0-100K System is an ecommerce course from Alison Prince..

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including background information, price to join, content overview and more.

You'll know if 0-100K System is right for you.

Let's get into it!

0-100K System Summary

Creator: Alison Prince

Price to join: $997

Do I recommend? Not really.

   Overall rating: 3/5

100K System is a course that teaches dropshipping/ecommerce.

There's definitely some positives here like quality training and realistic promises.

Also, it seems like a good place for women to learn ecommerce (there's a lot of bro culture in ecommerce that might turn off a lot of women).

However, I think it's a little too expensive.

There's other ecommerce courses that are higher quality and much cheaper.

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Who Is Alison Prince?

Alison Prince is the creator of this course and according to her she's been doing ecommerce for over a decade.

In fact, she created multiple 7 figure ecommerce stores before creating 0-100K System which is refreshing to see.

The ecommerce world is dominated by young immature gurus. 

They make a little bit of money and then start selling courses.

Many of them fake their wealth and show off rented cars and rented apartments and things like that.  

Alison takes a different approach which I appreciate.

In a lot of ways she reminds me of The Selling Family

She's seems family oriented and she's not promising absurd riches in a short period. 

Alison also has a Youtube channel where she posts every once in a while:

There's some good information on this channel.

0-100K System Overview

0-100K System is a brisk course that's taught over a 6 week period.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn in each section:

Week 1

Week 1 is primarily an introduction module. 

Here you'll learn all the basics of ecommerce including:

  • Common phrases you'll hear in ecommerce
  • All the legal information you need to properly set up your business
  • How to keep track of product inventory

And more.

Week 2

Week 2 is when you actually get into training that will help you make money.

This section will teach you the following:

  • How to make a professional looking store
  • How to motivate yourself and mindset training
  • How to find products that are trending
  • How to import products to your store
  • How to properly calculate your profit margins
  • How to price your products.

Week 3

Week 3 is short and goes over the following:

  • How to make your product look good when listing it
  • Which platforms you should be selling your products on
  • Which online shopping carts you should use

Also, during this week you'll get access to Alison's Little Black Book Of Manufacturers. 

Week 4

Week 4 focuses on tips about growing your business.

Here you'll learn about the following:

  • How to manage your shipping
  • How to build and use an email list
  • How to create emails that your customers will want to open
  • How to optimize to make as many sales as possible

Week 5 

Week 5 deals with conversions and traffic.

In this week you'll learn about the following:

  • How to get customers to your online store
  • How to use Clickfunnels
  • Which social platforms work the best

Additionally, you'll learn how to use the Little Black Book Of Manufacturers (Chinese and US editions) and you'll see Alison's Golden Book Of Influencers.

Week 6

Week 6 is the last module.

Instead of getting step by step training like you have been getting you get access to the bonus section.

The bonus section is mainly training from industry leaders who cover various ecommerce topics.

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This Is A Woman Focused Community

Ecommerce training is dominated by men.

In a lot of cases there's a frat boy vibe to the community. A lot of young 20 something year olds started selling courses in the last few years.

Youtube was mostly responsible for this.

A lot of these guys a pretty much scammers. They don't have a ton of experience and just sell courses to make money.

I can see why this marketing style would turn off a lot of people, especially women.

So if you're looking for a community that's a safe space for women 0-100K System is a good fit.

I'm not even saying this because Alison is a woman.

It's clear she's marketing to women and moms. 

If you go to the sales page almost every single customer testimony is a woman:

There's a pretty big community inside 0-100K System and you can learn a lot in this community.

So keep in mind this a woman focused community. 

Price And Refund Policy

$997 wouldn't make this the most expensive ecommerce course but it is higher than most courses.

Do I think I it's worth this price?

Not really.

The training is decent but there's not a lot of traffic training and the course overall is pretty short.

Additionally, there's a 14 day refund policy.

This is a no questions asked refund policy which is good.

0-100K System Pros And Cons

  • Alison is legit: Alison began making money with ecommerce almost a decade ago. She made a good amount of money before creating her course which is something you like to see.
  • Good refund policy: Many refund policies require you to jump through a lot of hoops to get your money back. This one is 14 days and no questions asked - pretty good!
  • Too expensive: I don't think this course is worth $997. Maybe if it were half as much I'd be more willing to recommend it.
  • Not enough traffic training: The training in this course isn't enough and not detailed enough. Traffic is the most important part of your online business so it's a big deal.
Is 0-100K System A Scam?

Definitely not.

This course is legit and the creator is legit. There's also a strong community within 0-100K System which is important too.

I just think the training is a little short and too expensive.

There's better alternatives that cost less.

Here's A Better Opportunity

0-100K System isn't a bad course but there's better out there.

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

  • Hey! I love your reviews! Just this one about Alison’s program is not totally accurate. Just wanted to share a few points:

    So its not a 6-week course. Its a go-at-your-own-pace course as you build your business. Which is super duper handy since sometimes life gets in the way and you have to set things aside and get back to them later, so people can do that with this course. Even set it aside for years and she will be right there ready to help when you want to show up.

    It’s not expensive considering you know when you offer something for free or cheap, it doesn’t seem like it has much value and people see it as cheap.

    Also, she is showing up doing Live Q&A’s as well as giving top notch updated training and bringing in top notch people in the com biz to dish out gold to her students every Thursday for the life of the course, meaning, you could be 70 years (and as long as she isn’t in an old folks home!) she will be showing up helping you grow your business. So you have that initial cost, and then nothing more as she continuously is updating modules and staying on the cutting-edge of the ecomm world.

    Maybe you missed it but there is a whole section on driving traffic as that is the whole focus after you have a product. Also she has a secret Trend Generator she created for her students to know what items are trending, also she has a Profit Margin Calculator that helps you know exactly what to price your items for so you know you are making a profit (this is so tricky to figure out on your own so these tools are super helpful).

    I love that she started out teaching her teen daughters how to do this and they made their first 6-figures in 9 months while in high school. I don’t know of many who have done that so she gets mad respect from me.

    I’m just a regular stay at home Mom with 3 kids and no formal education in sales. Thanks for your review! I bought the the course & I have made well over 6-figures myself using just what she shares in it, just this past year! Best 2020 ever!

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