Stealth Trading Gold is a new trading program from Ross Givens.

He's promising massive returns if you sign up..

Is Ross telling the truth or is this all one big scam?

Well I bought it and we'll answer this question in this review.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this service..

This includes background information, a look at what you get and any red flags that I find (an there's red flags!).

You'll know if Stealth Trading Gold is worth it by the time you're done reading.

Stealth Trading Gold Summary

Creator: Ross Givens

Price to join: $5 to $297

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

There's plenty of programs out there just like Stealth Trading Program.

They claim they have secret trading signals that no one else knows and they can help you make money.

It's all just one big fantasy.

The trade alerts don't deliver triple digit returns like Ross promises.. the most Ross has made on a trade is 17%.

Additionally, this product is owned by Traders Agency which is associated with the Martinez family, who are notorious fraudsters.

Lastly, you can't make fast profits with the stock market regularly. 

Stealth Trading Gold has been functioning for 18 months and has gained 4% in that time.

The market is more than double that.. so just sticking your money into an index fund would have doubled your money compared to Given's service.

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Proof Of Purchase & What To Expect In This Review

So a few people have reviewed this program and none of them are particularly good reviews.

Either the reviewer didn't actually purchase the program and just copied the marketing material or they're getting paid to write a positive review.

I just want to let you know I actually bought the program (it was only $5) and I'm going to give this an honest review.

This isn't going to be sugar coated and I'm just going to straight up tell you what I think.

You'll have a very clear idea of whether I think you should buy after going through everything and you'll know exactly how I feel.

Alright.. onto the review now.

5 Red Flags About Stealth Trading Gold

I've reviewed over 100+ investing services in the last few years and I'm intimately familiar with this industry.

When you spend so much time in this world you begin to pick up on all the tricks and gimmicks.

You can predict what someone is going to say and you start see the same familiar faces behind different products.

There's BILLIONS to be made selling stock picks.. the problem is most people just aren't good at it.

I personally don't think Ross Givens and Stealth Trading Gold will help you make anything significant.


Because there's so many red flags:

1) Associated With The Infamous Martinez Clan

There's a couple different places you can buy Stealth Trading Gold.

You can either buy it from Traders Agency or you can buy it from Stealth Mode Investing.

At the bottom of Stealth Mode Investing it's made clear this is a Traders Agency product.

So what's Trading Agency?

This is a company that I've reviewed in the past and got a very bad score from me.

Basically the company is owned by a guy named Joshua Martinez who comes from a long line of fraudsters.

Joshua's grandfather and father helped run a massive ponzi scheme called Olint.

People involved with this company scammed poor Jamaicans out of hundreds of millions and people involved went to prison.

The Martinez family avoided jail because the statue of limitations ran out on them.

But they were fined hundreds of thousands for their part and their brokerage was shut down.

US Attorneys describe the Martinez family business as a "huge washing machine of fraud" and Jamaican investigators believed the masterminds behind the ponzi scheme were the Martinez family.

Joshua has worked with his family on their business in the past and has now branched out to develop his own schemes.

Traders Agency being his main one.

2) Technical Analysis Doesn't Work

Another red flag is this program claims they can help you make money with technical analysis.

Technical analysis is the idea that stocks all follow similar patterns and if you can recognize a pattern you can guess if it's going up or down in the short term.

Technical analysis is complete BS and I'd compare it to astrology to be completely honest.

And you don't have to take my word for it either - listen to what Warren Buffet, the greatest investor of all time, has to say about technical analysis:

And he also said "price action (what technical analysis analyzes) tells you nothing."

If you've never looked at technical analysis chart here's what it looks like:

The idea that this can tell you where a stock is going to stupid.

Yet people believe it and people like Ross Givens and Joshua Martinez take advantage of this stupidity to make millions (by selling you products).

The truth is you can't guess where a stock's price is going to be in a few months based on charts like this.

For example, I did a review about a guy who graduated with a 4.0 from Stanford and was class valedictorian.

He had double majors in economics and mathematics.

The guy is a certified genius.

Want to know his results from technical analysis in 18 months? He was down 30%.

If someone like this can't do it I doubt you'll be able to figure it out.

Ross certainly hasn't figured it out either because he only has a few winning trade ideas in the last year.

3) Promises Of Massive Returns Quickly

A lot of newbies enter get into the stock market thinking it's a good place to get rich.

This isn't really the case.

Investing is something you do over the long term to gradually build wealth over your life.

Something like 10% of millionaires built their wealth through the stock market while the other 90% started businesses.

I've reviewed hundreds of stock picking programs and most of them are losing money right now.

