Crypto Investor Network is an investing service from Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango.

They claim they can detect when small crypto coins will explode with their Crypto Cash Calendar. 

Is this a legit offer or another crypto scam?

You'll get an answer to that in this review!

Additionally, you'll get more information that should answer all questions you have about this product.

You'll know if Crypto Investor Network is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Crypto Investor Network Summary

Creator: Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango

Price to join: $99 per year

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

I personally don't like this newsletter too much.

You'll never be able to tell which small crypto will rise like Charlie and Luke claim.

This is risky investing and from what I've seen neither of these two have a great track record when it comes to picking cryptos. 

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I Wouldn't Trust InvestorPlace

Crypto Investor Network can be found over at InvestorPlace.

InvestorPlace is a typical distributor of investing newsletters but there's a serious red flag with this company.

The red flag is Louis Navellier

Navellier is THE main face of InvestorPlace and he has a ton of products there.

Some of these products are cheap and other costs tens of thousands.

The reason this is such a huge issue is Louis is a convicted criminal who had to pay $30 MILLION for misleading investors on a stock opportunity:

Louis manipulated the records of a company and stock to get people to buy.

If you're in the stock picking business this is the absolute worst crime that you can commit.

How many times has he done this in the past and not gotten caught?

Additionally, it's been proven Louis' returns aren't special and perform WAY under the market.

Despite all this nothing has changed at InvestorPlace.

Louis is still the face and promoted as an expert.

If you do buy Crypto Investor Network you're going to get promoted all of Louis' products.

I personally wouldn't trust any company that could sell his services after what he got caught doing.

Charlie Shrem Spent Time In Jail

Charlie Shrem is one of the editors for Crypto Investor Network and he's a pretty infamous character in the crypto world.

Charlie was one of the first promoters of Bitcoin all the way back in 2011.

Additionally, he created a Bitcoin exchange called BitInstant and was responsible for 30% of Bitcoin transactions at one point. 

However, Charlie had a run in with the law and ended up being sentenced to two years in jail for his connection to Silk Road.

Silk Road was a black market website where people could buy things in crypto.

Much of the products sold on this website included illegal drugs.

Charlie was sentenced for laundering millions in Bitcoin to help Silk Road run.

This shouldn't be that alarming to you, though.

It's not like Charlie was defrauding investors (like Louis Navellier).

Many people believe the prosecution of the people involved in Silk Road was over the top as well.

Kudos to Charlie for preaching the Gospel of Bitcion in 2011.

Would have loved to have bought Bitcoin then!

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Luke Lango's Picks Aren't Great

This is actually the second Luke Lango product I've reviewed this week.

His other service is called Innovation Investor.. it focuses on microcap tech stocks.

The problem with Luke is every pick I've looked at in the past for him is pretty bad.

For example, he was hyping up a $3 stock called Ilika, claiming it would help create "forever batteries."

However, the stock has cratered and has lost more than half of its value:

Just last month Luke was claiming a small company would become a DNA sequencing giant.

Despite these lofty claims the stock lost 40% of its value in just a month:

A few days before that Luke was hyping up another health company - this time Ginkgo Bioworks.

When he recommended it the stock was over $4 and now it's under $2.80:

Again, this is another stock that lost value very quickly.

The picks I've seen for Crypto Investor Network aren't that much better.

What Is Crypto Cash Calendar?

The Crypto Cash Calendar is just a marketing gimmick that I wouldn't take seriously.

If you're going to by Crypto Investor Network, make sure it isn't for this aspect.

Basically the Crypto Cash Calendar is a tool Charlie Shrem claims can predict when smaller coins are going to blow up.

However, in my experience anytime someone promises something like this it never works.

The truth is crypto is VOLATILE.

As I'm writing this the crypto marketing is crashing and coins some people thought were untouchable were wiped out in a week.

Luna is an example of this.

It went from over $100 to under a $0.01 in a matter of days.

No tool or calendar can predict things like this. 

Smaller coins seem to pop and explode at random.

A single Tweet from Elon Musk can send a crypto to the moon. 

Crypto is still new and its value has yet to be determined.

Anyone telling you otherwise is most likely just trying to get you to buy their product.

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What Are The Tiny Altcoins Being Pitched?

About two months ago Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango ran a promotion hyping up two small altcoins.

Basically the pitch is the Crypto Calendar has identified two small cryptos that were ready to explode in value.

The whole idea is Charlie and Luke claim they can figure out which newly listed cryptos will give you the big returns.

In this instance the two coins were Chiliz and Cosmos.

Like I said in the last section.. anyone promising they can predict which small coins are going to explode and which aren't are likely lying.

Let's check in on the performance of these coins..

First up, Chiliz:

They recommended this coin at $0.2 and it's now worth $0.12.

So in about two months it's nearly lost 50% of its value.

Next up we have Cosmos which hasn't faired any better:

They recommended it at $28 and it's now at $11.

That's about a 70% loss in two weeks.

