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Price: Free for first 7 days, $19 for first month

Rating: 9.5/10

Overview: If you’re serious about starting an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is the single best place for you to learn – it’s even good for seasoned internet marketers.

This place has it all. Wealthy Affiliate has top of the line training, support, community, website builder, tools and more. It has every single thing you need to succeed online.

How do I know? I joined Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago and now I make a full time living online as an affiliate marketer. Every year I make more money and work less hours (I work about 15 hours a week right now) and I owe it all to Wealthy Affiliate.

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How Does It Work?

If you’re new to making money online, you may be a little confused by how this all works and how Wealthy Affiliate can help you.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. You pick a market or as it’s called in the internet marketing world a “niche.” A niche can be anything – golf, camping, sewing, make money online, cars. Anything that interests you.
  2. You make a website (this is the easiest part and with Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder you can make one in under 30 seconds).
  3. You create content to get traffic. In Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to create articles that show up on page 1 of Google and attract thousands (and even millions) of readers.
  4. You drive people to an affiliate offer and earn a commission. Say you decide to go into the photography niche and you write a review about a camera. Someone searches in Google for that camera and they’ll see your review. In your review you’ll have links to buy the camera (these links can be to Amazon or other places). Every time someone clicks the link, and makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale.

And it’s that simple.

Wealthy Affiliate makes this process as simple as possible and gives you all the keys to get ahead. The rest of the review I’ll be showing you how Wealthy Affiliate works and how it can help you reach your goals of financial independence.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Imagine getting access to the best affiliate training in the world, with the highest quality tools to help you succeed and a helpful community to answer all your questions FOR FREE.

This isn’t the case for basically all other affiliate training programs. You want to know why? Because they only want your money. They make you pay to see what’s inside.

The creators at Wealthy Affiliate are so sure of their product that they let you try it for free for 7 days. You get to test out every claim I make in this review without spending a single dollar.

Let’s say 7 days isn’t enough time for you to make a decision. To become a full member for the first month will only cost you $19. Every month after that is $49 a month and if you buy a year long membership it’ll only cost you $359, which comes out to $29 a month.

If that’s too much you have the option of staying a free member with limited access. Here’s a break down of what you get:

As you can see it’s definitely worth it to at least sign up to be a free member.

Wealthy Affiliate Is More Than Just Training

Other affiliate training is just that – training. You’ll be lucky if you get a private Facebook group to join after purchasing and most of these groups aren’t much help.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the best training imaginable and explains everything in a very simple and easy to understand way. You’ll feel like an expert by the time you’re done with the training and that’s because you basically will be.

But that’s not all you’re getting. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you’re joining the largest and most active affiliate marketing community in the world.

You’ll be working side by side with people that make millions. You’ll have access to people that started 1 year ago and are already making $7,000 to $10,000 a month.



Over $8,000 in a month. Over $9,000 in a day. Over $7,000 in a week. These are all true stories and are people I know inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Do you know what all these people and myself share in common? We knew NOTHING about making money online before Wealthy Affiliate.

Now we’re all killing it and are our own boss. We make our own hours. We decide when to take lunch. We answer to no one but ourselves. We’re free to do what we want, when we want and it’s all because we took the leap and joined Wealthy Affiliate.

People love helping in Wealthy Affiliate too. In fact, there’s incentives to help and people earn money by helping.

You will never feel lost. You can message successful member directly, you can jump into the live chat and ask questions and you can even email the owners of Wealthy Affiliate directly. When I first started out I must have sent a hundred messages to the owners and each and every time they responded back with an answer. You will not find that anywhere else.

If you want the communities consensus on a problem or a question you can do that as well. Just go to the ask question section and all members have a chance to see it.

In my first 2 year at Wealthy Affiliate I asked 60 questions this way! And you know what happened? I got up to 10 responses to each question and every time I found a solution. It doesn’t get better than that.

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The Best Support You Can Find

When you’re running a website things can go wrong. Your website might go down, you might have slow loading times or some other technical things can happen.

