Stansberry Venture Technology is a newsletter that's headed by David Lashmet.

He claims a single stock in this portfolio could save your retirement.

Is this the truth or another investing scam?

We'll get to the bottom of this in this review.

Additionally, we'll look at background information and red flags about this product.

You'll know if Stansberry Venture Technology is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

Stansberry Venture Technology Summary

Creator: David Lashmet

Price to join: $5500 per year

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 2.5/5

Stansberry Venture Technology is not worth buying.

It's a very expensive product and there's no way to get your money back after you buy.

The investing strategy is very risky and the stocks I looked at didn't perform well overall.

I'd pass.

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What To Know When Buying From Stansberry

Stansberry Research has been around for quite some time and has changed a lot over the years.

However, you need to know what you're getting yourself into before buying.. or you might up spending tens of thousands of dollars before you realize what just happened.

Here's what you need to know about this newsletter:

Used To Be Owned By Agora

There's a little secret about investing newsletters - most publishers are owned by a handful of much larger companies.

For a long time Agora was king and the biggest of them all.

However, in the last couple of years Agora has really taken a beaten in terms of reputation.

For example, they were fined last year for defrauding senior citizens:

Stansberry was owned by Agora when this happened.

Stansberry itself has gotten in trouble for false advertising and fined millions in the past as well.

Often times these newsletter cross the ethical and legal lines with their marketing.

Agora Is Now Owned By MarketWise

MarketWise is the new king of investing newsletters and home to a lot of former Agora publishers.

This is a publicly traded company that now owns more than a dozen investing publishers and sells hundreds of newsletters.

They also make over $500 million in revenue every year despite just launching last year.

The problem is you can REALLY see the Agora influence in how things are run at Marketwise.

It's basically an Agora clone which isn't good for you or any other customers.

Expect A Lot Of Upsells

Stansberry Venture Technology is likely a product Stansberry is trying to sell you as an upsell.

Maybe you bought one of their cheaper products and now they're trying to get you to spend even more.

This is something that you have to expect when buying from Stansberry.

They are going to flood your inbox every single day with offers and upsells.

It's annoying but Stansberry does it because it's easier to get a customer to buy an expensive product than someone who isn't a customer.

MarketWise doesn't make $500 million just making one sale per customer. They're trying to make multiple!

Manipulative Sales Presentations

I've reviewed hundreds of investing newsletters across the world.

There's one thing they all do to try and get you to buy - they do these long form stock presentations where they hype up a stock without revealing the name.

They try to get you to buy their newsletters for the stock names.

Often times these presentations hype up massive gains but fall short.

In many cases the presentations are just outright fabrications and sometimes publishers pay fines for doing this.

Expect A LOT of these stock presentations from Stansberry.

Like every day..

Getting Promoted Products From Scammers

There's another big issue with Stansberry not being independent and being owned by MarketWise.

They cross promote products between publishers.

The problem is MarketWise hires legitimate scam artists and criminals and you'll be marketed their products.

For example, Louis Navellier is one of the main faces at MarketWise and you'll be sold his products constantly.

What MarketWise won't tell you is he was just fined $30 MILLION for defrauding investors about a stock:

Louis literally made up information about a stock to get people to buy it.

It's unforgibable for a stock picker to do something like this and should be thrown out of the industry.

But nope.. MarketWise ensures he can make millions selling his products.

Other people have been kicked out of Wall Street but are stilled allowed to sell newsletters.

You don't want to be in a MarketWise sales funnel.

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Stansberry Venture Technology Performance

Like I said earlier Stansberry likes to do splashy stock presentations to sell their newsletters.

The good news is you can look at these stock presentations to determine how well their stock picks have performed.

Luckily Stansberry Venture has a lot of these picks to investigate.

Here's a look at how this newsletter's picks has done over the years:

SkyWater Technology In August 2021

The first company we're going to look at is a company Stansberry called "the Pentagon's chipmaker."

Bringing America's ability to create chips has been a focus of the Biden administration and this picks was supposed to be a play on that.

The company being teased was a SkyWater Technology.

This chipmaker does have a lot of defense contracts but at the time of the recommendation the company wasn't profitable.

Here's how the stock has done:

The stock has taken a beating over the last year and is down about 70%.

So this was a big time loser.

Novo Nordisk And Akero Therapeutics In June 2021

Back in June 2021 this newsletter ran a teaser hinting at a "major FDA announcement."

This teaser had to do with obesity therapeutics and there were two recommendations.

The first was Novo Nordisk.

Here's how this stock has performed:

The stock has done pretty well!

