Nomi Prins is out with a new stock presentation hyping up a company she calls The #1 Stock For America's New Era.

She claims America and the world is headed to a permanent recession because of the actions the elites and bankers are making.

Nomi thinks this stock can help you avoid the long term destitution coming your way.

There's one problem though..

She won't tell you the name of company unless you buy her newsletter.

I have good news!

I was able to figure out the name of the stock being teased and reveal it below.

Additionally, I'll give you some information on the company and The Distortion Report, the newsletter Nomi is promoting.

Let's get started!

#1 Stock For America's New Era Summary

Stock: Block

Stock symbol: SQ

Price (8/4/2022): $88

This is a long presentation and Nomi explores a lot of themes in this one.

Essentially it boils down to the elite bankers of the world creating a world wide digital currency and ending paper money.

She believes Block is a good play for the future cashless society.

Block (formerly Square) is a digital payment processor that works for businesses of all sizes. They also own Cash App which is another product that allows you to share money digitally.

Most people believe this is a good stock to buy and a strong company.

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Full Video Breaking Down #1 Stock For America's New Era

Figuring Out The #1 Stock For America's New Era

I've covered Nomi Prins a lot in the past.

I reviewed her investing newsletter called The Distortion Report, I revealed her #1 Stock For America's Great Distortion, reviewed the publisher of her newsletters Rogue Economics, etc.

So I am very familiar with Nomi at this point and how she teases stocks.

I also understand the way she markets her newsletters.

And today we're going to decode her presentation hyping up The #1 Stock For America's New Era.

The theme of this teaser is America is heading into a forever recession because Biden's new executive order:

So what's this executive order do?

Apparently it gives power to a global central banking cabal that want to usher in a new digital currency.

That's the jist of this very long presentation.

There's a lot of fear mongering which all stock pickers use to sell their products.

Nomi talks about wealth inequality, recessions, inflation, cost of living, etc.

She hits all the notes.

It is worth noting that Japan literally said they're not going along with any digital money plans due to lack interest and utility

Whatever Nomi is saying is coming in this presentation isn't guaranteed to come.

Anyway.. back to the presentation..

Nomi believes there's one company you can invest in to ensure you're not poor forever.

This company will thrive in a digital, cashless society according to her.

After hinting at the company she drops the clue that reveals it.

She shows an article from CNBC calling this mystery company the Bank Of The Future:

I was able o find this article and it reveals the name of the company:

The company Nomi is teasing is called Square and this company changed it's name to Block.

So at the time the CNBC was written is was Square and now it goes by Block.

What Is Block?

Block is a digital payment processing company that owns a lot of assets in digital payments.

Block has point of sale products that allow businesses to use tablets to take credit card payments.

What makes Block unique is they work for businesses of all sizes.

Additionally, they own the popular Cash App which is installed on my phone.

This allows people to digitally transfer money between users.

For example, if you go out you can pay a friend through Cash App instead of having to take cash out or carry cash around.

Block has also made headlines by purchasing Afterpay (a service that allows you to buy now and pay later) and Tidal (a subscription service to stream music).

This company is a growth stock and reached crazy heights because of the pandemic:

Like all high value growth stocks, its share price plummeted in 2022 to pre-pandemic levels.

Most stock pickers believe this is a good stock pick - especially right now because of the drop in price.

There's going to be volatility and definitely a lot of competition but it does seem like a good investment for the long run.

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Is Nomi Prin's Newsletter Worth It?

Like I said earlier - I've covered Nomi a lot in the past.

She's a former Wall Street Executive and has written interesting books on the banking industries stranglehold on the office of the presidency.

However, I'm not really a fan of the newsletter The Distortion Report.

This is the product she's trying to get you to buy with this teaser.

The Distortion Report is a new service so it really can't be judged yet.

However, she's run stock picking services in the past that failed.

For example, Nomi ran a now defunct option alert service called 25 Cent Trader and it only received a rating of 2.6/5 at Stock Gumshoe:

Most people complained they lost money and by the time they tried executing the trade the price had already changed.

On top of all this Nomi works for a horrible company called Agora.

Agora is a massive company that owns many popular investing newsletter publishers.

They're pretty unethical, though, and just last year were caught defrauding elderly people:

Is this really a company you want to give your money to?

On top of this once you buy The Distortion Report you'll be promoted crummy services from other Agora publishers.

For example, Teeka Tiwari is heavily promoted to Nomi Prin's audience.

Teeka is such a lowly character he's literally banned from Wall Street.

There's so many headaches involved with dealing with an Agora owned product.

It's best to avoid most of them.

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Wrapping Things Up

Well there you have it!

You no longer have to buy The Distortion Report to learn what the #1 Stock For America's New Era is.

It's Block and you have a little information on whether it's a good buy or not.

You even know my feelings towards Nomi and her employer Agora.

My suggestion now is to find a good stock picking service and start building out your portfolio.

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