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In 2015 I was in a pretty bad place. I had recently gotten out of a bad relationship and I was working a job I didn't really like. In short, I wasn't happy.

One day I started looking up ways to make money online because I needed a change. I saw various obvious scams (earn $100,000 in 12 days and other ridiculous claims like that) and opportunities that just didn't seem worth my time.

Then I came across a place called Wealthy Affiliate. Something was different about this place. I saw proof of people making serious money online and Wealthy Affiliate didn't sell itself as a get rich scheme - they said the opposite!

They claimed there's no such as a get rich scheme. You'll have to work the same way you'd have to work to build any other business. The only difference is an online business is much cheaper than a brick and mortar business (an online business can run for $50 per month) and you don't need to own stock or any products with an online business. 

I respected that Wealthy Affiliate told the truth and decided to give them a shot. I actually quit my job (at lunch) and jumped in without really knowing what I'd be doing.

The rest is really history. In the time since I've:

  • Built 3 different businesses that have made over $2000 per month in under 6 months
  • Sold a business for over $40,000
  • Sold another business for $30,000
  • Hired 3 different employees
  • Make more now than I ever did before
  • Wake up when I want and take off days when I want.

I'm forever grateful for Wealthy Affiliate and the fact I'm able to earn a full time income online. If you're skeptical about making money online don't be. 

I started with zero experience and zero technical skills (you don't need any). Yet I was able to make it work. In fact, my laptop was missing 6 buttons when I first started!

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Dylan has been a mentor for me - his training modules inside Wealthy Affiliate are truly what finally gave me that "aha!" moment, his guidance what led to me now making a pretty sweet income from my website. Wealthy Affiliate is a great online "affiliate marketing university" - definitely look up Dylan Rieger when you come aboard!


I can go on and on about how awesome Dylan is, but in a nutshell, your success will especially happen if you get an experienced and helpful person as your mentor (which Dylan is)


Making Money Online Is Simple!

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