Definitely when you consider how the stock market has done as a whole this last year.

The next stock is Akero Therapeutics:

Well this stock was doing extremely bad but it completely recovered over the last month.

I'm not entirely sure why either!

I looked up the stock and couldn't find any news.

But something big must have happened.

Orasure In November 2020

Back in November 2020 Stansberry ran a teaser hinting at a "triple threat covid testing" stock.

Orasure is the company being teased and it has to do with their rapid home testing kits.

The logic seemed solid for this stock but it hasn't performed well:

This stock is down over 75% and has been a big time loser.

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals In September 2020

The last stock we're going to look at is Rhythm Pharmaceuticals.

This is another company that has products that focus on obesity.

At the time this stock was being teased as having the potential to reach 20X gains.

Here's how it performed:

This stock was down REALLY big for years but recovered in the last couple of month.

My guess is most people sold by this point, though.

The stock picks you're going to get in this newsletter will be volatile and very risky.

Some will lose BIG.

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Stansberry Venture Technology Overview

The next thing we're going to look at is what Stansberry Venture Technology is offering.

Overall it's very standard and many similar newsletters offer the exact same thing.

Here's an overview of what you get:

1 Year Of The Newsletter

This is essentially what you're paying for.

If you sign up you get a full year of stock recommendations from David that go out every month.

He claims these picks are "Venture Capital type of edge" which means you'll be investing in smaller companies.


The assets you'll be investing in can move in price a lot, as you saw in the last section.

Sometimes you won't be able to wait for the Stansberry Venture Technology newsletter to take action.

This is where the updates come in.

If you need to buy or sell quickly you'll get an alert telling you to do so.

Venture Technology Handbook

Additionally, with this offer you'll get a copy of the Stansberry Technology Handbook.

This handbook covers the investing philosophy of David Lashmet and this newsletter.

Stansberry Digest

This is a product that all customers of Stansberry get.

Every day you'll get market insights from the Stansberry team.

It will cover the things they predicted right and things they predicted wrong.

It will also come with analysis about the future and things of that nature.

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Stansberry Venture Technology FAQ's

Still have some questions about this newsletter?

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does This Newsletter Cost?

Stansberry Venture Technology is VERY expensive and costs $5500 per year.

This makes it one of the most expensive investing services out there and one of the most expensive newsletters I've reviewed.

With a newsletter this expensive you have to remember you're starting $5500 in the red every single year.

A lot of the stock picks don't seem great either so it's going to be hard re-coup those loses.

2) Is There A Money Back Guarantee


This is what all investing newsletter publishers do.

They only offer a money back guarantee on their cheap products and not their expensive ones.

Hmm I wonder why that is?

All they offer is a credit refund which means you can use the money to buy other Stansberry products.

So if you spend the money to buy this newsletter you will never see it again if you're not happy.

3) What Is The Investing Strategy?

David describes the investing strategy as venture capital style investing.

This just means you're going to be investing in small cap tech stocks.

These companies are smaller and cheaper than tech companies like Facebook, Tesla, Apple, etc.

Small cap stocks offer a bigger reward and larger returns but are WAY more volatile.

This means your investments will rise and fall very quickly - sometimes overnight.

4) How Much Do I Need To Invest?

Because of the nature of these picks and the cost of the newsletter you'll need a minimum of $50,000.

This isn't just me saying this either.

This is right on the sales page for this newsletter.

So this isn't a product for beginners or people with little money to spend.

5) Are There Similar Newsletters?

Yes, there's plenty of similar newsletters out there.

Some include:

And more! No shortage of these investing newsletters out there.

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Stansberry Venture Technology Pros And Cons

  • Some good picks: Because of the strategy there will be big winners here.
  • Some big losers: On the flipside the losers will be big too. And from I've seen the losers outweigh the winners.
  • Expensive: This is one of the most expensive newsletters that I've come across.
  • No refunds: There's no chance to get your money back once you buy. So that's over $5000 down the drain if you're unhappy.
  • MarketWise: MarketWise owns this newsletter which means a lot of upsells and some promotions from scammers.

Stansberry Venture Technology Conclusion

That's the end of my review Stansberry Venture Technology.

I hope everything you were looking for was answered in this review!

Overall I'm not a fan of this service - there's just too much to dislike.

It's way too expensive and there's no refunds, the picks are risky and dealing with Stansberry's marketing is annoying.

There's many alternatives to this newsletter that are much cheaper and you'll get a better customer experience.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Stansberry Venture Technology - it's just too expensive and risky.

The good news is there's many other investing newsletters that are worth your time.

I've reviewed all the best..

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