If you’re on your own you’ll have to figure out the solution to all these problems. If you don’t have a degree in computer science this can be an issue.

It’s not an issue for people in Wealthy Affiliate, though.

When you become a member you’ll have access to Site Support and this is Wealthy Affiliate’s version of technical support.

If you have any issues with your website, you can send a message to Site Support and get a reply in minutes (usually 3 to 5 minutes). Most of the time they fix the issue in that amount of time too.

This alone makes Wealthy Affiliate worth it and will save you so much stress on your journey to becoming an internet marketer.

Build A Website In 30 Seconds

So by now you’re probably excited and you really want to start affiliate marketing. You’re ready to make your own hours and make more money than you ever dreamed of.

But you have to be an expert to make a website, right? WRONG.

This is something I thought before starting my online career. In fact, creating a website in 2019 is as easy as checking your email. This is especially true at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder you can create a website in under 30 seconds!

Here’s the steps involved:

  1. Pick the kind of domain you’ll be using (free, one from a different domain service or a domain you purchased inside of Wealthy Affiliate)

       2. Choose the domain you want. If you were doing a photography site or camera review site you might call it or something like that.

3. Next you have to name your website. You should probably just name it the same as your domain. So Fantastic Camera Reviews will work.

4. Choose the design of your website. There’s thousands of free designs to choose from to help you create a professional looking website.

And that’s it!

This website you’re on right now was made with this very same website builder.

How Much Can You Make And How Long Will It Take? 

This is the question everyone wants to know: How much money can you make and how long will it take?

To answer the first part, the sky is the limit. Top tier affiliate marketers make millions a year. How many career opportunities are available in your life where you can say that’s true? Probably none.

How many careers in general can you make millions of dollars with? Top lawyers do but work 80 hours a week. Top doctors do but, like lawyers, work their lives away. Professional athletes do but you have to physical gifts few people possess.

Affiliate marketing gives you a path to make millions without putting in 80 hour weeks or going $200,000 in debt from college. Some people can do it and only work 10 to 20 hours a week. Some can even do it in less.

Is every person who enters affiliate marketing going to make millions? Of course not.

But if you’re dedicated, find the right training (which Wealthy Affiliate provides) and find the right mentors (which Wealthy Affiliate provides), you can make six figures in a pretty short amount of time – under 2 years I’d say.

You can 100% make six figures in less time than that, though. I have the knowledge at this point to build a 6 figure website in about a year and spend little money to do so. I personally have gotten websites up to 4.5k a month in 7 months for free. Here’s a snippet of an article I wrote about it:

There’s plenty of people that come into Wealthy Affiliate with zero experience and end up making 7k a month in under a year.

If you stick with the program for 5 years you can be making up to 20k a month and more. You’ll be learning a method that can be replicated in different niches. In 5 years you may have 3 or 4 websites making you 3K to 5K each a month.

You do need to devote 6 months minimum, however, and that’s when you start seeing good results (between 1k to 3k a month). Believe me when I say this – it’s worth the effort.

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What If You Don’t Have Any Ideas?

Not everyone has a hobby that can be turned into an affiliate marketing career or one that can easily be translated to affiliate marketing.

Don’t worry if you’re in this situation. At Wealthy Affiliate there’s TWO different training’s.

The first helps you choose a niche based on your hobbies. When I first started I focused on natural health and my next site was based on sports and outdoors – both were topics I love and have an interest in.

The second training helps you create a business in the “make money at home” niche. You get training in how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and all the steps you need to earn a 6 figure salary doing so.

So even if you have zero ideas on what you would create a website about, Wealth Affiliate has you covered here as well.

You Get Me As A Mentor!

I know what it’s like to start affiliate marketing with zero knowledge. It can be a little intimidating and can get overwhelming.

If you sign up through one of the links I provide in this review, you will get me as a personal mentor.

I will help you every step of the way until you reach a full time income and I’ll help you past that. I’ve mentored several people reach their financial goals and I want to assist you in the same way.