So yeah.. beware the crypto "experts" and their promises of riches.

Often times it leads to losing a lot of money.. sometimes it leads to even worst things happening:

What Is Crypto Investor Network Offering?

Besides the Crypto Cash Calendar and the two altcoin picks, there's a few other aspects to this product.

Here's everything you get with this offer:

Weekly Newsletter

Most programs that picks stocks and cryptos put out a newsletter once a month.

But the crypto world is highly volatile and it's definitely better to have a weekly newsletter instead.

Daily would be even better.

If you buy Crypto Investor Network you'll get a weekly newsletter.

This newsletter will cover your portfolio, new cryptos to invest in, when to close positions and more.

Model Portfolio

Besides the weekly newsletter this is the most important part of this product.

Once you sign up you'll get access to the entire portfolio.

This means you'll have plenty to invest in right away.

Trade Alerts

Again, crypto moves fast.

Like I mentioned earlier a trillion dollars was wiped off the crypto market in just a few days.

You need to act fast in these moments.

Part of the Crypto Investor Network deal includes trade alerts in these events.

To be honest, though, these alerts won't save you in a crash like we just had.

Bonus Reports

Along with everything else you also get access to a bunch of bonus reports.

These reports are constantly changing and a couple months ago they were different then what they are now. 

Right now there's two reports:

  • The First Wave Of Tokenization Wealth
  • 27 Cryptos To Sell Before They Die

They might be different by the time you go to buy, though.

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Crypto Investor Network FAQ's

Still have some questions about this service?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does Crypto Investor Network Cost?

This product costs $99 a year.

This isn't a bad price for an introductory service, which Crypto Investor Network is.

Just realize once you buy, though, you're entering a large marketing funnel.

You'll be promoted all kids of products from Charlie Shrem, Luke Lango and the other characters at InvestPlace.

Many of them cost thousands of dollars and can cost as high as tens of thousands.

I'd resist upgrading if you do get Crypto Investor Network.

These expensive programs are usually a flop and typically are very risky.

2) Is There A Refund Policy? 

Yes, you get 365 days to get your money back.

This might sound like a good deal and it is a good refund BUT if you're asking for you money back after a year it's because you lost a lot of money.

For example, the two altcoins they recommended two months ago have crashed big time.

If you lose $5,000 is getting $99 back going to make you fell happy?

Probably not.

3) Are The Owners Legit? 

Ehhhh.. I think Charlie clearly deserves credit for being an early Bitcoin adopter.

He saw into he future before most of the world and knew there was something here.

However, this isn't 2011 anymore when there was one crypto.

Now there's thousands of cryptos being launched every day.

Being able to predict which one is going to work is almost impossible.

Even ones with good technology can crash at any moment.

This is why I say I don't think you can actually be an expert in altcoins because they're too unpredictable. 

Luke probably deserves less credit than Charlie.

He originally wasn't involved in Crypto Investor Network to begin with.

His other service doesn't produce good results and he doesn't have a long history with crypto.

4) What Are Altcoins?

Altcoins are cryptos that aren't well known yet, smaller and basically everything that's not Bitcoin.

The reason people invest in these assets is they can bring massive returns.

You'll see stories of people making 18,000% in a week and becoming millionaires overnight.

But this is extremely rare.

We're at a point where 40% of people that have invested in Bitcoin have lost money. 

The number for altcoins is much, much higher.

5) Who Is This Service For?

To be completely honest I don't think this service is for most people because it's so risky.

Altcoins can literally lose all their value overnight.

The only people who should consider this service are people that can lose money.

Maybe you hit one an altcoin and it makes the risk worth it but I personally don't like the risk.

And you don't want to be one of these people that lose everything during a crash.

Just a small portion of your investing strategy should be these risky coins. 

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Crypto Investor Network Pros And Cons

  • Affordable: This newsletter is basically just bait so they can sell you more expensive products later. However, the cost is pretty low here. 
  • Extremely risky: Altcoins are horrible investments most of the time. I'd personally invest only a small amount into them. 
  • Bad picks so far: The two altcoins they recommended in March have tanked most of their value since.
  • Don't like InvestorPlace: InvestorPlace isn't a place I trust. The main face of the company is a criminal who defrauded investors. 

Crypto Investor Network Conclusion

I personally don't like much about Crypto Investor Network.

From the publisher to the strategy to the results - really none of it seems appealing to me.

Crypto made a lot of people rich but it's also ruined a lot of lives.

The type of coins that have ruined the most lives is small altcoins.

Many times these just end up being ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes.

They're extremely volatile and easy to manipulate.

This means you can lose money very quickly.

Maybe throw a little money into these coins and just don't get caught up into the daily ups and downs.

But don't put in anything you can't afford to lose.

There's a good chance you lose it all.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Crypto Investor Network.. for most people it's too risky.

There's much safer ways to invest that can make you a lot of money.

The good news is there's still a lot of good places to get stock picks.

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