Colin Tedard of The Near Future Report is out with a new stock teaser.

He claims to know how to get you rich from "AI 2.0" and offers three stocks to help you do this.

These stocks are referred to as his "AI Aftershock" picks.

The bad news is that Tedard wants you to pay him money to learn the name of the stocks.

The good news is that he left enough clues to make good guesses at what he's pitching.

I reveal my guesses below and give you information on the stocks so you can get right into it.

Let's get started!

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AI Aftershock Pick #1: Customer Service AI

Typically, I like to breakdown the teaser before getting to the stocks, but to be honest, there's nothing really to breakdown in this teaser.

It's what 100 other people have said so far: AI is here, and it's going to be huge.

Same story, just some different stocks to take advantage of this trend.

The first stock is a customer service AI.

This stock, I'm 100% sure, is ServiceNow.

ServiceNow helps companies automate and streamline their internal processes, like IT service requests, employee onboarding, and even security incident response. Imagine it as a digital conductor, orchestrating tasks and data across departments, making everything run smoother and faster.

So, is ServiceNow a good investment? Let's weigh the pros and cons:


  • Market leader: ServiceNow is the dominant player in this growing market, with a loyal customer base and strong brand recognition.
  • Recurring revenue: Their subscription-based model means predictable income and potential for continued growth as companies expand their use of the platform.
  • Innovation: They continuously invest in research and development, constantly adding new features and functionalities to their platform, keeping them ahead of the curve.
  • Solid financials: ServiceNow boasts a strong track record of revenue and profit growth, making them a financially stable investment.


  • Valuation: With a high stock price, ServiceNow might not be suitable for risk-averse investors. A potential market correction could lead to significant price drops.
  • Competition: While they're the leader, competitors are nipping at their heels. Microsoft and other giants are entering the space, potentially pressuring their market share.
  • Macroeconomic factors: Overall economic conditions can impact their growth, as companies might tighten their IT budgets during downturns.

The verdict? ServiceNow is a promising company with a strong track record and market leadership. However, its high valuation and potential competition mean it's not without its risks.

AI Aftershock #2: The Limitless Doctor

The next stock I'm not 100% sure on but I think it's iCad.

iCad develops software that helps radiologists detect and diagnose cancer earlier and more accurately. Their flagship product, the ProFound AI Breast Health Suite, uses artificial intelligence to analyze mammograms and flag suspicious lesions that might be missed by the human eye. This can lead to earlier intervention, better treatment outcomes, and ultimately, saved lives.


  • Cutting-edge technology: iCad is at the forefront of AI-powered medical diagnostics, with their software consistently demonstrating improved accuracy in cancer detection.
  • Growing market: The demand for AI solutions in healthcare is booming, and iCad is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend.
  • Strong partnerships: They collaborate with leading healthcare institutions and imaging equipment manufacturers, giving them access to a vast market and valuable data.
  • Potential for social impact: By improving cancer detection, iCad has the potential to save countless lives and positively impact global health.


  • Regulatory hurdles: The medical technology field is subject to strict regulations, and obtaining clearances and approvals can be a lengthy and expensive process.
  • Competition: While iCad is a leader, other companies are also developing AI-powered cancer detection tools, creating a competitive landscape.
  • Reliance on adoption: Healthcare providers need to be convinced of the technology's benefits before integrating it into their workflow, which can take time.
  • Ethical considerations: AI in healthcare raises important ethical questions about data privacy, bias, and transparency, which iCad needs to address responsibly.

The verdict? iCad is a company with immense potential, both financially and for the greater good. However, the healthcare sector is complex, and challenges like regulatory hurdles and competition should be considered. Ultimately, the decision to invest depends on your own risk tolerance and belief in the power of AI to revolutionize healthcare.

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AI Aftershock Pick #3: The Automatic Accountant

Colin's team made a typo here; it's supposed to say AI Aftershock #3, not #2.

Anyway, there are really not enough clues to give a good guess on this one.

Some possible answers to which stock this could be are SAP SE, C3.AI, Appian, or Palantir.

Each of those has different services that can be used with accounting.

But again, there are not enough clues to be really sure any of them are the answer.

If you do have this newsletter and want to tell me what the answer is, comment below.

Is The Near Future Report Worth It?

So the only question left to answer is whether the Near Future Report is worth getting.

I personally don't think it is.

I've been following this newsletter for years, and it hasn't performed well at all.

Jeff Brown used to head this newscast but was fired from Brownstone due to poor performance.

I don't think Colin is going to magically make things better.

The newsletter might be cheap, but they're going to send you so many expensive upsells after you buy.

It's really annoying.

On top of all this, they're faking testimonials on the sales page:

So yeah, I don't think the folks over at Brownstone Research are very trustworthy.


So now you know my thoughts on Colin Tedard's newest stock teaser.

One stock I'm 100% sure of, the second stock I'm pretty sure of, and the last one I don't know.

In the end, though, I wouldn't recommend buying this newsletter to find out the names of the two stocks I'm not sure about.

Are you thinking about investing in AI 2.0?

Let me know below!

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