So if you want me as a mentor and to finally have financial freedom, click the link below:

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You Can Sell Your Website For Big Profits Too!

Still not convinced Wealthy Affiliate is for you? Wondering what happens if you get bored in a year or two and want to move on?

You can sell your website for huge profits down the road!

To figure out a website’s worth, all you have to do is multiply its monthly average profit by 3. So if you can get a website up to $7,000 a month you can eventually sell it for for $210,000.

This is another way you can become a millionaire. If you can get your websites up to $33,000 a month, you’ll be able to sell them for a million dollars or more.

I once got a website to $1800 a month very quickly and sold it for $40,000 (this took about 6 month).

Here’s a snippet of an article I wrote about this:

These types of numbers and much larger will be available to you if you decide to join the Wealthy Affiliate family.

What Are You Waiting For? 

There’s more I can talk about but it’s best you just check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself – it’s free for you to do so.

I love Wealthy Affiliate and I consider myself lucky to have been apart of the community for the last few years. I also love making a full time living online.

If I want to take a day off and just relax or take a trip for a week, there’s zero issues. I don’t have to take a sick day or put in a vacation request to do so.

I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn and can take as long as I want for lunch. I’ve even started hiring writers for my sites and this means less work for me.

You can have all of this too. 40 hour work weeks are an option now. You just have to have faith that you can do it and have faith there will be people inside of Wealthy Affiliate (myself included) that will help you reach your goals.

So if you’re ready click below and I’ll see you inside : )



Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • Hi affiliate doctor, thanks for setting it out so orderly with diagrams and good examples. I signed up for WA but was so excited to start earning that I didn’t follow the program in that order you set out. The best thing about this platform is that no matter in which confusion you find yourself, the community members ALWAYS are ready to help sort you out. Highly recommended !!!! 

    • Thanks for commenting! I had the same issue in the beginning. If you just follow the training and what the community member say you’ll have lots of success!

  • What a great review of Wealthy Affiliate!

    Both enthusiastic and convincing.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a dream come true for the newbie who wants to get into the potentially lucrative business of internet marketing and affiliate marketing in particular.

    Many people are put of by what they see as the technical complexities of getting into internet marketing and especially of building a website.

    So if as you say, a member of Wealthy Affiliate can build a site in 30 seconds after getting a domain name, well, the potential affiliate marketer will be blown away by that!

    Both the in-depth training and the community support sound great too.

    And it’s amazing that you can join for free and try all this out before deciding whether or not you want to become a paid member.

    Thanks for all this information.

    • Yeah when I first started I thought building a website would be difficult but it turned out to be the easiest part of the whole thing!

  • Excellent review!!! I have been a member at WA for a while now and couldn’t agree with you more.  Every thing you have written here is true and gets me excited all over again.

    Probably shouldn’t say this too loud but considering all that WA has to offer and the fact that they are always improving the platform, leads me to believe that they could charge triple and it would still be worth every penny.

    To your continued success,


    • Yeah I definitely agree they could charge more if they wanted. I actually don’t believe they have ever changed their price in 15 years. Definitely worth the money!

  • Very good description of the potential of Wealthy Affiliate from an experienced affiliate marketer.  Very accurate description of the process involved to implement an online business.

    Also good breaksdown of the difference between a free and premium member and emphasizing the quality training provided.

    Added to that the great technical support from the Help Center makes this program a no-brainer.  Also emphasizing that it takes a good 6 months to set the foundation is very helpful for people considering this business model and program to know.

    Offering your personal mentorhisp is a valuable bonus.  All in all very good job of presenting Wealthy Affilate.

    • Appreciate it Joseph. I personally love Wealthy Affiliate and is one of the few programs that’s delivered. Definitely worth checking out!

  • Hey bro, i have just discovered WA, and i have been loving it ever since. I have been strugling for a while to make sme extra income, as my current one cant cover my expenses. Your story inspired, and i am more fired up to learn about the different ways i can make money through afiliate marketing. Keep providing good content. thank you.

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