And the ones that do make money make a modest amount (like 10% returns).

The truth is it's very hard to make significant money with stocks quickly.

Warren Buffet claims it's basically impossible to beat the market and over the last 30 years he hasn't been able to do it:

Over the long run you can expect 10% returns per year on average.

Some years will be much more and some years you'll lose money.

What are the returns Ross is promising to give you?

547%, 680%, 773%, 894%..

And he's promising this is in just months! No years!

But I've looked at every trade Ross has made and he's never he gotten CLOSE to those numbers.

His best trade was only 17%.

And since this service has been running it's only up 4%.. factor in inflation and that means you've lost money.

4) Ross Is Always Rebranding

When picking an investing service you want one that has a track record.

Additionally, you typically want one that's been around for several years.

Customers only stick with winning stock picking services so longevity proves customers are sticking around.

The problem with Ross is he's constantly creating new products and closing shop on others.

For example, Ross had a stock picking service called Insider Report.

He claimed he would help you find stocks insiders were investing on.

However, the newsletter was rebranded into The Insider Effects.

This is usually a sign things weren't going well so a name change had to happen.

One stock Ross recommended from this newsletter was Zymeworks and claimed it would rise 200% in a year.

The stock ended up crashing:

So just because Ross claims a stock will rise 200% doesn't mean it's going to.

5) Ross Never Lasted Long At Any Of His Jobs

One last point before moving on.

You can look up someone's records on FINRA if they worked for a broker.

Ross Givens has a legit employment history and worked a places like Ameriprise and J.P. Morgan.

However, he never really seemed to stay long long at these places:

In fact he never lasted more than a year at any job and has some pretty big unemployment gaps.

Additionally, places like Ameriprise and J.P. Morgan don't do technical analysis.

This kind of trading is mocked on Wall Street.

Wall Street investors focus mainly on fundamentals analysis.

So kind of strange Ross would be investing based on technical analysis.

It's something he learned on his own and not at places like J.P. Morgan.

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Just The First Product Of A Sales Funnel

Another thing you need to realize about Stealth Trading Gold is it's just a bait product for a larger sales funnel.

Do you really think Ross is giving away triple digit stocks picks for just $89 per year?

Keep dreaming!

The second you buy Stealth Trading Gold you're going to be hammered with upsells.

The goal will be to milk you for as much money as possible.

Some products you'll be constantly pressured into buying is Alpha Stocks which costs $1995:

Then you have Fire Trader which costs $1995:

The Insider Effect which also cost $1995 (this is the product you're pressured to buy right after you purchase Stealth Trading Gold).

The Undercover Trader which only costs $197:

And Weekly Strike Force which will cost $3995:

So that's the game.

Ross is trying to get you into the sales funnel with a cheap product.

After that he'll promote the more expensive products and try to get you to upgrade.

But if Ross is really giving out 500% returns in 6 months there's no reason to upgrade.

Those types of returns would make Stealth Trading Gold the best investing service ever created.

I'd expect every billionaire and investment bank to be signing up to Stealth Trading Gold if Ross was truly delivering triple digits returns regularly. 

How Does Stealth Trading Gold Work?

Like I said earlier - this program relies heavily on technical analysis.

This is the kind of stuff Ross is basing his trades off of:

There's apparently three flags Ross looks for when setting up his trades.

The first flag is to find equities that are trading in a specified channel and are range-bound. Additionally, he favors equities that experience lesser volatility and smaller declines.

According to Ross, this can be an indication that large investors are attempting to consolidate shares and shake away weak positions.

When a stock breaks out of its range and closes above the resistance level, it is the second Stealth Flag.

When a breakout occurs on extremely high trading volume, that raises the third flag (at least 5X or 10X average daily trading volume).

Members of Stealth Trades have access to weekly trading sessions where Ross demonstrates the details of this strategy. 

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What Is Stealth Trading Gold Offering?

This program is pretty typical for an investing service.

Here's an overview of everything that you get:

Monthly Stealth Trade

This is essentially what you're paying for.

Once a month you'll get a new trade idea based on the Stealth Trading investment principles.

The picks may need more than a month to workout and it's not entirely a strict schedule.

Along with the trade alerts you'll get a write up from Ross and his team detailing why the trade is being executed.

You'll get insights into the strategies being used and get an explanation on what to do.

In total there's been 22 trades and there's been 11 winners and 11 losers.

If you look at the picture up the average gains is 11% while the average loses are around 7%.

So in 18 months that's a gain of 4%..

You have to factor in the expensive fees involved with day trading and that probably means you're around breakeven.

