Bob Carlson has an investing service called Retirement Watch.

Like the name suggests it's for people that are planning their retirement.

Bob claims he can show you everything you need to know about planning for your retirement.

Is this true or all just one big scam?

You'll get answers to that question and more in this review.

Additionally, you'll see some background information about this product that you won't find anywhere else.

Let's get started!

Retirement Watch Summary

Creator: Bob Carlson

Price to join: $77 per year

Do I recommend? Sort of

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

Bob Carlson is a legitimate expert with retirement planning and has an impressive resume.

Additionally, the price for this service is affordable and gets good customer reviews.

Once you sign up Bob will promote much more expensive products to you constantly and people seem to hate that.

But if you can get past that there's definitely value here.

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Everything You Need To Know About Bob

Before we get into what Retirement Watch is offering, let's take a look at the man in charge - Bob Carlson.

Here's everything you need to know about him:

Bob's Been In The Game For A Long Time

I've reviewed hundreds of investing services and I'm pretty familiar with all the top names in the industry.

A big problem in the investing world is a lot of these stock pickers are very young.

The other day I reviewed a program from a kid two years removed from college.

How can you trust someone like that?

The good news is this isn't the case - Bob Carlson has LOADS of experience with retirement planning and investing.

Believe it or not Retirement Watch is over 30 years old and was founded in 1991!

That's very impressive.

Most investing newsletters are around for a few years and collapse because they stink.

When you see a service going for over 30 years you know it's a winning newsletter.

Customers would leave if it weren't making money.

Seasoned Retirement Veteran

Bob's resume is long and there's a lot to like about it - he hasn't just been running Retirement Watch.

He actually is the Chairman Board of Trustees for Fairfax County, VA employees retirement system

This job "oversees the operations and policies of the agency, including asset allocation manager selection, actuarial assumptions and disability retirement applications."

Fairfax County isn't some small county that anyone could get a job in.

It has over 1 million people in it and is the county that borders Washington D.C.

To be in charge of asset allocation for retirees in a county like this is very impressive.

And it's not a job they'd give to someone who doesn't know what they were doing.

Apparently he oversees a $2.2 billion portfolio here.

So this is another good sign that Bob will give you good tips on retirement.

Gets Good Customer Reviews

Because Retirement Watch has been around for so long there's a lot of customer reviews out there - most are pretty positive.

The best place to find customer insights about investing products is Stock Gumshoe.

Over 100 customers have voted on the quality of this newsletter there and it has a 3.6/5 rating:

3.6/5 is pretty good for Stock Gumshoe and definitely better than average.

The only thing customers don't appreciate is the constant upselling after you buy the newsletter.

This is just how the investing newsletter world works, though.

These companies always offer an affordable newsletter then try to get you to spend more after.

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What Is Retirement Watch Offering?

Like the name suggests Retirement Watch is all about retirement planning.

So basically everything being offered revolves around that.

Here's an overview of everything:

Monthly Newsletter 

This is the main part of the offer and essentially what you're paying for.

Every month you'll get a new copy of Retirement Watch that includes commentary about the market and new investment ideas.

Model Portfolio

Another key aspect of Retirement Watch is the model portfolio.

This is a collection of assets that Bob believes are good for your retirement.

Additionally, you will get updates on the portfolio when needed.

If new assets need to be bought or sold you will be told when to do that.

Bunch Of Special Reports

Along with your subscription you get a bunch of special reports to help you plan retirement, save on taxes and invest.

There's three different subscriptions and the more you pay the more special reports you get.

If you get the $49 subscription you get:

  • New Rules of Retirement
  • 5 Easy Chair Portfolios To Find Your Retirement Dreams
  • Your 20 Minute Estate Plan

If you get the $77 subscription you get those reports plus these:

  • Truth About Annuities
  • How to Insure Your Way to a Rock Solid Retirement
  • Real Estate Tax Bombs to Avoid
  • How to Inflation Proof Your Nest Eff with ETFs

If you pay $149 you get all of those reports plus a special report on real estate planning.

