The Palm Beach Letter is an investing service from Teeka Tiwari.

He claims their goal is to be the best investing newsletter in the world.

Does it live up to this, or is it another financial scam?

You'll get an answer to this question in this review and more!

You'll see background information on Teeka you won't find anywhere else, an overview of what you get with Palm Beach Letter, and more.

By the time you're done reading, you'll know if The Palm Beach Letter is right for you.

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Palm Beach Letter Summary

Creator: Teeka Tiwari

Price to join: $49 for first year, $129 per year after

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 1/5

After revisiting the Palm Beach Letter in 2023, my opinion on the newsletter hasn't changed at all.

Teeka is someone who should be trusted.

In fact, he's barred from working on Wall Street and has worked for some brokers in the past that are horrible.

If you buy this newsletter, you'll be put into an aggressive marketing funnel where you'll be nickeled and dimed for thousands of dollars.

To top it off, the stock picks aren't great, and you'll get much better results by just investing in a market index fund.

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Teeka Tiwari Is Banned From Wall Street!

If you go to Teeka's bio at Palm Beach Group, he claims he left Wall Street because "he got too greedy" and in a short period of time lost all of his money.

He then filed for bankruptcy, learned his lesson, and is now dedicated to risk management.

What a nice story!

Too bad it's all a lie.

The truth is that Teeka is banned from Wall Street.

You see, there's an organization called FINRA, and they enforce brokerage laws in America.

The problem with FINRA is that they don't do enough.

This is something both sides of the political spectrum believe too. Both Senator Tom Cotton (a super conservative) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (a super liberal) put out a statement urging Finra to do more.

In FINRA's own words, they only ban a handful of people from Wall Street every year.

So to get a permanent ban, you really have to mess up.

You can search FINRA's records, and when you search Teeka's name, you see this:

When you're barred by FINRA, that means you can never buy or sell a security on behalf of a customer again.

Teeka worked for a number of different boiler rooms that FINRA has also banned.

Some of these places have been fined tens of millions of dollars and have landed people in jail.

Here's a good article that details all of Teeka's rotten past behavior.

And there's really no proof Teeka learned his lesson from this.

He got in trouble for selling highly risky securities and is still recommending highly risky securities.

Just truly one of the worst people in this field.

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Agora And Teeka - A Match Made In Heaven!

So what kind of company would possibly hire Teeka with all this horrible stuff in his past?

The answer to that question is Agora.

Agora is the biggest distributor of financial newsletters in the country and owns dozens of publishers.

They own Palm Beach Group, which sells Palm Beach Letter.

Additionally, they own popular publishers like Stansberry, the Oxford Club, the Outsider Club, Money Map Press, Brownstone Research, and more.

They're absolutely huge.

However, they're extremely predatory, and I rarely recommend products from them.

How predatory?

Just last year, they were fined $2 million for targeting senior citizens with financial and health scams.


The problem is, $2 million is nothing for Agora, and they make HUNDREDS of millions every year.

So this is pocket change for them.

As a result, they haven't changed a thing.

Truth in Advertising has proven they're still targeting senior citizens with deceptive marketing and fraudulent products.

Unless the FTC hits Agora hard, though, nothing will change.

Getting million-dollar fines is just a cost of doing business for Agora.

You shouldn't get involved with Agora because their marketing funnels are insane.

Once you buy a product from them, you'll be promoted for other Agora services that cost thousands a year.

They'll use the dirtiest marketing tricks imaginable to get you to upgrade.

This includes using fear, shaming you, manipulating you with confusing presentations, and more.

It's just too much of a headache (for the most part) to deal with Agora and their sales techniques.

The Palm Beach Letter is not good enough to deal with all of this nonsense.

Teeka Tiwari's Track Record

Teeka likes to put out long-form stock presentations as a way to market his newsletter.

He's done a number of these through the years, and they're supposed to be his best and most well-researched stocks.

Here's a look at how they've performed over the years:

Intercontinental Exchange, Square, and AMD in June 2021

This presentation was run in June 2021, and Teeka called these three stocks his "top picks for the 2020s."

He called these stocks "genesis" because they were the foundation of new technology.

Teeka has run this presentation a few times through the years, and the earlier version would have made you money.

However, all of these stocks are down since the presentation launched:

First up, we have Intercontinental Exchange:

Stocks are in rough shape right now.

Again, a few years ago, when this pitch ran, it would have been an excellent stock pick.

Making money from stocks was easy then, but not so much now.

I have a feeling this bear market is going to expose a lot of stock-picking gurus.

Next up, we have Square:

Again, a few years ago, this was an awesome pick.

If Teeka didn't repackage this stock presentation, I would congratulate him on the pick.

However, the stock is down a lot from $237 to $61.


AMD hasn't been hit that hard yet.

It's basically at breakeven since Teeka recommended it.

Sprott, Inc., in September 2015

Most of this review I've been pretty hard on Teeka; he deserves it!

However, I'll give him credit when he picks a good stock.

And Sprott Inc. was a good choice in 2015.

Sprott Inc. is a mining company that hands out dividends.

So as long as the stock doesn't drop, this is a good investment.

It stayed steady for years and then doubled in the last few years.

This is definitely a good stock for anyone that's held onto it over the last 7 years.

6 Different Cryptos in November 2021

Last year in November, Teeka was pitching six cryptos, which he called "catch-up coins."

The whole presentation was called the "Hyperboom," and Teeka claimed he could give you crypto picks that would get 1000% returns.

