Luke Lango is running a stock teaser campaign hyping up a company that uses "G.C.T." technology.

Additionally he goes on to say this company could be the next Microsoft and could launch an $80 trillion gadget.


Sounds pretty interesting!

However, Luke won't show you the company unless you buy his newsletter Innovation Investor.

Well I have good news..

Luke left behind enough clues in the presentation for me to figure out the company's name.

If you want to learn what the stock is, whether it's worth investing in and more, watch the video I created below:

Luke Lango G.C.T. Stock FAQ's

Don't watch to watch the video? You should - every single question you have about this presentation will be answered there!

But I got your back in case you don't..

Here's some answers to any questions you might have about this presentation:

1) What Is G.C.T. Technology?

G.C.T. stands for Genetic Coding Technologies. 

This technology will be used in treating rare diseases that have to do with DNA.

According to Luke Lango out of 475 million people with rare diseases, 80% of them are caused by DNA. 

Additionally, this technology can be used in food and creating things like natural materials, plastics, and fuels by "re-creating them from engineered biology."

2) What Is The G.C.T. Stock?

This is the whole reason you're here right?

*Drum roll please*

The G.C.T. Stock being teased in this video, which Luke believe can be the next Microsoft, is Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks is a biotech company that creates synthetic cells that are used in pharmaceuticals and food. 

They went public through a SPAC deal last year and were valued at 17.5 billion.

Their stock symbol is DNA.

3) What Is Bill Gates Connection To This?

Stock pickers love to evoke the name of Bill Gates in their stock presentations.

It draws in attention and a lot of times there's just some loose connection to Bill Gates (or Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, etc.)

However, Bill Gates is actually connected to Ginkgo Bioworks.

Bill Gates financially backs this company.

4) How Are You Sure Luke Is Teasing Ginkgo Bioworks?

Luke left plenty of clues in the presentation to figure out the stock.

The Bill Gates clue was the first one.

Additionally, they allude to Cathie Woods investing in this company.

Here's an article talking about her investment in Ginkgo Bioworks. 

In the presentation Luke talks about partnerships with Quest Diagnostics, Cronos Group, Bayer, etc.:

Here's some articles detailing this:

So this 100% the stock being teased by Luke.

5) Is Ginkgo Bioworks Worth Investing In?

I'm not going to answer this question directly - I'm not a financial advisor and don't want to be responsible for you losing money.

However, this isn't the first time I've covered Ginkgo Bioworks.

Whitney Tilson did a presentation calling this company a $4 inflation stock.

In the presentation Whitney called it a 10/10 stock.

The stock has dropped about 25% since the presentation went live and is around $3 now:

Overall Ginkgo Bioworks is a long term investment that could lose you 100% of your investment.. or could take off and make you a lot of money.

This is a high risk, high reward and speculative stock.

Some people think the entire company is a scam, though

Scorpion Capital, which has publicly and successfully shorted many companies, put out a 175 page report about this company. 

They're shorting Ginkgo Bioworks and have this to say about it:

This section in the report is worth reading as well:

Basically this report accuses Ginkgo of having fake revenue.

Their claiming 100% deferred revenue comes from other companies they straight up own or have a lot of influence over.

Another article from from MIT claims Ginkgo has never really created a product in their history.

So there's some serious questions about the viability of Ginkgo and if they'll survive long term.

6) Is Luke Lango Legit?

I've covered Luke Lango a bunch of times before.

Almost all the stocks that I've covered from Luke has been a loser.

For example, ilika is a stock that he claimed would be the #1 EV stock of the decade.

I wrote about it here.

He recommended the stock at $3 and in less than a years it's plummeted to well under $1:

It's basically lost all value.

Additionally, Luke works besides a scammer at InvestorPlace - the guys name is Louis Navellier.

So I wouldn't buy anything from Luke because you'll be promoted Louis' products as well.

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Wrapping Things Up

Well that's the end of this post covering Luke Lango's G.C.T. stock presentation.

You now know the name of the company being teased, information on whether it's a good investment and a look into Luke's past.

You now have all the information necessary to make your next move.

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