success: There's nothing out there to prove any claims on this site. 

Is Traders Agency A Scam?

It's debatable to be honest.

There's really no proof of any of the claims made on the site and everyone involved just popped onto the scene recently.

The products are really expensive and it seems pretty obvious this is how the creators make most of their money.. by selling courses and products, not trading.

Add the fact there's no refunds and this just isn't a quality offer.

So not sure if it's a scam but it's certainly not worth your money.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd personally pass on Traders Agency.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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  • Hi Dylan, Joshua is the son of Jared Martinez, a forex trader and principle trader (the chief)with Market Traders Institute. They have been around a long time and I can tell you Josh’s claims on his earnings is true. When I joined there site years ago you could download every trade Josh did and see how he did it. So I can verify its true and he is for real.

    I agree his courses are expensive and he went solo a couple of years ago teaming up with two guys I think also worked for MTI.

    I used MTI’S fibonacci trading strategy and it works like clockwork.

  • This is something you want to stay far away from, I actually have a 6 month. MBG but no one will even answer the phone, or emails. I didn’t realize his family has a trading business he worked for before starting his own, and they are known as scammers, and have been in trouble with SEC. So this is no longer a surprise, that he is only interested in peoples money. From what I wrote in notes, Tunnel Trader:
    4 lines blue, 2 lines green and red. When market touches the green lines buy into trade, when touches blue, sell. Red is close the trade. That was a new one for me.

  • Thank you for your review, I wish I could say that I agree/disagree since I’m new to TA. Although I haven’t gotten my ROI yet, I’m hoping that it will happen soon.

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