This presentation should make you skeptical of anyone who calls themselves a "crypto expert" like Teeka does.

Here's how the coins have performed.


This coin has lost more than 75%.. Teeka was promising returns of nearly 10,000%.


Teeka recommended this coin at $6 and it's now less than $1.. so that's a loss of around 85%.


Teeka claimed this crypto could get returns as high as 20,000%.. it's currently down about 80%..


Teeka recommended this one at $0.90 and now it's at $0.09.. a loss of 90%.


This is another coin Teeka promised nearly 20,000% returns.. instead it's lost almost all of its value.


This one has done as well as the rest and has lost most of its value.

I feel bad for anyone that invested in these coins. They likely have very little left.

It hasn't deterred Teeka one bit, though.

Just today, I saw a presentation from him recommending people go all in and keep buying crypto despite this crash.

I don't think Teeka has changed since his Wall Street days.

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Palm Beach Letter Overview

At some point, Teeka made the full-time switch over to crypto, and Palm Beach Letter is now a crypto newsletter.

Crypto has been crashing like crazy, though, so it wouldn't surprise me if the newsletter was rebranded again.

Overall, this newsletter is like many other agora products and essentially offers what other newsletters do.

Here's an overview of this service:

12 Monthly Issues Of The Newsletter

Every month you'll get a new newsletter from Teeka, and this is the main part of the offer.

The newsletter will be long-form presentations that focus on a single theme and look at the market as a whole.

In these newsletters, you'll also get new stock picks and investment ideas.

You'll get all the reasons why Teeka loves the stock pick and analysis on how it fits into the overall theme of the newsletter.

Model Portfolio

The model portfolio is the other core part of this offer.

When you sign up, you're going to get a bunch of cryptocurrencies to invest in right away.

However, the portfolio probably isn't looking too good right now.

I'm not sure I'd want to invest in anything from it.


The crypto markets move fast, and coins can gain or lose value in a matter of minutes.

You can't always wait for your monthly newsletter to tell you what to do.

This is where the alerts come in.

If you need to buy or sell fast, you'll get an alert to do so.

Special Reports

The special reports are a lot like the stock presentations we looked at in the last section.

These reports are always changing and might be different by the time you read this.

Currently, the special reports are:

  • The Trillion Dollar Coin Portfolio
  • The Top Plays That Will Power Blockchain's Revolution
  • The Wall Street Backdoor

And you get a cryptography course.

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Palm Beach Letter FAQ's

Still have some questions about the Palm Beach Letter?

Here are answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How much does a Palm Beach letter cost?

The Palm Beach Letter is $49 for the first year and then $129 for every year after.

This is basically what all introductory newsletters cost.

Keep in mind that this is just bait for the more expensive services, though.

Teeka has products that cost thousands per year, and you're going to be promoted them heavily.

And the marketing is going to be very advanced and misleading.

Palm Beach Group and Agora want you to upgrade.

2) Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there's a 60-day refund policy.

This really won't be enough time to test out the crypto picks or anything like that, though.

Basically, you'll be able to see if you like the service, and that's about it.

I have seen customers complain that when they try to get a refund, it isn't honored.

3) Is Teeka Tiwari legit?

Teeka seems about as low and scrummy as a stock picker can get without being completely honest.

He spent years on Wall Street working for fraudulent companies, and who knows how much money he's lost for people?

Wall Street is filled to the brim with bad people, but only a select few get booted for life.

Teeka is one of them.

and I just don't see a big change or anything like that.

He's still recommending super risky investments, but this time they're just crypto investments.

Additionally, I don't think there are many true crypto experts out there, especially when it comes to these lesser-known coins.

Just eight months ago, Teeka ran a presentation promising 1000% returns for a bunch of coins, and they all crashed.

Every single one of them

So no, I don't think Teeka is legit.

4) What's Your Investing Style?

It seems like the investing style is smaller cryptos.

To be completely honest, this is a horrible idea.

Cryptos are extremely volatile, and these smaller cryptos are impossible to guess.

So many are straight-up scams and ponzi schemes—many can disappear and lose their full value overnight.

We're in a weird period with crypto at the moment. This next year and few months should prove if crypto is just a fad or something real.

I personally wouldn't touch crypto with a 10-foot pole at the moment.

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Palm Beach Letter Pros And Cons

  • Not that expensive: This newsletter is mainly bait but it's affordable at $49 for the first year.
  • Teeka is banned from Wall Street: You have to be a bad person to be banned from Wall Street and Teeka managed to have it happen to him.
  • Agora owned: Agora is a horrible company and I rarely ever recommend any of their products.
  • Bad strategy: Investing in small cryptos is a bad idea, as proven by the recent crashes.

Palm Beach Letter Conclusion

I've reviewed tons of Agora products, including:

You get the point.

Some of those newsletters I'll even recommend; I just leave a HUGE warning on what it's like to deal with Agora.

Sometimes there's a decent newsletter that I'm 50/50 on; usually I won't recommend it because dealing with Agora makes it not worth it.

However, I have zero inclination to recommend Palm Beach Letter.

I don't really like anything about it.

I don't like Teeka. I don't like the investing strategy. I don't like the cheesy stock presentations—nothing really, besides the low price.

But even that's misleading because it's just used to upsell you more expensive products.

My advice is simple: avoid this Palm Beach Letter.

Here's A Better Opportunity

The Palm Beach Letter isn't something I'd recommend or buy for myself.

just too many red flags.

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