Dave Forest is out with a new presentation.. he's calling it Jeff Bezos' Lucky Deal #7 (it's also going by Bezos' Next Billion Dollar Bet).

In this teaser Dave is claiming you can make big bucks if you invest in a certain company..

The problem?

Dave won't reveal the stock unless you buy his newsletter.

Well, I have good news.. I figured out what the company he's talking about in this presentation.

I'm going to reveal it below.

Additionally, I'm going to give you information on the company so you can decide if it's a good investment.

Let's get started!

Jeff Bezos' Lucky Deal #7 Summary

Creator: Dave Forest

Company: Lion Electric

Symbol: LEV

The stock being teased by Dave is Lion Electric - Amazon just made a big order to buy electric trucks from them.

He's not recommending the stock but instead is recommending buying warrants in the company.

The warrant price and stock have dropped big since this teaser started running (not good for people who listened to Dave).

Additionally, Dave is pitching his newsletter Strategic Investor - this newsletter is decent and worth buying. It has serious red flags, though.

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Revealing Jeff Bezos' Lucky Deal #7

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This entire presentation revolves around a bunch of deals Amazon has made with previous companies.

In the teaser Dave Forest talks about companies Amazon has invested in previously and as a result profit went up dramatically.

According to Dave there's been 6 of these deals already:

The problem is non-accredited investors couldn't get involved with any of these deals.

However, Dave has identified a new Amazon deal where the public can get involved with.. 

After talking about this Dave starts dropping hints about this 7th company.

He talks about Amazon looking to be carbon free by 2040 and has ordered 100,000 electric vehicles to do so.

Dave thinks one company will eventually get a huge cash investment from Amazon to fulfill these orders.

Then Dave drops the hint that allowed me to figure out what the company's name is:

A simple google search reveals a Canadian company called Lion Electric is building a 900,000 square foot factory in Illinois:

Looks like we have a match.

Just to be sure I looked up Lion Electric and Amazon and there's a deal between the two companies:

There you have it!

However, there's more to this pitch and the investment you need to understand.

Dave isn't recommending buying stock - he's recommending warrants.

Is this is a good idea?

We'll investigate that in the next section.

Is Investing In Lion Electric A Good Idea?

I'm not going to specifically tell you whether buying into Lion Electric is something you should or should not do.

However, I am going to show you some information so you can make up your own mind.

First, this teaser started running back in October 2021 and it has done TERRIBLY in that time.

The stock has lost more than half of its value since this presentation launched:

All tech stocks are down right now and electric vehicle stocks are getting pounded.

However, Dave isn't recommending just buying the stock.. he's recommending warrants.

A warrant is similar to an option but instead of being between two investors, a warrant is between an investor and a company.. in this case Lion Electric.

You're basically betting that Lion Electric's stock will be more than $11.50 by 2026.

If you buy a warrant on Lion Electric and the stock goes over $11.50, you still get to buy the stock at $11.50.

The plus side to a warrant is you don't actually have to buy the stock if you don't want to.

The downside is each warrant costs money.

Lion Electric warrants have been going down significantly since the launch of this presentation.

This chart tracks the price of Lion Electric warrants:

When Dave first recommended Lion Electric it cost $4 per warrant.

If you wanted a warrant in 1000 stocks it would have cost you $4000.

However, the price of warrants for Lion Electric has fallen to $1.30.

So warrants in 1000 stocks of Lion Electric will only cost $1300 now.

This is a big deal because if you don't want to buy Lion Electric stock in the future you lose the cost of the warrants.

It's looking less and less likely that it will hit $11.50 so anyone that invested back in October 2021 might lose the cost to buy the warrants ($4 per stock).

Most Wall Street analysts are cooling off on what they believe the stock will be worth in the future too:

The warrants expire in 2026 so that's a long time for Lion Electric stock to move up and down.

The warrants only hold value if the stock gets over $11.50, though.

Will it get over that?

Only time will tell.. but because the stock is so low just buying the stock might be the better play now. 

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Dave Forest's Stock Picking Performance

Dave has been around for a while in the stock picking world.

He does these teaser presentations all the time and you can learn about Dave's ability to picks stocks by looking at the performance of the recommendations.

Here's a few he's done in the past:

Lyans, Rare Element Resources And Nambia in 2020

Back in January 2020 Dave hyped 3 stocks he believed would see 60x gains.

They were all in the 5g market.

Here's how each performed.

First we have Lynas:

As you can see this stock went up a bunch in the years following the recommendation.

At one point it was at $8.

This is a very good stock pick.

Next, we have Rare Element Resources:

This is another one that did well for a while.

At one point you could have made more than 4 times your money.

Nambia Critical Metals hasn't performed as well but it's still done decently well:

Ivanhoe Mines In December 2019

Dave called Ivanhoe Mines "Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare."

The stock really has nothing to do with Elon and that's just a way for Dave to get attention.

This turned out to be another excellent stock pick:

Midland Exploration And Liberty Gold

These two stocks were marketed as "penny gold stocks set to soar 1,000%."

Midland Exploration didn't perform that well:

This one lost about half of its value which isn't good.

The next stock has done much better:

You had a chance to triple your money here. 

However, if you held onto it after the peak you'd be down overall.

After looking at these stock picks it's pretty clear Dave knows what he's talking about.

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My Big Warning With Strategic Investor

The whole point of Jeff Bezos' Lucky Deal #7 presentation is to get you to buy Strategic Investor, the newsletter Dave Forest is selling. 

The newsletter is only $49 to try for a year and I think it's worth considering.


I have a MAJOR warning about this newsletter...

It's owned by a horrible company called Agora. 

Agora is the biggest investing newsletter distributor in the country and they own dozens of publications and sell hundreds of newsletters.

This company is extremely predatory and sells legitimate scams.

Just last year they were caught selling fake diabetes cures and financial scams to senior citizens:

The problem is $2 million is nothing to Agora - they make hundreds of millions every single year.

Because of this they continue to prey on seniors and sell sketchy products:

Once you buy Strategic Investor you become a target to Agora.

You will be promoted dozens of products every single day and some will cost thousands of dollars.

They'll use every trick in the book to get you to buy.

This includes scaring you, shaming you, misleading you and more.

So if you buy Strategic Investor be prepared for that.

Don't fall for the upsells - typically these expensive services never work out well.

Wrapping Things Up

So you now know everything about Jeff Bezos' Lucky Deal #7.

You know the company is Lion Electric and you know Dave wants you to buy warrants in this company.

You also know how well this stock has been performing (not great) and you've seen how the warrant price has dropped a lot.

Additionally, you now know Dave is a competent stock picker and his service might be worth buying.. if you can deal with the headache of it being owned by Agora.

If you don't want to deal with the Agora headache I have good news..

There's plenty of alternative investing newsletters that are better in quality and aren't owned by Agora.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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