Teeka Tiwari is out with a new crypto teaser.

He claims that there's a "$19.47 trillion bank run" that's going to happen on June 1st.

and that he has three crypto picks that will benefit from this "bank run."

We'll discuss what exactly this June 1st date means and how Teeka claims you can benefit from it.

I'll also give you some insights about Teeka so you know what you're getting involved with.

Let's get started!

$1.947 Trillion Bank Run Summary

Creator: Teeka Tiwari

Newsletter: Crypto Elite

Crypto picks: Couldn't figure them out, he gave no clues.

I can usually figure out the picks in these teasers, but there were no clues about the picks.

The only thing Teeka mentioned is that the cryptos were very small and income-producing.

But the main focus was an event on June 1st that Teeka claims will cause crypto prices to increase.

He's talking about Chinese citizens being able to buy crypto again on June 1st.

The $19.47 trillion figure is just the size of the Chinese economy.

So, should you trust Teeka and his insights?

I wouldn't.

He's a pretty despicable figure in the investing world, and most of the crypto picks I've seen him make have lost a lot of money.

Teeka has also been banned from Wall Street previously.

I personally wouldn't pay thousands of dollars to get crypto picks from him.

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$19.4 Trillion Bank Run FAQ's

I'm sure if you went through Teeka's entire presentation, you had some questions.

Here are answers to any questions you might have.

1) What is this teaser about?

Teeka Tiwari, one of the worst people in the investing world, is back with a new teaser.

This time he does a little fearmongering about hundreds of banks collapsing and claims he has a few cryptos that can turn $1000 into a million.

He also has some snake oil that'll fix all your health issues!

Just kidding.

Anyway, the theme of this presentation is that a huge event will happen on June 1st that will inject $19.47 trillion into the crypto markets.

And Teeka wants to give you crypto picks to benefit from this even more.

2) What's happening on June 1st?

So the entire presentation is focused on an event that's going to happen on June 1st.

This is the kind of marketing that Teeka does all the time.

Last week I covered a teaser from him that claimed there's a "crypto panic" set to happen and that you had to act before April 1st:

Every presentation from Teeka is his "most urgent," and he always supposedly has a crypto pick to turn you into a millionaire.

But this June 1st event is the crypto markets' re-opening in China.

This is happening through Hong Kong, which will release licensing guidelines on June 1st.

Teeka believes China's government just wants a piece of the action and is again re-opening crypto markets so they can profit from exchanges.

The $19.47 trillion number Teeka throws around is the size of China's economy.

So no, there's not going to be an injection of trillions into the crypto market.

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3) What are the coins Teeka is pitching?

Teeka doesn't really drop any hints about the coins he's recommending.

The only thing he says about them is that they're income-producing and very small.

There are a million cryptos that fit this description.

For example, in the teaser I covered last week, Teeka mentioned six cryptos that were income producers, including Ethereum and

  • (MATIC) - This is a crypto built on the Ethereum network and is meant to provide a scaling solution for Ethereum. It does so by lowering transaction fees and making them faster.
  • (LPT): LPT is associated with the Livepeer Network, which is a decentralized platform that enables video streaming and transcoding. Its goal is to lower the cost of live streaming. LPT is used as a payment in the Livepeer network.
  • (GNS): GNS is associated with the Gains Network, which helps crypto traders and investors. This includes automated trading bots, trading signals, portfolio tracking, and more.
  • (gDAI): gDAI is a stable coin pegged to the US dollar. You earn gDAI when you invest DAI into the compound network. The gDAI represents the DAI invested and the interest earned.
  • (STG): STG is associated with Stargate Finance, which is a decentralized platform that provides financial products and services. You earn STG through yield farming and staking.

So it's quite possible one of these coins is the one Teeka is talking about.

They're small, and they're income producers.

I'll keep an eye on different forums and update this section if someone reveals the coins.

4) Should I buy Crypto Elite?

There's only one question left to answer, and that's whether it's smart to buy Crypto Elite from Teeka Tiwari.

I personally wouldn't.

This newsletter is very expensive to buy and costs thousands of dollars.

After which, you're charged $249 per year to keep your subscription.

What happens if you're disappointed?

and you start losing money?

Well, you won't be able to get your money back.

You can only get a credit refund, and that can be used to buy Teeka's other products at Palm Beach Research Group.

Overall, I'd describe Teeka as a pretty despicable person.

He's banned from Wall Street and spent much of his career working at investing brokers that were completely fraudulent.

Teeka has recommended some seriously bad cryptos in the past too.

He's one of the last people on earth I'd want to give my money to.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my write-up of Teeka's new presentation.

June 1st is the day Hong Kong regulators release their regulations regarding crypto exchanges.

This means Chinese people can invest in crypto again (or, in theory at least, you never know with China).

Who knows what kind of effect this will end up having?

Teeka claimed Ethereum would explode last month because you could now earn passive income from staking it.

However, the price didn't change much since that event.

I personally don't invest in crypto. It's just way too volatile, and there are too many scams.

But what about you?

Do you believe Teeka's picks can turn $1000 into $1 million?

Let me know below in the comments.

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