Factor in inflation and you lost money.

Weekly Watch List

Once a week you'll get a list of stocks that the folks at Stealth Trading Gold are interested in.

This allows you to follow along and practice your own skills.

Once you learn the system you can also look at the stocks on the watchlist and potentially make trades on your own.

Stealth Trades Tracker 

This is the track record and archives of all the trade recommendations from Ross and his team.

This allows you to look back on the winners and losers and possibly draw conclusions on what happened with the trades.

Along with the results you'll see entry date, exit dates and gains.

Out of Given's last 11 trades (9 month period) only 3 have been winners.

Weekly Q&A Session

Every Thursday you get a Q&A that someone from the Stealth Trading team runs (Ross typically doesn't run these).

Additionally, there's live trading.

You'll get access to the archives as a member too.

Here's a look at some of the videos:

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Stealth Trading Is Losing To The Market

The first trade that Ross recommended was back in June of 2021.

In the last 18 months since this trade he's made 21 more trade recommendations.

Half have been winners and half have been losers.

The winners are up slightly over the losers and the trades have produced a whopping 4% return over the course of 18 months.

However, inflation in 2022 was 6.5% so this means you have 2.5% less purchasing power now than you did before.

And that's not even adding in the costs to day trade.

You have to pay 28% to the government on short term trades and there's a fee for every trade you make if you're using a broker.

Compare this to what the market did in 2021 and 2022.

The market had really high gains of 28% in 2021 and is down 19% in 2022.

Like I said earlier the market averages a return of 10% every single year which is basically what happens when you average 2021 and 2022 out.

So putting your money into a market index would have been twice as profitable.

There would be no trading fees and it would be a lot less stressful too.

Ross Given's 2022 Was Really Bad

If you look at the track record of Ross' trades you'll see he had a decent year in 2021:

He gave out 10 trade recommendations and 8 were winners.

The losers were pretty small at 3.67% and 4.875%

But if you look at 2022 he made 12 trades and only 3 were winners.

There were 9 losers:

So what happened?

Did Ross change his strategy? Did he lose his touch?

There's actually a good explanation for this.. the market was good in 2021 and it was bad in 2022.

Like I said earlier technical analysis doesn't work but fundamental analysis does.

Now that the market isn't in a bull run finding winning trades is going to be harder.

Ross is still using the same indicators and strategy.

He was just getting lucky before because the market was gaining.

It's that simple. 

How Much Does Stealth Trading Gold Cost?

So I've seen a lot of different prices for this program.

I first saw this program on the Stealth Mode Investing website and the cost there is $89 for the year:

But if you go to the Traders Agency website the cost is $297:

But if you go to one of those reviews where people are paid to be positive and click their link you can find it for $5:

I bought the $5 option.

There's A 365 Day Refund Policy?

So I guess this is the best part of Stealth Trading Gold.

You get a full year to get your money back.

However, if you're getting your money back it's likely because you lost a good amount of money.

Losing $10,000 and getting your $5 bucks back probably won't feel too good.

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Stealth Trading Gold Pros And Cons

  • Good refunds policy: If Given's 2023 is anything like his 2022 you'll want to take advantage of the generous 365 refund policy. 
  • Not many winners: It's been a really bad year for Ross and his trading service. Winners were hard to find and he lost a lot of people money.
  • Bad strategy: Technical analysis won't work in the longer term. You can see this with Ross's results.
  • Losing to market: Never pay for a service that loses to the market. You can simply just put your money in a market index and make money with the market.
  • Too many upsells: The second you buy you're pressured with two upsells. They keep coming after too.
  • Traders Agency: Traders Agency is associated with the Martinez family and they are world class hucksters.

Stealth Trading Gold Conclusion

To be completely honest there was really no reason for me to buy this service.

I could have reviewed it without buying it.

Once I saw this was associated with Traders Agency and read the strategy involved technical analysis I knew it would be low quality.


The idea of looking at a bunch of charts and looking for secret patterns is alluring.

I get why people would fall for this.

But it just doesn't work in the long term.. looking for fast profits on the stock market is a sucker's game.

And the results from Stealth Trading Gold show this.

The trades were fine when the market was doing fine and the trades stink when the maret stinks.

It has nothing to do with secret "stealth" alerts.

It has to do with the fundamentals of the market.

Either way you'll make more just investing in an index fund or finding a quality investing service that focuses on long term results.

Because you're destined to lose money if you chase a quick buck.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on Stealth Trading Gold.

If you want to make money with stocks you need to invest in long term success.

There's many newsletters that will help you with this.

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