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Retirement Watch FAQ's

Still have some questions about this newsletter?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does Retirement Watch Cost?

Retirement Watch has three different prices levels which we discussed in the last section.

The price is $49, $77 or $149 (all yearly costs).

The more you pay the more special reports you get.

Keep in mind that there is upsells, though.

This product just gets you into the sales funnel and there will be products that cost thousands being pitched to you after you buy. 

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

There is no mention anywhere on the website about a refund policy.

So this is usually a sign that there isn't a refund policy.

I typically avoid investing services that don't offer a refund policy.

3) Is Bob Carlson Legit?

Oh yeah.

You'll have a hard time finding someone as legit as him selling stock picks.

Not only has he been running this service for over 30 years, he holds big positions managing retirement funds.

To be one of the guys in charge of retirement funds in Fairfax county, a big and wealthy county in Virginia, you need to be very competent.

4) Who Is This Service For?

Retirement Watch is for people planning their retirement.

So if you're young and looking to build your wealth through investing there's no need to sign up for this product.

But if you're planning retirement and want to ensure you're comfortable this service can work for you.

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Retirement Watch Pros And Cons

  • Affordable: Retirement Watch is only $49 if you get the lowest subscription. That's something everyone can afford.
  • Good customer reviews: 30 years of business and there's plenty of solid customer reviews out there.
  • Bob is an expert: Bob Carlson is a legit expert in retirement planning and investing.
  • Lot's of upsells: Once you sign up your inbox will be flooded with promotionals. Many customers didn't like it.
  • No refunds: Couldn't find anything about refunds. That usually means there isn't one. I don't like that.

Retirement Watch Conclusion

Most of the products I review on this website aren't worth your time.

A lot of low lives make money in the stock picking industry.

However, this isn't the case for Bob Carlson.

Bob Carlson is very respectable and an actual expert in retirement.

His resume is great and his accomplishments are too.

Overall Retirement Watch is very affordable and if you're planning on retirement you should definitely consider buying.

Just look out for the upsells and don't spend thousands on the other products unless you really want to.

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Retirement Watch is a good investing service and it's worth considering.

However, it's not my favorite investing newsletter out there.

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  • Bob Carson is full of it. I am one of the suckers he is selling his crap to . He is selling worthless information and bad information to deal with the problem he is proporting to solve which is the Fed now , and the creation of Fed cash a new currency . The problem now has nothing to do with how good Fed currency will be but the problem is its application to Gershim Law and how this effects the retirement by countries who convert from cash to digital and the individually retired . Mr Carson rants and raves in his ad how the retired can deal with each of specific problems that are subsets of the problem I stated above and he gives specific pages in this ad , about 15 scattered pages , that are supposed to deal with the subset of each problem . The problem with Carson is he is not telling the true . The reader once he or she pay 125 dollars for the Book and service find this out . You have to wait about a mo for paper edition of the book while you guarantee wares out It is ” The New American Retirement Plan ,” has to now be re search , the page numbers in the book if the reader can find the bait and switch ad again, and the reader will then look up each page , their none relevant answers . As to a part that is relevant , the reader is told to hold some or little Gold but nothing about the current Gold market especially the scams .E.g. if you actually wanted to buy and store Gold , he doesn’t tell you buy the time you have paid the commissions many brokers are charging premium fees of over 50% Most of his answers is to
    tell you annuities where you may get 2 % on average above what you put in of your own money . Here he gets into detail about a lot of worthless annuities and could be a saleman for this industry which during an inflation if retirees are bought it is sure to put the retirees in bankruptcy .
    In total, this man is throwing a lot of s on his pages . His old work , perhaps ? Who cares . The ad is baiting to solve a new problem for the retiree and the book and its author aim is at putting the retiree under the truck.Oh his office staff will not hand your money back either even when they are told of the effort I put in to look for ans. he does not give , and this taking time, plus the time to ship the book and having to refind his bait and switch ad.
    I would not rate him as a zero , and the intent here is take your money and give you very bad advice , both of which will harm the reader time and pocket if followed . A waste Minus 100

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